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Created with a 5B pencil and colored in ipiccy.

Another addition to my jazz artist outline style series. This is the lovely Alba Armengou. She is a Joan Chamorro jazz kid. Joan is a musician and director of a youth jazz band from Barcelona whose passion and energy has infected many of his young performers garnering very positive results. I generally like my jazz music instrumental but I happened upon the bossa nova song Meditacao by these guys on youtube and took a listen. It had the perfect tempo, smooth and seamless transitions and I was completely enamored. Alba has a sultry delivery with deep earthy tones that go way beyond her years. She also plays a sharp trumpet and is able to evoke sounds from it as emotive as her voice. Now transitioning to adulthood, I hope she continues on her musical path and never changes her natural, ungarnished style. This drawing was made from the video of her singing the song Triste. Unlike other young singers like Billie Eilish, Camila Cabello, Lorde... I could find no drawings of Alba so figured it's time for that to change.

Recommended listens:

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning (contemplative trumpeting)
A Flower is a Lovesome Thing (hauntingly beautiful)
No Moon at All
I was Doing Alright
Embraceable You
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Youve made simple line art into a detailed piece. Thats tough.

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Thanks. Yeah, I've done three of these so far for musicians where I am trying to capture their energy more than their actual full realistic look. I like my Coltrane one the most of the three.

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Youve made a comic art version which i appreciate since i lean more towards manga art and anime