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My name, is OGRE by Artificial-Emptiness My name, is OGRE :iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 1 18
Black and white lines
As some would say, others cannot.
A world of lines, both black and white.
Extremes of sides where shades should be.
My existence within, is most certainly spread thin.
Angels fly forth, demons watch from below.
Heaven and hell, opposites in nature, yet only in appearances.
White and pure the evil takes place.
Black, scarred, and tainted, repentance finds solace.
I am the grey, the shade of both sides,
the blinded eyes that find the good, the evil and the nature of you.
:iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 2 1
Dreaming of adventure
Darkness ruled by kings of ancient evil, the peaceful kingdoms corrupted state.
A knave young lad, a gentle beauty, a path hidden from sight, to show the light, a hero new born to fulfill his duty.
Be they Warrior full of strength, might and honor bound.
Defending the weak, the fight goes on, for justice shall be dealt.
Or Mage, wise crafty and silver tougned, words muttered in the air.
Ancient secrets unearthed and unbound, secrets of the earth better left unfound.
Maybe Archer's arrows true in flight, of strong metals all alight, of precise mark.
Skilled assassin hunting night, a moment's breath the next meets death.
A collection of men, of women for survival, to fight the evil till, at last they knelt.
A freed country full and free fully left within their care.
Alas the clock strikes nine, the dogs do bark.
And the game is saved, for another day,
Pulled away to go to bed.
To dream of hero's of old.
:iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 1 8
Waters edge abstractions
Just who am I, oh who am I in that reflection.
Is my reflection me, or is it just an image.
Black coat, black pants, shadowed eyes, a cynic look, just who am I.
What am I to do, oh what shall I do with this reversal diction.
Tan T-shirt, black pants, tired eyes, a sad look, who am I.
Which is witch and who can say, it does not say to look back at lineage.
Wraiths fade, time slows I can't say, who is who, and who is real.
My mind reels in all the aspects, the calm reflections silent in their mocking.
One an image, the other a truth, time slows and I cannot say, just, whom I am.
One an image, the other a truth, time slows and I cannot say, just, whom I am.
Scarcely can I see without a spliced vision of myself, and so I let go of the keel.
And let myself go, into the endless mirrored reflections as the rowboat continues rocking.
:iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 4 10
Mature content
Lady blood :iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 0 4
Just around the corner
Quiet night, evening air, the lonesome wolf.
Dark inhibitions, guilty thoughts, the isolated hermit.
Deep waters, cold currents, the misunderstood sea.
Forbidden words you cannot speak, words that have the key.
Watching from the back of the classroom, watching and staying silent.
Everything you know, everything you are, would be changed for better.
You bind those feelings, box them in, nothing could be more violent.
The one you care about, fight with and
Twisted emotions swirl, thoughts race, you go insane, but what is this.
Nothing more that you could be above.
You thought, you thought, now it's a turmoil, just from the thought of a kiss.
Red faced you stutter, heat rises to your face, it's simply embarrassing.
You turn and there they stand, your mind blanks, your heart sings.
:iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 1 13
Mature content
Hands of a clock :iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 1 4
Her last dance
Winter evening flakes,
Lightheaded pot smoke,
Gliding ever downward,
Spiraling to heavens.
Surreal images whisper past,
Illusions of dreamt thoughts.
Unfettered  fools words,
Spoken freely, repeated to humiliate.
A single snowflake dances past,
Evenings darkness a background,
As she flutters to earth,
In splendid beauty.
Till she lays to earth,
In her funeral pyre,
of a smokers pipe,
lit alight.
Alas she is gone,
before others, and after some.
A brief  remembrance of beauty,
that lives on.
Unforgotten in forgotten realms,
of psychedelic rumors of icy elegance,
her gentle kiss, something that will be missed,
of her funeral pyre.
:iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 1 5
Winter's white kiss
White Fog,
white Air,
blinding  winter gusts.
As I lay,
snow dance, elegance in air.
Frozen breaths, rising crystals shimmer,
Creeping cold bites, drowsiness alights.
A body lays,
cold to touch,
life escapes,
with every breath.
Winter storms begin anew,
bitter cold, numbing touch.
Violent winds, brutal storm rage.
Last breath, spoken no more.
In fields of white,
silence reigns,
stillness gleams.
A body lays,
dusted by white.

A body lays,
dusted by white.
Disturbed only by,
her soft kiss.

A body lays,
dusted by white.

In fields of white,
disturbed only by,
her soft kiss.
:iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 1 7
SENSHI CON by Artificial-Emptiness SENSHI CON :iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 1 25 Group pic NARUTO STYLE 2 by Artificial-Emptiness Group pic NARUTO STYLE 2 :iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 3 4 Near sexy with roses by Artificial-Emptiness Near sexy with roses :iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 4 9 MisaXL by Artificial-Emptiness MisaXL :iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 4 8 All meaning to life is gone by Artificial-Emptiness All meaning to life is gone :iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 0 2 Bunny bear by Artificial-Emptiness Bunny bear :iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 0 0 Group pic AGAIN by Artificial-Emptiness Group pic AGAIN :iconartificial-emptiness:Artificial-Emptiness 0 4
My shameless, or shameful art is stored here >> which ever you think of it. Enjoy!


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United States
Esteemed guests, visitors, friends and countrymen, please rest your feet and relax awhile.

My name is John W. Brown the IV, I was born in St. Louis MI. I remember nothing of Missouri as I grew up, for the most part all of my childhood was spent growing up in Anchorage, Alaska. Alaska is a truly beautiful land which captures my heart, my life and in essence my personality somewhat. To those who've never lived in Alaska, I can only say that you're missing out on so much. In the summer or winter, Alaska is a bastion of the TRUE great wilderness and beauty that our world has to offer.

I am an artist with hobbies ranging from drawing, writing, reading, video games, sleeping, cooking, hiking, photography, swimming and many more. Currently I do not have a car to get around and it, is hard to get around using the bus system and a bike. I manage and I'm happy with what I can make do with.

Age- 20
Gender- M
Availability- Single
Weight- 155
Height- 5' 7" / 5' 8"
Brown Hair
Hazel eyes
"Sexy and I know it"

Favorite foods-
Pizza, Cheeseburgers, Hamburger Casserole ( OMG SO F*ING GOOD!), Grapefruit Soda, Root beer floats and WHEAT THINS! (ZOMG, I'm so addicted!)

Current Residence: Where reality ends
deviantWEAR sizing preference: The Satan slim
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Rock, Classical ect... NO RAP >> or country.
Favourite style of art: Manga, Theatre, and singing mainly in the form of ballads
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: Sony Walkman
Favourite cartoon character: Ryoko-Tenchi Muyo, Dorothy-Mar, Kurohime and Zero-Kurohime, Faust- Shaman King, and misty and Jesse
Personal Quote: "I am not a Villian, I am simply a gentleman in a villianous society"
Future guests, watchers and my friends.

I feel it is time that I take your attention and let you understand what I have been doing these last few months. Since I dropped all contact with this account for a new one. Possibly it was a mistake, but with mistakes you move on and learn, I now know what it is I am trying to work towards.
For months I labored under the thought of leaving this account and letting it rot as it were, then happened upon a wondrous idea. To use this account as a secondary and using it's far greater pull and influence to work in tandem with my newest account.

As of to date-
WintersofWesley is now my Drawing, for both traditional and digital. As well as my numerous projects and manga ideas I spawn and soon after throw away.

Artificial-Emptiness will be the account for my numerous photos and writings.

It was in essence a short notice to all of your that notice, but I hoped it helps nonetheless. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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