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Insidious Truth 02Then he with Eagley could drive to the edge of Central Park, where the fifth victim was found. A few minutes after the SUV started, there was an awkward silence in the car. Hotch tried to remember that this woman was definitely not Hawkeye, but he wasn't doing very well. It occurred to him, that if he talked to her and she had a different character than his dream lieutenant, it will bring him back to reality. But how do you start the conversation?Fortunately, the journey was not long, so in the end the whole ride went without a word. They parked on the 96th Street and walked to The Pool to a place bordered by red and white tape. In an otherwise usually crowded park, one could barely find a living thing that day, which could be explained not only by the fact that a few hours ago there was a murder and people were afraid, but also by quite gloomy weather. It was already dark, it was raining, and the smooth lawn had turned into a brown muddy slush. Even the ducks didn't want to sail around The Pool and preferred to stay at the edge crouching under the large leaves of one of the trees.“As I wrote in my report. The perpetrator uses a Falcon sniper rifle, caliber twelve whole seven millimeters, range thousand six hundred meters,” Eagley began, looking around. “The shot came from over there,” she pointed to the houses beyond the park.“You mean, like, one of the trees at the end of the park?” Hotch guessed, but the policewoman shook her head.“No sir, that wouldn't be very strategic. It's getting dark now and it's raining, but by noon, anyone would be seen in those trees. I think the criminal chose one of those houses,” she replied.Aaron furrowed expressive black eyebrows. “Isn't it too far?”“Not for an experienced shooter, which corresponds to the choice of weapon. The Falcon is a rifle made in the Czech Republic by the ZVI armory. It is not common in the USA to get it,” Eagley explained.“Unsub used it, although it is not very available. Why, because of its quality?” an FBI agent speculated.“It's not a bad weapon, but I wouldn't choose it. I'd say he's either used to this rifle, or he's had it for a long time,” she replied.“Thank you, Detective Eagley,” Hotch said and already took his cell phone out his pocket to call Garcia which cameras to hack into.“Riza,” said the blonde, and he stopped halfway.“That's my first name. You can call me by my first name,” she offered, but there was no trace of flirtation in her tone. But Hotch could barely notice. Only one word kept repeating in his head: "Riza." It was definitely a strange coincidence. It had to be, or he couldn't explain it. He certainly didn't want to pretend that it was a fate, or that he had met Riza Eagley before, and that his experience had entered his subconscious. Anyway, whether he's crazy or not, he should call Penelope.She greeted him with her typical cheerful flirting self. “Yes, what does a reat boss ask of from Fount of all Knowledge?” she muttered into the earpiece. If Eagley noticed that their technical analyst was acting strangely, she didn't comment it.“I need you to go hack all the cameras on Central Park West, 100th, 101th and 102th Street,” he ordered.“Sure, but it will take a while. Then I'll call you back,” Garcia promised and then ended the call.When he and Riza returned to the police station, most of his team was already waiting for them, including Reid, who had obviously come up with something. Enthusiastically, he drew everyone into room with map and began his lecture: “You know, we've been thinking about it classically all along. We theorized over whether the victims were killed to order. We thought that the stranger had no relationship with them when choosing a weapon at a great distance… And I draw a geographic profile to determine what space unsub was moving in. Some of those things are right the way to catch the killer, but we haven't seen the simplest and most important thing.” Spencer grabbed a ruler and one of the pens. “We didn't look at the crime scene from a bird's eye view. The first victim, James Smith, died at the intersection between 48th Street and Ditmars Blvd. Ben Brown, our second victim, was murdered on Hamilton Ave.” Reid energetically highlighted both points on the map and then connected them with a line. Hotch wondered how much coffee his young colleague had to drink today. Probably more than it was healthy. However, the doctor continued: “The third crime scene is here at the Myrtle Av bus stop.” At that, Spencer connected all three points on the map to form a triangle. “But the murders didn't end by that. Other victims were Samuel Miller, who died at the intersection of 59th and 64th Street, and Lucas Williams, who died at Pool in Central Park.” He connected the two new points together again. “Do you see it?” he asked, and there was something of a triumph in his tone of voice. However, his colleagues just shook their heads incomprehensibly.,“Emmf, ok.” The young genius nervously tucked one of the chestnut strands that had previously fallen into his face, behind his ear, grabbed his pen again, and began to connect the dots. This time he started at Brown, whom he connected with Williams' crimine scene, continued by line to the first victim, then connected this place with Miller and ended the whole with the Myrtle Av bus stop. A strange shape unfold in front of the BAU team.“Our unsub doesn't care about the victims, but on places. It has an exact scheme,” Rossi said, slowly beginning to realize what their colleague was trying to tell them.“So unsub is an occultist? What does the symbol mean?” Morgan wanted to know.“Nothing yet, but we know the unsub is not over yet.” Reid was drawing again. He created a circle with a center in Gantry Plaza State Park, which connected all the points, and Hotch had an unfortunate suspicion. There was something terribly familiar about the picture.,Meanwhile, Spencer formed a parallel line with the first and second crime scenes and got a new point on the circle, the last missing part of that regular hexagon, and Aaron's entrails gripped in terror. He refused to believe what he saw because it was simply not possible. He felt a weakness in his legs. He had to sit down and close his eyes for just a moment. But he was afraid he wouldn't get the picture out of his head.,“The Star of David, a Jewish symbol, but the hexagram is also a basic hermetic symbol of life, the macrocosm and the sun. Alchemists used it to illustrate the principle of separate and condense. The triangle with the vertex upwards indicates fire and masculine energy, the other opposite water and feminine energy. Their bases are a sign of air and earth. No matter what it symbolizes, the main thing is that –““We know where the next murder will happen?” Emily interrupted Spencer's monologue.“Not only that. I counted, and there are exactly ninety-nine hours between each victim,” Reid finished, and his words somehow calmed Hotch. That's right, it was the Star of David, there was no need to think that it meant anything else. At the thought he could feel a heavy weight falling from his shoulders.“Alright then. This means that we know when and where the unsub will attack again… And maybe we'll know what he looks like when Garcia goes through all the camera footage. We have three days to prepare. So today we can go to rest and tomorrow we will start preparing a trap,” he ordered, and everyone nodded in agreement.
For the good of the Nation For the good of the Nation Tony Stark didn't like it from the start, already when a notification flashed on his watch about an email that came from a computer from an untraceable IP address. However, he had little choice. Either he shows up to the meeting held at the Kobrick Cafe on March 20th or all of his electronics will be disabled, including the Iron Man suit. As evidence of this threat, his watch shorted immediately after reading the message. Under other circumstances, he would have suspected S.H.I.E.L.D., or Banner, of something like this. He barely knew anyone else who had the means or the smarts to figure out how to hack into his systems. But this time he didn't even have to suspect anyone, which was a good thing because he would obviously be wrong. The culprit and blackmailer immediately admitted to his act in his unconventional invitation to the meeting. It was Artemis Fowl. Tony had heard the name before. He was a boy who had a number of inventions to his credit, including the jets that served as his initial inspiration and the first prototype for the ones that now powered his armor. At one time there was even talk that this Irishman could overtake him one day, which would not be a good thing. It was practically an open secret that the Fowls were involved in illegal business, although no one could prove anything to them. Be that as it may, Artemis never overtook Stark because he mysteriously disappeared eight years ago. So Tony was quite surprised and horrified when the missing genius criminal called him and forced a meeting together. But at the same time, he was incredibly curious. How did he manage to hack into Jarvis? Where was the Irishman all these years that everyone thought he was dead? So the superhero decided to show up at the cafe, however he wasn't going to do so without the rest of the Avengers covering his back. So when he arrived at the agreed place, he had a sensor with him to quickly summon his suit, and Natasha and Clint discreetly stood at the bus stop across from the cafe. Fowl was already sitting at the table. It wasn't hard to recognize him. Tony had googled a photo of him before the meeting, and while it was nine years old and Artemis had obviously grown and matured over the years, he was still an unhealthy pale, black haired man dressed formally as if he was going to a funeral. In addition, a bodyguard towered next to him, who could hardly be missed. “Good day, Mr. Stark,” he greeted him and shook his hand. “I'm so glad you decided to come here.” “You didn't give me much choice,” Tony grunted at that, but Fowl didn't let that put him off. “Yes, sorry about that. “I thought you would otherwise ignore my invitation, and that would be rather unkind to me and to the party I represent,” said the Irishman, gesturing for him to sit down. So Stark settled into one of the chairs, but he didn't like the words one bit. “The party I represent,” that sounded like something a mob lawyer would say. “Who do you represent?” “That isn't important. Importantly, the events that took place on May 4 last year in New York deeply disturbed us all,” Artemis said. “That must have disturbed a lot of people,” Tony commented, thinking sarcastically that there was hardly anyone in the entire world who wasn't disturbed about an alien invasion. He himself was actually completely shocked, terrified, although he was one of the ones who finally managed to turn her away. “You are right,” the Irishman nodded his head. “Do you think similar incidents will happen again?” “I really hope not. We might not survive another one. But what about the sudden interest in our planet, Fowl? Did you calculate that, aliens would be harder to rob?” Tony teased him. Artemis sighed melodramatically. “I have always been interested in our planet,” he pointed out, wisely passing over the allusion to his illegal activities. “Moreover, I would say that the threat to our dear Earth is the concern of all its inhabitants. Those, I represent, have decided that if another such danger loomed, it would be wise to intervene.” Tony grimaced, not forgiving another biting remark: “Well, sure, because it will be just great if gangs, mobsters and hitmen, or whoever you're friends with, join the defense of our world.” Fowl smiled his vampish grin at that, giving the skeptical superhero goosebumps. “In fact, it would be an elite police force with both magic and first-class technology that you, Stark, could only dream of,” he said, pulling something that looked like an acorn-shaped tie clip out of his pocket. However, Tony could already see from afar that this was a sophisticated communicator. The device contained a microphone, a camera with 8K resolution, but also a telephone, an Internet connection, sensors for measuring vital functions and many other gadgets. Naturally, he couldn't find out all this by looking, but as one of the best designers, developers and inventors, he was able to determine when a miracle of modern technology was placed in his hands. He took the tie clip with bated breath. The subject drove all sarcastic remarks out of his mind, including the ones about magic and policemen working for Fowl. “It is voice controlled and only you can activate it. Detects the color, pitch of the given voice and its authenticity,” Artemis explained and Tony nodded in understanding. Iron Man's armor worked on a similar principle. “When aliens appear, or some other similar threat that the Avengers might not be able to handle, say: run the LEPReko code. And that's about all you need to know. I believe that you will find out the rest of the control and use yourself. Just please, for the good of the Nation and the Earth, don't take it completely apart, you wouldn't be able to put it back together, and then in a moment of crisis it could become a fatal mistake,” the Irishman warned him, standing up, adjusting his black suit, and was about to leave. However, Stark stopped him with a gesture. Fowl stopped and raised one of his black eyebrows. His large bodyguard tensed. “Why? Why are you giving me something like this? Why would you, or the people you act for, need any signal - call for help? Why would you need my cooperation when you can hack into my systems and own technology that is decades ahead of anything I've ever seen?” “Because it is rude and illegal to enter people's dwellings without invitation. Also, I'm not here as your philanthropist, businessman, or criminal. I met with you as a diplomat. The Nation is peaceful, take it as a sign of good will. There's no need to start a conflict with an invasive act. There is no need for us, the inhabitants of this planet, to be ragging when there is a much greater danger lurking outside. But now I have to go. My wife is a cop, she has handcuffs and a gun. Forgetting an anniversary is a crime, if you know, what I mean,” said Fowl, giving Stark his hand. Fowl said goodbye, shaking Stark's hand. *** As one would expect from a scientist and inventor of Tony's fame, he disobeyed the young Irishman. It was too much of a temptation for him to find out as much as possible about the communicator. In his arrogance, he took apart the miraculous technology and it happened exactly what Artemis had warned him about. He couldn't put it together. In the following years, he reproached himself for this act several times. He blamed himself, for most of the calamities that came. He couldn't say that he trusted Fowl, but after all, with the horror in Sokovia, or the problem with Thanos, the help would be damn useful. The end
Insidious Truth 01Insidious Truth“Once upon a time, I, Chuang Chou, dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, a veritable butterfly, enjoying itself to the full of its bent, and not knowing it was Chuang Chou. Suddenly I awoke, and came to myself, the veritable Chuang Chou. Now I do not know whether it was then I dreamt I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man.” - Zhuang ZhouBlood.Lots and lots of blood, pain, frustration and a sore pit in the chest. Stunning bitterness and despair that cripples and burns the soul to ashes.Heat, fire, smoke.The pungent smell of burnt bodies and screaming. The force of destruction dormant in his hands, in his palms. Power that was supposed to help and at the same time it only harmed.His dreams have always been like that. Terrifying, full of violence, death, supernatural phenomena and beings. He knew this wasn't exceptional in his field. Almost every agent in the field suffered from nightmares, but his were different. It was a continuous story. Each time he closed his eyes as if not asleep but woke up to another dimension, he lived a second life. He told himself that as far as he knew, when he was awake, his name was Aaron Hotchner, it was nothing serious.But with his wife's death, it all got worse. He tried to rationalize the whole thing in some way. Even in his imagination he had something like a team. Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc, who smokes one cigarette after another, Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes, who blackmails all people with photos of his wife and daughter, the sensitive muscle man Major Alex Louis Armstrong or Breda, Falman or Fuery didn't remind him of any of his real team, but He saw something from of Reid in Edward and Alphons, and then of course she was there. First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, the ideal in which were all the important women of Aaron's life. He saw in her Emily, JJ, Jessica, his mother and Haley. Both Barry and Scar were simply representatives of the evil he knew from his real life. Serial killers, however, who were increasingly less frightening than the whole concept of alchemy and homunculus. Where did this come from? He has always believed and seen it daily in his work, that there is no need to believe in the devil, people are fully capable of destroying and killing themselves on their own. So why did he dream of monsters and something between science and magic? Is it a metaphor, an attempt to see the good in people, to distance oneself from the violence to which he is constantly exposed? If so, why did he have blood on his hands in that dream world too? Did his subconscious try to warn him that he had darkness in him that came to light, when one of his family was wounded? Is he able to beat Foyet with his bare hands to protect his son, as well as to burn the Ishval's people in to ashes, to protect his friends and homeland? If so, then maybe he wasn't better than the unsubs, which he hunted.He frowned and shook his head. Bad thoughts. It's just nightmares that just don't make sense! He told himself not to think about it, even though he knew he was lying to himself. He did his daily morning routine: he had breakfast, shaved, brushed his teeth, and changed from his pajamas to his suit. Although the FBI did not require him to wear suit, he was used to wearing it from his previous law profession. Damn, it also reminded him of his uniform, making him feel more comfortable.He arrived at work in advance. Everything indicated a normal day. Reid was already in open-plan office, brewing his morning coffee. Garcia texted him that she had a case for them, and a pile of paperwork was waiting for him in the office, which he didn't want to do. Although, like Aaron Hotchner, he tolerated the administration fairly well, this still didn't mean that, he had no natural resistance to it. But who likes the bureaucracy?Spencer smiled uncertainly at him as he approached him. “Could you pour me that miracle drink?” he asked the young genius.“Do you want too?” Reid wondered, but still grabbed another cup from the cupboard.“Sure. You're not the only agent who'd rather start his morning with coffee than with murder,” before he could stop, an inappropriate joke slipped out of Aaron's mouth. The young genius blinked in surprise, which was exactly the reaction, why Hotch usually held his tongue. It was better when everyone thought that he had no sense of humor than when they understood that he had it, but his jokes is usually very strange. More specifically, it is typically Amestrisian, if such a country actually existed. Hotch sighed inwardly, but it couldn't be taken back.The rest of the day passed, as always. Penelope called them to the boardroom, where she introduced them to the new case. That was waiting for them in New York. The victims were four men killed by a sniper rifle from a distance. Rossi wondered why they were invited to the case when it looked more like professional organized crime. Then Reid provided statistics on professional killers. Emily thought, that the unsub had no connection to the victims whether or not he is a professional killer. Then the team packed up and flew to a “city that never sleeps”. In their private jet, Hotch handed out tasks. Prentiss and Morgan were tasked with going to at the crime scene after landing, JJ and David were sent to the victims' families, and he and Spencer were to go to the police station and morgue.Charles Black, the head of the New York police, greeted them with cold courtesy, but gave them everything he could. The problem was that there really was nowhere to start. The victims seemed to have nothing in common, except that they were men. The autopsy also said no more than what they already knew, that the victims had been shot. Due to the fact that the perpetrator attacked from a great distance, he could not be traced well. Time passed and the unsub murdered another man. Black promised that their police expert, Detective Eagley, would help them, and that was exactly the moment it was getting complicated for Aaron. The first time he saw her, his throat tightened, so that he could barely snore. The expert was a brown-eyed blonde who was so similar to Riza, like twin, and in the past she had worked in the army as a sniper. She welcomed him by saluting.“Sir, the boss said you want my analysis,” she announced and stood there like she had just eaten a very long ruler.“Yes, I would like you to come with me to the last crime scene,” he said and she just nodded. Then he turned to his subordinate. “And Reid, you stay here and complete the geographic profile,” he ordered.
Reid's lawyerReid's lawyerThat morning was strange from the beginning. Two cars collided on the highway, so Morgan arrived later into work than usual. Still, when he arrived, only his boss was sitting in his office. The absence of the youngest member was unusual. He always went on time, sometimes even with Hotch. This was also the reason, why the girls began to speculate that, these two men might travels to FBI headquarters together.Fortunately, he wasn't left alone in the large Open-plan office for long time. JJ and Emily stumbled out of the elevator a few minutes later. Morgan was startled at first that they might have been attacked as they barely stood on their feet, but then he noticed that they were both wearing dark sunglasses, even though it was under a cloud outside, and he remembered that the girls had actually planned women's party the yesterday.He couldn't help but smirk. They seemed to exaggerate a little, but he preferred to ask: “Are you okay, what happened?”“I have no idea,” Emily growled and grabbed her head.JJ, who seemed to remember more, just said to Morgan that he shouldn't ask so stupidly.Reid arrived half an hour later. Like the girls, he wore dark sunglasses and headed straight for the kitchen, where he wanted to make his sugar with some coffee. Morgan frowned and headed for the young genius. “Hi, Pretty Boy,” he greeted him, and Spencer grumbled something unintelligible. “You know, I never understood why when Penelope hosts a women's party, you're invited to it too. However, this time it seems worth it.”However, before the youngest member of the team could answer him, their technical analyst also marched into Open-plan office. Unlike the others who barely stumbled after that party, she seemed perfectly fine. But without greeting, she stepped directly toward them and glared at Reid with folded arms. “So now you finish the topic, what we were talking in yesterday!” she ordered.“Baby Girl, what's going on?” Morgan didn't understand. However, Garcia was focused only on Spencer. “Not now, Hot Chocolate, I'm doing an important interrogation.”“I won't say anything until my lawyer is here,” their youngest member of the team used the sentence they so often heard from suspects.However, the blonde didn't let herself be discouraged. “Your lawyer is up there, am I really supposed to go see him?!” she said, pointing to Hotch's office.Reid blushed to his ears. Derek blinked incomprehensibly. “Well, Queen, whatever you ask for, which the Boy Genius doesn't want to tell you here, and I understand the reference to the boss's past career, but why the hell should Hotch be Reid's…” But before he could finish his question, a dangerous glint appeared in the eyes of the technical analyst, and her mouth twisted into a mischievous smile.“Oh believe me, Sugar. From what I understood yesterday, Aaron Hotchner is completely and utterly Reid's everything. However, I will only tell you all the dirty details somewhere in private,” she chuckled sweetly, and Spencer groaned desperately.
3D Art
Oiran Tattoo (Slideshow Promo) by Axel-Doi
Fan Art
Lana Del Rey as Malena by Fiendcute
Other Digital Art
Hell or paradise 02 by jajafilm
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