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A group for all those who love ART and want to get their work known out there in the world.

The purpose of this group is to help all kinds of artists get more Page Views, Favourites and more Watchers! Be you a digital artist or a traditional artist, there is a place for you here.

This is an official deviantART group of:

:spotlight-left: Arties Gallery as part of Wallpaper Gallery :spotlight-right:

If you have artistic tendencies and know how or like to create original ART,

We invite you to join us

Join the web site and submit your work. That work doesn’t have to be in high
quality, our members will gladly help you with comments and well-intentioned criticism to become better and to advance further.

And now, enough of the talk. Let's get to work!







Gallery Folders

Neon by Murashi-Art
[COM] - Isekai Cheat Magician - Azuma Rin by AO-RY
Lauren Bacall by Murashi-Art
[COM/COLLAB] - Pebble x Y.Machine by AO-RY
Digital Art
Le Cirque. Art and lettering for cosmetics brand by EldarZakirov
4.2 by kaioduong
my art by kaioduong
(Commission) Family Heirloom - The Cursed Necklace by fhelalr
Traditional Art
Lisbon by takmaj
Cold road by untuox
Drawing Tarja from Nightwish by NesSelene
I'm Watching You by X-Enlee-X
Bird's time by Fiendcute
Nephilim by Eithnne
Rapunzel by Fiendcute
Hello humans by elthudor
Vector and Line Art
Together sitting by Sunset by JassysART
My Best Friend Bello - Silhouette by JassysART
Saturday Cat Fanart (February 17th) by Catifornia
POWER in architecture by Zawij
Sport GFX
Thorgan Hazard  Borussia Dortmund by 445578gfx
Wilfried Zaha 11 BY NAMIK AMIROV by 445578gfx
Reus by MorBarda
Neymar - Brazil by OmarBedewyGFX
Tropical mermaid with a holo choker by FairyWorkshop
Above the Clouds. Shot #1 by EldarZakirov
In the forest by jajafilm
Wisteria (Adela) by jajafilm
Green bagel Duncan  by Africa2000
Autistic by Africa2000
Figure of girl by jajafilm
Figure of boy by jajafilm
Special Geek Night Party In Club Flyer by n2n44
Set Of Characters by n2n44
Happy halloween by Fiendcute
Aegon Targaryen Wallpaper HD by BeAware8
Positive negativismPositive negativismI call it positive negativism. Imagine the worst that can happen, live in full color, and then begin to assume that this variant is the most likely. If possible, do everything you can to avert it... and if it doesn't help and your idea becomes a reality, at least you can say you knew you it. This will make you an absolutely terrible and annoying companion, an old owl that can only enjoy life with a certain level of alcohol in its blood, but this approach will save you a lot of bitter disappointment. Add to that healthy skepticism and paranoia and you will become elusive. That is exactly what is needed in my profession.I knew from the first moment that I know, there was something wrong with this guy. Jonathan Pine - far too perfect for our plans, a man with many names who happens to cross our path several times. But shit, not even in a dream! There are no coincidences. My personal tip was that he was an agent of someone: MI6, CIA, Mossad, SVR ... there were always a lot of possibilities. The second possibility was that he was acting for himself, but I would still be afraid that his interests were far from our interests, and when I noticed where Jed had gone for a night walk, I was one hundred percent sure that it's one big time bomb. He saved the life of Roper's son, making him an untouchable man. I had to submit conclusive evidence.I already thought I had him when I caught him that fateful night, but I made an unforgivable mistake. My super ability - positive negativism - betrayed me. The possibility that the overly attractive guy was a spy wasn't far from the worst.“Then bunking off again I'll chat you can go to detention for that you know,” I greeted him as he tried to walk through the hole in the fence. I took another cigarette to strengthen.“It's your word against mine” he said calmly over my next threat.“That's risk I have to take,” I retorted and pulled a gun on him. I just had enough. It was time to get rid of the treacherous snake. I resolutely looked him in the face, and the moonlight revealed me more than the noon sun. I recognized him! He was not wearing a golden helmet with horns or that weird black-green-gold outfit, his hair was shorter and blond, where the long greasy curls was, who knows, but it was HIM.“You want to kill me, Corky?!” he laughed just as confidently and insanely as when he had attacked New York.As if all the blood in my veins had suddenly froze. I couldn't move. “Loki,” it came out of my mouth. Something like a surprise flashed across his face for a moment.“Wow, you're probably the first Midgardian to recognized me since my expulsion,” he confirmed his identity, and even as I aimed a loaded weapon at him, I took two steps back.I tried to calm my wildly pounding heart and lowered my gun. Who would want to pit God against himself? “That, that ... that's actually OK,” my voice was still an octave higher. “You're not a spy ... you do, you do it because you want those weapons? You don't have to... you can take it... we can give you more. Whatever you want,” I nodded and felt the tension and fear slowly fall from me. “We will supply enough for a reasonable amount so that you can easily try to attack Earth again.”But Loki laughed badly again: “Stupid Midgardian, I don't need to get something that has been mine for a long time. I just have to learn to take much better care of my things.” That was the last thing I heard. Then I just felt a sharp pain. My legs broke and I fall into the gravel below me.
Blood and sin page 16 by illuminatinocte

Mature Content

Blood and sin page 17 by illuminatinocte

Mature Content

The Lunar Eclipse Act III Part 6 (3 of 4) by Axel-Doi
3D Art
A Rising Hope by Axel-Doi
Fan Art
umaru-chan vs coronavirus by SNO7ART
Other Digital Art
A moment in time by shahanb
:devart: Rules & Submission guide: :devart:
  there will be two levels of submissions
the following will include these levels:
  1. Newbies
  2. Arties

:pointr: NEWBIES
:bulletblack: for all those young and new artists without any experience  
:bulletblack: submission folder: Newbies
:bulletblack: folder is auto-accepting
:bulletblack: unlimited submissions
  • If you are not sure whether you belong in this category; contact the staff

:pointr: ARTIES
:bulletblack: for all those artists with over a year of practical experience that are willing to share their skills and knowledge
:bulletblack: submission folders: Digital Art , Traditional Art , Photomanipulation, Vector and Line Art, Sport GFX and Photography
:bulletblack: folder submissions are subject to vote
:bulletblack: two submission per week
  • If you are not sure whether you belong in this category; contact the staff


Submission Rules
:bulletblack: you must agree with the list below, or your submission will be DECLINED

The Consequences
:bulletblack: You will be banned from the group in case of:
  • Submission Policy breach
  • Copyright Policy breach
  • Etiquette Policy breach
  • Noncompliance with the submission rules
  • Spam
    • before this action is taken you will be warn once
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Actually, it is active group... it happens in three months that I don't login for 15 days to approve artworks. It's sadly, I admit, people that help me earlier are not active :/ I will be more often here as winter comes, have more reasons to stay home and yesterday started new artworks by myself :D
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