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Vulpix is fine I'm back with another wallpaper edit, this one features my OTP of Birdcage Shipping. It has been such a long time since I've created any Yu-Gi-Oh themed edits. I decided to change that. I made this wallpaper to submit on another site for a wallpaper challenge but I figured I'd share it here first.

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(Hope you guys don't mind a small story to go with this wallpaper.)

Ruri was taking a midnight stroll through the Domino City park. She often like to come here sometimes to clear her head and to enjoy the peace and quiet of the night air. Here in the park, the noises from the city streets disappeared: as did her worries and fears. She stopped for a moment, looking up at the still night sky where the stars rested high above her. The dim lights cast a dim glow on her almost black hair, she was wearing her usual attire consisting of a dress like outfit tied up with belts, with a red scarf hanging off one side, and her hair hanging down her back as it usually did.

It had been quite sometime since she had time to reflect on what had happened. She somehow ended up in this strange city called Domino which was far removed from her hometown of Heartland City. She was staying with a girl named Anzu whom she became fast friends with as she didn't have a place to call her own here just yet. She even attended the local Domino Highschool as well. She was in her first year there while Anzu and her friends were in their final years at the school. She was a quick study. Her favorite subjects were art, history, and social studies.

Ruri continued walking a little further, her footsteps the only sound on the concrete path. Besides the occasional chatter from an animal, she was pretty much alone in the park...or was she? Approaching her was a boy with long silvery white hair which stuck out at odd angles. He looked as though he hasn't taken a brush to his hair in quite some time. Or if he did brush his hair, he didn't do a very good job of it. He wore a button up short sleeved shirt with a blue and white striped one underneath, complete with dark gray jeans and blue tennis shoes. Nothing about him seemed to be out of the ordinary except for the strange pendant that hung from his neck, glowing ominously. Ruri's bracelet glowed in reaction to it.

"What have we got here?" he asked rhetorically, his tone sending shivers through Ruri's spine and the hairs on her arms and the back of her neck stood up. She turned to run away from this stranger as one would. However, she didn't make it far as he caught her by the arm. "Where do you think you're going?" he asked her, again not really wanting an answer.  Her magenta eyes widened with fear. She tried to break free from his grasp but he only gripped tighter. "You're not going anywhere."

She kept trying to pull free from his grasp. "Let me go!" shouted Ruri but the boy only shook his head, his smirk growing so wide that his canine like teeth showed. Eventually, her bracelet glowed and it freed her from his grasp. She didn't waste anytime and she took off running towards the streets where she could seamlessly blend into a crowd and make her way back to Anzu's apartment, or so she thought. She only made it as far the park entrance when he caught up with her again. He activated his duel disk and challenged her to a duel.

Seeing as she didn't have much choice, she accepted his challenge. The eerie fog seemed to thicken around them as the duel continued, she couldn't see the stars above her head as well as she could earlier. Ruri did her best to hold her own against the boy, but he proved to be a bit too strong for her, even with her XYZ summoning techniques. It was almost as if he was reading her mind and always one step ahead of her in a way. It unnerved her to no end. She couldn't defend herself against his ruthless combos no matter how much she tried and in the end, she lost to the mysterious boy.

Legs shaking, Ruri fell down to her knees in disbelief. Who was this stranger? Why was he so damned determined to get to her? Who was she to him? All of these questions circulated through her mind but her thoughts were cut short as he pulled her up by the arm.

"Normally I would punish any fools that lost to me. However, you're special so I will let you live..." he said icily, his harsh tone cutting proverbially through her bones. He still held her by the arm, his grip tightened as she tried to pull away once again. "The same trick isn't going to work twice, little dove." His smirk still present while his cold brown eyes stared into her magenta ones as if trying to absorb her soul. "You're lucky I like you so much. Otherwise, you'd probably be dead right now, " he added.

Ruri got some of her wits about her and shot back, "Well, aren't I lucky? Besides, who the hell do you think you are playing god? As if you own me? News flash, you don't." Fear was pushed out in favor of anger. Meanwhile the white haired boy only continued to smirk. He seemed to like her spunk. Not many stood up to him like she did, except maybe that annoying girl that spouted friendship speeches..but never mind that. He released his grip on her, the shadows seemed to disperse, the stars visible as well as sounds being audible from the city streets, however distant and somewhat muted.

"I may be letting you go for now dove. But know that when the time comes, you will be mine," he replied icily. He wasn't going to let her know that he admired her...although he certainly had a funny way of showing it. She didn't move for a few seconds, this strange boy was letting her go...should she be fearful or grateful? She didn't know. He made a move to walk away but she called after him, asking his name.

"I go by Bakura," was all he said and he disappeared. Ruri was left standing there in disbelief. This was her first of many encounters with a strange white haired boy who seemed to be named, Bakura. Like any reasonable person after something shocking happened to them, she took off in a run, paying no heed to where her feet took her. She ran mindlessly all the way back to Anzu's apartment. She sneaked into the apartment as to not wake up Anzu and went to her room. It didn't take long for sleep to claim her.

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Vulpix sighs That story took me longer than I anticipated to write. I know it isn't perfect as I just made it up off the cuff. This is basically how Ruri and Bakura meet in this AU of mine. She is in the park and she encounters him. In case you're wondering, no he's not trapped in the ring anymore. This AU takes place not too long after the events of Yugi and his friends getting back from Egypt and Atem's soul moved on to the afterlife. How is Bakura back? Let's just say that he's stubborn and he doesn't give up easily. No, he doesn't have any intention of getting after Yugi and his friends, he just happens to cause trouble for fools that disturb his peace at night. However he sought out Ruri because he was intrigued by her, she wasn't around when he was first around. Something like that.

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This wallpaper is just a blend of textures and images. It took me awhile just trying to find a decent combo of images where I could make it look like they were interacting. I did my best with this one. I like how it turned out. I went for kind of a creepy/foreboding atmosphere, taking place at night as that can be a time when creepy/supernatural things happen (if you believe in that sort of thing.)

Anyways, please enjoy the wallpaper.

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Ruri Kurosaki/Yami Bakura (C) Kazuki Takahashi/Studio Gallop
Images/Textures (C) Respective Owners
Editing skillz (C) me lol.
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