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Sea Dragon Canvas Painting

Ok it's about time I uploaded this, I made it last year in May, almost a full year ago. It was my first ever canvas painting and I made it while I was on holiday within 2.5 hours.

My family and I were staying at a B&B in Cornwall, one afternoon I was left by myself while my parents attended a friend's wedding at a church.
I had brought my paints and canvas and began drawing the first thing that came to my head, which was this sea dragon here. Then I redrew it onto the canvas and started to paint it with watercolour and acrylic. About an hour into the painting I gave up, thought I'd wasted my canvas, put everything away and sat back sulking and listening to music. It was very frustrating.. then 15 minutes later, I was bored again, so I thought "Well I may as well try to complete it."
So after about 2 and a half hours, here was the result. My parents love this thing and want to frame it because it goes well with the house. I wanted to sell it but they wouldn't let me XD
I aim to improve because I'm not that happy with the result. But not bad for probably my second serious painting ever (first being Moltres in my gallery).
I wasn't going to bother uploading this but people have given good feedback so I thought I should go for it. Hope everyone likes!
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It's so cute! I think it turned out great! Glad you decided to keep with it till it was finished. ^^
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The waves are really pretty :3 and the dragon is just gorgeous! All those little scales <3 It's the eyes that really get me, the expression is sort of.. smirky in a peaceful yet "eat my jetsam" way. At least, that's how it looks to me. It has an adorable little grin x3

So glad you chose not to give up on it =]
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very beautiful. I love the colours and the scales. the face of the dragon was well done and I love the sea waves.
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Wow, that's really great 'Cuno!
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Very nice work with the colored pencils!


Be grateful to each other.
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Ooh... Pretty. I like your background here. ^^ The clouds almost look real.
I can't do backgrounds for the life of me. x3
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Very nice. Nice color effects.
Draken-the-Lugia's avatar
that looks excellent
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....... Why does this look so familiar? :dead: Ah well, pro'lly just me. :XD:

Very nicely done! I don't have canvas paper... LOL.. Just regular ol' watercolour paper that hasn't been used yet BUTITWILLBEEVENTUALLY. -coughs loudly-
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Great stuff. Dragons always look good, as does this. What would would happen if I saw this dragon out at sea for real?
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Hmmm... looking at the way you did the clouds, I think you really should try doing still-life landscape paintings. The clouds are really very well done, reminscient of the cloudscapes in some of the more professional-level paintings and drawings I have seen. The sea and water could do with some work though...

p.s. Apologies on being away from IRC right now, as I needed to concentrate on something.
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Gods yeh, the sea sucks! Was the hardest part I believe >_< It's soo much easier digitally. Thanks ^v^
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That looks awesome! I love dragons.
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So nice *çç* *fav*
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thats cool arti keep it up
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Nice! Your canvasing skills are remarkable!
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Prettyful! NICE WORK
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That reminds me a lot of something I once did. It's beautiful Articuno :) I love the waves
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Cool Picture Articuno ^__-
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I love how the waves look, the colours on them are very wonderfully done. I like the scales on the dragon as well, very nice and detailed ^_^
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This one is pretty good. You know, you are a talented artist. Don't stop.
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