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Freddy Fazbear - FNAF

So today I was supposed to draw with watercolors at school but forgetful me forgot them at home of courseIcon Ummm  
So I decided to instead grab my not so very good colored pencils and try doing something. And voila, the scary bear came to life! 
I have to say that drawing with colored pencils takes some time and effort, I got tired almost every ten minutes ;u;
But it was quite fun at the same time. I hope you like it!

- Freddy Fazbear belongs to Scott Cawthon
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That´s quite nice, I love how you played around with colors!
PriMike104's avatar
OMG!!!!!! This is AMAZING!!!
Articoz's avatar
Omg, thank you!!
DEXAROTH's avatar
make everything so p/erf/ec/t---
Articoz's avatar
aw, dude that means a lot?? like aaa it make me extremely happy such a talented artist likes my art?? seriously thank you! you are so kind hhhh
DEXAROTH's avatar
omg not me;: like
aaa you get everything just so harmonizing and the colors and the lightning and a aaa it's just all so perfectly composed and so perfect
Articoz's avatar
yes you !
like your art is just so wonderfully colored? the colors you use are just so marvelous and eye catching, I extremely adore your art style, it's just so unique and beautiful?? i love the facial expressions you give to your characters, they are so expressive and aaaa
im afraid I'm going to write a whole book right here seriously, I love your art with my soul :^)
your art is perfect ! please keep forever drawing, it makes my soul so happy ;;;
DEXAROTH's avatar
omg you give me life <3
Articoz's avatar
 that makes my soul very happy as well <3
TheNekoMimiGamer's avatar
I think it's perfect ^^
Articoz's avatar
Aw thank you, it makes me very happy you think so ;u;
TheNekoMimiGamer's avatar
this is better than I could ever do in coloured pencil
my best drawings are either in plain #2 pencil or chalk
Articoz's avatar
one day you could do better than this though, c;
and that's very cool! I wish I had skill for pencil drawings!
TheNekoMimiGamer's avatar
Mostly I draw cartoon drawings on my computer now. it's my favourite thing to draw actually.
mania-mutt's avatar
so so so good!!! :D
Articoz's avatar
Thank you very much! Hug 
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Skull-Mutt's avatar
Ah, This looks really nice!
Articoz's avatar
Thank you very much! I'm happy you think so!
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