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  • Listening to: L'Étrange Noël de monsieur Jack
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The size of a man's heart.
~ ~ ~
This is for you. I'm going to do another one too.
I decided it would be best. Since sickness has kept you in rest.
For you to be so happy. I can only dream after I nappy...
Your hair; Blonde as a raven.
Made of Real Gold; Which Midas hand never raved in.
And NOW!!! I must say…
My breath; You have taken away.
My lungs; I've lost them… they've fallen far astray.
To embarrass myself, I shall bestow.
Upon every moment, even eternity's frown.
Of this Life, or of this Death.
Whether bright Light, or this black whole's path.
I have chosen the latter,
I have chosen the raven,
The prettiest of birds,
And most beautifullest of herds,
So much So, I make my own words.
And I'm not even drunk.
My liver is not sunk.
I speak the words of a sober king.
One who enjoys Hallows Eve.
To make a point I shoot through this ring.
So NOW you KNOW, that I am NOT naive.
What is a man!?