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Daria Alter Egos


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I hadn't been able to find all of the Daria alters (shown during the end credits of each episode) collected in one place, so I spent an entire weekend screencaping the credits of every. single. god. damned. episode. (seriously) and put them together. I edited them a bit, just so they'd each be the same size (make sure you zoom in, this sucker's fucking hugeeeee), but the quality definitely varies throughout.

Anyway, many of these were reused throughout the show's run, but I've made sure to place them here in the order they each first appeared.

P.S. "All" but three are here because (1) they just didn't fit in any canvas area I could work out [plus, I wasn't keen on having blank spots] and (2) they were, at best, questionably offensive.
P.P.S. There may still technically be even more alters not included here, if they only appeared online at MTV's old official Daria website and never made their way into an episode. Not much we can do at this point to find out for sure, unfortunately :-/

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