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Kami-Charmeleon. Chapter 4.

I do not own Robotboy.
I do not own Pokemon.
I do own Perry, Oliver, Melanie and Krystal.

After their adventure in Hawaii, our friends have returned to the Bay Area. They were at the park, discussing about all the Pokemon they found there.
Melanie: There are some strange looking Pokemon there, especially grey Meowths, giant palm tree Exeggutors, electric Geodudes,
Perry: And black Rattatas.
Krystal: Now, we’d best get back to training.
Oliver: I hear Tommy is training against his brother.
Perry: I say we go watch him.

And they did. They went over to the Turnbull residence. Tommy was ready to train with Donnie.
Donnie: Just because I’m your big brother doesn’t mean I’ll take it easy on you!
Tommy: Bring it on!
Donnie: (grabs his first Pokeball and throws it) Machoke, I send you out!
Machoke: Machoke!
Tommy: (throws his first Pokeball) Raichu, activate!
Raichu: Rai!
Perry: Donnie really is a Machoke man!
Krystal, Melanie and Oliver: Perry!

Unbeknownst to either of them, Stevie’s father, Kamikazi, had found himself a Charmander to train for the championship he’s going to be in.
Kamikazi: Now, to get into this Pokemon Championship, I have to get this Charmander to evolve. Isn’t that right, Emboar?
Emboar: Emboar.
Kamikazi: Now hold still, Charmander. This will only hurt a bit. Once I get this scheme done, I’ll be in the championship and I’ll have Robotboy in my hands! Ha ha!
Charmander: Char!
As Doctor Kamikazi was taking the Charmander to his cloning room, Charmander started to breathe fire at him.
Kamikazi: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

After Thomas Turnbull had trained against his brother, he took his friends down to the schoolyard, where Kurt and his bully friends were.
Kurt: So, we meet again, Tommy Turnbull.
Tommy: We sure do, Kurt.
Kurt: After what you did to Bambi, I am going to crush you.
Perry: Er, Kurt. About Bambi. It wasn’t Tommy who got her sent to a different school. It was me.
Kurt: What?! You?! In that case, you’ll be the one to receive a beating from me.
Krystal: Ulp!
Kurt: Unless you defeat me in a Pokemon Battle!
Perry: You’re on!

Mookie: We will be holding a 3 on 3 battle between Kurt Lamb and Perry Register!
Tommy: I can’t bear to watch!
Krystal: Let’s hope my Perrykins will win this!
Melanie: I can tell this will be a close match!

Kurt: (throws Pokeball) Sawk, battle move!
Sawk: Sawk!
Perry: That’s nothing! (throws Pokeball) Salazzle, stand by for battle!
Salazzle: Sal!
Kurt: I can tell you’ll fight like a girl, Percy! Especially considering Salazzle’s a female exclusive Pokemon!
Perry: Who says ladies can’t fight, Kurt?
Kurt: Sawk, Karate Chop!
Sawk: Sawk!
Sawk jumped toward Salazzle and he hit her with a Karate Chop.
Perry: That was a weak move, Kurt. Salazzle, Toxic!
Salazzle: Salazzle!
Salazzle opened her mouth and ejected a purple toxin on Sawk, poisoning him in the process.
Krystal: That’s very good strategy, Perrykins!

Kurt: Sawk, Rock Slide!
Sawk: Sawk!
Sawk stomped his foot on the ground and many large rocks came falling down.
Perry: Salazzle, jump out of the way!
Salazzle, upon hearing her trainer’s commands, jumped out of the way, causing the rocks to miss.
Perry: Now, Flamethrower!
Salazzle: Sal!
Salazzle opened her mouth and let out a stream of fire at Sawk, delivering massive damage.
Kurt: Ah! Come on, Sawk! You can finish it! Low Sweep!
Sawk jumped up to Salazzle, and he hit swept Salazzle’s legs, dealing some damage, but not without the damage from the poison defeating him.
Kurt: Sawk!
Mookie: Sawk is unable to battle! The winner is Salazzle!

Perry: Yeah! Sawk it to me!
Tommy, Lola, Krystal, Melanie and Oliver: Perry!
Kurt: Well, your Salazzle is no match for my……(takes out next Pokéball and throws it) Shiinotic, battle move!
This time, Kurt sent out a white, purple and pink mushroom.
Shiinotic: Shii!
Tommy: What is that?
Krystal: According to my research, that’s a Shiinotic, the Illuminating Pokémon, and it evolves from Morelull. And it’s a Grass- and Fairy-type, meaning that Salazzle will have an easy win!

Kurt: Shiinotic, Sleep Powder!
Shiinotic: Shii! Notic!
Shiinotic sprinkled a lot of blue powder from her cap toward Salazzle.
Perry: Come on, Salazzle, jump out of the way!
Salazzle was about to when the powder got to her, putting her to sleep.
Kurt: Oh dear, Percy! Looks like your salamander’s gone to sleep. Now, Shiinotic! Dream Eater!
Shiinotic: Shii!
The background turned blue, and many nutrients drained toward Shiinotic, dealing great damage to Salazzle, defeating her.
Perry: Oh no!
Mookie: Salazzle is unable to battle. The winner is Shiinotic.

Kurt: How do you like that, Percy? I managed to beat your fiery amphibian.
Perry: (retreating his Salazzle) That was just pure luck, Kurt. You’ll be no match for my….(throws out next Pokeball) Bellsprout, stand by!
Now Perry’s using his Bellsprout.
Bellsprout: Bellsprout!
Perry: We’ll fight Grass with Grass!
Kurt: We’ll see about that! Shiinotic, Giga Drain!
Shiinotic: Shiiii!!!
Shiinotic’s background turned lime and she started to drain nutrients from Bellsprout. Though this barely did anything.
Perry: Bellsprout, Sleep Powder!
Bellsprout: Bell!
Bellsprout sprinkled a light blue powder from his mouth, eventually putting Shiinotic to sleep.
Kurt: Hey! Come on, Shiinotic! Wake up!
But Shiinotic couldn’t.
Perry: Now, Bellsprout! Acid!
Bellsprout: Bell!
Bellsprout spat out a dull lime acid onto Shiinotic, dealing extreme damage, thus defeating her in the process.
Kurt: No! Salazzle!
Mookie: Shiinotic is unable to battle. The winner is Bellsprout!

Perry: Who’s your last choice, Kurt?
Kurt: You’ll be no match for my….(throws next Pokeball) Poliwrath! Battle move!
Poliwrath: Poliwrath!
Perry: This is going to be an easy one!
Kurt: Oh really? Poliwrath, Bubble Beam!
Poliwrath: Poli!
Poliwrath fired a beam of multicoloured bubbles at Bellsprout. That didn’t do much.
Perry: Bellsprout, Sleep Powder!
Bellsprout: Bellsprout!
Bellsprout used another Sleep Powder on Poliwrath when….
Kurt: Poliwrath, Ice Punch!
Poliwrath: Poliwrath!
Poliwrath’s left fist turned light aqua, and he was running to punch Bellsprout when the powder hit him, putting him to sleep.
Kurt: Hey!
Perry: Now, Bellsprout! Energy Ball!
Bellsprout: Bellsprout!
Bellsprout formed a celadon ball of energy and he fired it at Poliwrath, dealing massive damage!
Kurt: Ah!
Perry: Now, Bellsprout! Acid!  
Bellsprout: Bellsprout!
Bellsprout fired another glob of acid on Poliwrath, knocking him out in the process.
Kurt: Poliwrath! No!
Mookie: Poliwrath is unable to battle, the winner is Bellsprout. The winner of this battle is Perry Register!

Perry: Phew! Saved by the Bellsprout!
Tommy, Lola, Krystal, Oliver and Melanie: Perry!
Perry: Did you do good, Bellsprout?
Bellsprout: Bell!
Then, Bellsprout started to turn white.
Perry: Huh!?
Tommy: Is that what I think it means?
Krystal: Bellsprout’s….
Oliver: Evolving!
Bellsprout started to get bigger and bulgier. Once the white had vanished, Bellsprout’s head grew bigger, he has larger more realistic eyes, his stem shrunk to nothing more than a vine, and his leaves are now on his sides.
Perry: My Bellsprout’s a Weepinbell! Did you like that, Bellspro--I mean Weepinbell?
Weepinbell: Bell, Bell! Weepinbell!

Just as he said all this, a large Kazi Copter arrived.
Kamikazi: Ah, Tommy Turnbull, Lola Bowler, Percy Cash Register, Krystal Walkabout, Melanie Cummings, Oliver Docker!
Tommy: Oh no! Doctor Kamikazi!
Robotboy: No! No! No get Robotboy this time.
Kamikazi: Oh, but I’m not trying to capture Robotboy this time! I’m here to use some clones of mine!
Melanie: C-Clones?!
Kamikazi: Go get ‘em, Charmeleons!
Then, Doctor Kamikazi let out the 100 Charmeleons he’d cloned, the very reason he got a Charmander in the first place.
Charmeleons: Meleon! Charmeleon!

Tommy: Looks like we need an extra helping hand. (throws Pokeball) Gyarados, activate!
Out came Tommy’s Gyarados, which roared like Chomper’s parents.
Lola: (throws her Pokeball) Froakie, let’s go!
Froakie: Froak!
Perry: (throws 2 of his Pokeballs) Blastoise, Donphan, Tyrantrum, stand by!
Blastoise: Blastoise!
Donphan: Do-won!
Tyrantrum: Tyrantrum!
Krystal: Hmm….according to my research, Charmeleon, being the evolved form of Charmander, is a Fire-type, so…..(grabs Pokeball and throws it) Feebas, spotlight!
Feebas: Feebas!
Melanie: Feebas?! What an ugly wimp!
Krystal: Hey!
Melanie: Leave the battle to experts! (throws her Pokeball) Shellder, battle!
Shellder: Shed!
Oliver: Another Water-type’s the charm. (throws his Pokeball) Totodile, it’s you!
Totodile: Totodile!

Kamikazi: Alright, many Charmeleons! Use your Flamethrower! Expect one. Go and get me Robotboy!
Charmeleons: Meal!
Most of the Charmeleons opened their mouths and let out a stream of fire.
Tommy: Lola, use your Froakie to block off Robotboy.
Lola: You got it, Tommykins!
Tommy: Gyarados, Hydro Pump!
Gyarados, upon hearing his trainer’s command, opened his mouth and let out a high-pressure stream of water towards 10 of the Charmeleons.
Perry: Tyrantrum, Head Smash! Blastoise, Hydro Pump! Donphan, Rollout!
Tyrantrum ran toward 20 of the Charmeleons, Donphan used Rollout on 6 of them, and Blastoise fired 2 high pressure streams of water from his cannons onto 10 of the Charmeleons.
Krystal: Feebas, er…I don’t know.
Melanie: Shellder, since Krystal’s wasting her time thinking of a move, Water Gun!
Shellder: Shed!
Shellder fired a forceful jet of water at 5 of the Charmeleons.
Oliver: Totodile, Aqua Tail!
Totodile: Dile!
Totodile’s tail got covered in water, and he struck 20 of the Charmeleons.

Meanwhile, the Charmeleon that was getting to Robotboy was about to swipe him when….
Lola: Not so fast, Charmeleon!
Charmeleon: Meleon?!
Lola: Froakie, Smokescreen!
Froakie: Froakie!
Froakie opened his mouth and let out white smoke, temporarily blinding Charmeleon.
Charmeleon: Charmeleon?!
Lola: Now’s my chance.
Lola grabbed Robotboy and tucked him into Tommy’s bag.
Krystal: I’ve got it! Feebas, Surf!
Feebas: Feeb!
Feebas formed a large tidal wave from the ground and she sent it crashing down on the 100 Charmeleons, defeating them in the process!
Kamikazi: NOOOOO!!!!
Perry: Now, Tyrantrum, use your Iron Tail on that Kazi Copter!
Tyrantrum: Rant!
Tyrantrum jumped up to the Kazi Copter, he got made out of metal and he whacked his tail onto the Kazi Copter, sending it blasting away!

Tommy: We did it!
Lola: Couldn’t have done it without my trusty Froakie.
Froakie: Froakie!
Krystal: You’re the best, Perrykins!
Krystal tackled Perry to the ground.
Krystal: You’re the greatest! Thank you!
Perry: No, Krystal.
Krystal: Huh?!
Perry: Thank you! That Feebas of yours is stronger than it looks. If it wasn’t for that wimpy looking Pokemon,
Krystal: Hey!
Perry: We would’ve been scorched by those Kami-Charmeleons.
Oliver: Yes, Cuz. We owe you another.
Melanie glomped Krystal this time.
Melanie: I was wrong about your Feebas.
Perry: Never judge a Pokémon by its looks. That’s my motto!
Melanie: I mean in my old city, fish never made tidal waves to put out fires.
Perry: Melanie!
Krystal: There’s no need to be such a Phoebe!
Perry: There’s more of a need to be a Phoeb-Bass!
Tommy, Lola, Krystal, Melanie and Oliver: Perry!
And all the friends laughed in unison.

The next day, Krystal went over to Melanie’s house while holding a pamphlet. She was very excited about this. She knocked on the door, and no one answered by Melanie.
Melanie: Krystal! What a lovely surprise! I heard the heels on your boots.
Krystal: Huh?! Oh yeah.
Melanie: What brings you to my house?
Krystal: Look! I just wanted to tell you I’ve entered us in a Pokémon Contest!
Melanie: Pokémon Contest?! That sounds awesome!
Krystal: But we need to train for it. It’s like a beauty pageant, but with Pokémon.
Melanie: In my old city, we never entered Pokémon in beauty pageants.
Krystal: Oh, don’t be such a Phoebe! Let’s train for it!
And that’s what they’re doing now. Will they enter? Stay tuned!

The End.
The 4th chapter to my new Robotboy/Pokemon crossover is up. This time, with Charmeleons involved.

Robotboy belongs to Alphanim.
Pokemon belongs to Nintendo.
Perry, Krystal, Oliver and Melanie belong to yours truly.
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