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What is truth, if not in you?
It fades away like the morning dew
In the heat of the midday sun.
Where else can I find truth?
You've bestowed it upon us,
Though only few embrace it so.
It's absolute and never fails,
Unlike anything I could ever know.
You are the truth;
It springs out from you,
Your heart desires us to seek it out
As the fool seeketh his gold.
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 0 0
With Thee in Me
Mine humanity for thy majesty;
Mine red for thy white;
Mine inheritance for thy right;
Mine captivity for thy freedom.
Thee in me,
And me in thee.
Thou makest me free,
And lift ye me up.
Dance, mine feet;
Sing, mine soul;
Work, mine hands;
For thee who is.
Abound in me,
I ask of thee.
Fill me with thy love.
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 0 0
Two men walked into the room, sunglasses covering their eyes. It was like something out of that Hitchcock film I saw last month. I'll bet I could even guess what they were about to say first.
"Mr. Darbey, I can guarantee that if you cooperate with our department, then I can offer you a deal." He leaned forward, placing his palms to the cold stainless steel table.
Leave nothing to the imagination.
"What makes you think I would be interested in such a deal?" I asked casually.
"Mr. Darbey," he said through grit teeth. "I don't think now is the time for you to be sassing off! We are offering you a lighter sentence to merely tell us why you killed your wife!"
I can't wait to see the look on their faces. "I'm going to need a more persuasive argument than that." I folded my hands neatly on the table. The other detective shoved the first aside and slammed him fist to the table.
"You're going to tell us why you killed her, dammit! Or else... I'll..." Veins bulged from his forehead.
"Alright, al
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 0 0
Gravity Shift
Terrin danced on the walls, dodging oncoming bolts of arrows. He shifted his gravity to the roof and barreled over to compensate. His emissary stood -- appearing upside down to Terrin -- on the ground in a fighter's stance, dual sabres drawn.
Whipping his staff behind him, Terrin darted forward. His muscles tensed as he shifted gravity towards the enemy.
At the very moment he jumped from the ceiling, he shifted the gravity's pull to its natural orientation, letting it pull him downward. Winding his staff backward, Terrin swung his weapon with violent force.
"Gaaaaarrrrhhhhhhh!" He bellowed fiercely!
He slammed into the ground, followed by his staff. It struck the ground, shattering the brick beneath him.
"Curses!" He whispered. "Phased out again!" He stayed perfectly still, in order to listen for his assailant.
"Wait!" His ears perked. "There!" Several footsteps caught his attention behind him. Terrin felt the scar on his face. He would not let his enemy strike him again, he r
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 0 0
I Do What I Must
Carrigan casually entered the lobby of the theater, hands deep in his pockets. He pulled one out, phone in hand, and read his instructions.
Reading the signs overhead, he walked an imbalanced gait down the left corridor toward theater 4 and opened the door. Muffled sound made its way to his ears. Once he rounded the corner where dozens sat watching the film, he scanned the rows of seats.
The poor rhythm of his footsteps reminded him of that awful night. His face would never look the same again, either.
When he found what he was looking for, he followed the lighted stairs to an empty seat. There were subtitles at the bottom of the screen, he noted.
He looked over his target -- the slicked-back hair and thick padded suit -- in the seat before him. Carrigan fingered the revolver in his coat. Something caught his attention when his target laughed. He was wearing an ear-piece.
The target turned and bent over to the side. Carrigan hasn't noticed it before, but there was a little girl, no mor
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 0 0
Where I Was Meant To Be
Karina Welch hesitantly entered the double doors into the theater. It was much smaller than she remembered. Of course, looking out over a darkened audience through blinding stage lights wasn't the best vantage point, but it was where she preferred to be. It was where she was born to be. Fate had an alternative path for Karina, however.
She walked down the aisle one step at a time toward the dim stage ahead. Her heart fluttered within her chest with every step. She didn't have the heart to go there since, well...
Once she reached the stage, she caressed the splintered wood before her. It felt just as she remembered. Memories flooded her thoughts like the Amazon. Such mirth and merriment. It almost felt as if she were reliving those days all over again. A smile emerged upon her wrinkled face, unaided.
Forty six years it must have been. Forty six years since the accident that left her deaf and immobile for years. Her career ended that day. Now, seventy eight, she was compelled to return t
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 0 0
Brilliant Lights
I've walked this world in Black and grey;
Ignorant to it's inherent beauty.
Why did I pass the decadent pastries
To feed off of the dirt beneath?
Your Creation is meant to be experienced;
And, yet, I see it through filthy goggles,
Muddled by the dirt I leave in my wake.
Pull the cover from off mine eyes.
Brilliant hues flood mine eyes;
Though they hurt at first glance,
They reflect your true beauty,
And world you have formed for me.
Enlighten my path along the saturated trail,
Of love and life and truth and beauty.
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 2 0
Your Mercy's anew
As the sun rose anew
So is your mercy.
The darkness was here for a time,
But your glory shone in its place.
Your blood washes over me
Like the mighty Niagara.
Purging me of my iniquities.
This morn your mercy shines anew.
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 1 0
Your goodness overwhelms me
As I sink into your peace.
I am ever drowning in your freedom
And breathing in your blood.
My heart is drenched in your love.
From black to red your mercy covers me.
From red to white you cleanse me in your grace.
Draw me near to you,
Oh father, draw me nigh!
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 1 0
Blind Hit
   'Sandy blond hair, 5'4", blue dress,' I recalled. The parked seemed more crowded than usual. I found her standing by the fountain sweeping her hair to the side. "Hello," I said, as charming as pobbible. "Annalise?" Holy smokes, her green eyes were gorgeous. 'I only hope I can perform up to standards.'
   "I am," she smiled. The cutest dimples formed in her cheeks. "You're Alan?" I couldn't answer, captivated by her beauty. I merely nodded. She blushed.
   "I-I..." studdering, "...know this nice cafe down the road," I managed as we began our stroll through the park. "Sooo..." I began in attempt to start conversation. "How do you know Mark?" She smiled.
   "My cousin knows him," she replied. She blushed. "He said you would be a perfect match for me."
   "He's a smart man," I joshed. As we drew to a more secluded section of the park I reached into my coat pocket. I pulled my silenced 9mm, but dreadful clicks urged me to freeze. I rolled
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 2 0
The Judge's Judgement
   "No, you did what was right," the District Attorney consoled. "Those death threats are just that. Mere threats to make you regret the judgement."
   "I suppose so," Judge Avalon replied, relieved. He felt as if the collective stress of the three week case was released all at once.
   "Besides," continued the D.A. "You have your two guards over there." Avalon glanced toward the door of the restaurant, full moon beaming through the smudged glass. "They look competent to scare off any would-be assailants."
   The judge's face softened into a hearty grin, jowels dancing with apparent mirth. "Oh, you're right, Mr. Jennings," he said, sinking further into his booth, relaxing.
   "Of course I am," Jennings replied. "It doesn't matter if he's a petty thief or a Don in the mafia. You are obligated to..." A deafening burst cut the ambiance of the Italian Restaurant. Glass Shattered. One guard fell dead.
   Restaurant gu
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 0 0
The Blind Date and the Moon
   "Now that the court had heard all the evidence in the case of Ms Shelly Maynard versus the state," the judge's baritone voice reverberated through the small room, "we now transfer power to our jury." All eyes floated to the side where a silent panel sat anxiously. "Representative of the jury, have you come to a unanimous verdict?" Tension flooded the small courtroom; Ms. Maynard began to perspire.
   An older man stood from his chair, full moon gleaming through the window above him. "Your honor, we find the defendant," his voice wavered, "guilty."
   "No!" Shelly shot up waving her cuffed hands wildly. "I told you, he's not dead! I didn't kill my blind date!" She plead.
   The judged slammed his gavel down. "Ms. Maynard, sit down, now!"
   Shelly struggled as the bailiff shoved her back in her seat, constraining her. "He's not dead!" She hollered. "He turned..." She groaned. "A creature! No, please, you have to protect me from him!"
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 0 0
Stuffed Pets
Beaming headlights lit the pet cemetery as Daryl turned into the long drive, pulling up to the gate.
“It’s almost five am,” he thought. “The sun will be coming up soon.”
Daryl exited his car and popped the trunk; pulled out a dark object and snuck to the entrance. He snipped the chain and pulled the gate open with a creek. He returned to his Thunderbird and drove inside.
Daryl shut the engine off, pulled a shovel from the trunk and walked along the headstones.
“Dog,” he read. “Hamster. Bird.” He stopped. “He we are,”
Daryl dug until he hit something solid, then pulled out a small pine box.
“Bandit, you will be the perfect addition to my taxidermy collection,” opening the lid. Inside was a lifeless raccoon. Daryl grabbed the marsupial and tossed it in a bag. There was a book inside. “a diary,” he noted.
The words on the front read “To Bandit, my best friend!” Daryl flipped the pages. Lo
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 0 0
Eternal House of Mirrors
"Ah, you there!" Called the carnie, finger erect toward the young boy.
"Me?" He asked nervously.
"Yes, you. Step right up to this here Mirror Maze and lose yourself in wonder and mystery. I promise you will not regret this!"
"But I don't have any more tickets," replied the boy.
"Never you mind. Step on up."
"But I have to meet my parents outside in a couple of minutes."
"Well you're in luck!" The carnie said with a sly grin. "This here maze only takes but a minute."
"Em, I guess so." He inched his way to the maze's opening. Inside were dozens of mirrors and windows, but it was hard to tell which was which. He stepped inside and, feeling with his hands, maneuvered his way through. Finally, he reached an area surrounded by mirrors. He felt around, but did not feel any way out
Suddenly there was another boy with him. "How do we get out?" He asked in a panic. He started when he noticed the boy was blind.
"Out?" Replied the other. "I've been stuck here for months. There is no way out."
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 0 0
Storm the Garrison
    “Advance the gate!” General Felch bellowed as he transmuted his sabre into a shield, protecting him from an incoming blow. It burned an auburn orange until completing its transformation.
    Focusing on a sabre, his shield morphed back into a sword as he swung his weapon. The shorter foe blocked, but was momentarily knocked off balance by Felch’s strike. Once more he raised his weapon and brought it down upon his enemy, but not before transmuting his sabre into a massive hammer with spikes on its surface.
    Bones and armor crushed under shear force. He felt the energy surge from his foe into his soul. He shook off the weight.
    Felch scanned the proximity, watching as his own men struck down a score of enemy soldiers. Orange auras lit the overcast scenery. Seeing the immediate enemies taken care of, Felch ran toward the gate, dozens following in his wake.
    “General, Left flank!
:iconarthurcole:ArthurCole 0 0
Vial of Tears
I shut my eyes tightly. I will never forget the sorrowful look in her eyes when I left for battle. Deep purple, opalescent in the sun's rays. Her eyes glimmered with years, but she refused to let them fall.  I only hope I’ll live to gaze upon Dalsa’s enchanting eyes once more.
With my free hand, I reached within my chainmail and fingered the vial that hung from my neck. It contained a portion of every tear that ever left Dalsa’s soft cheeks, set aside to be given to the one who would capture her heart. Every tear of sorrow and sadness; every tear of joy and elation, since the year of her maturation, danced inside.
I gripped the vial tight in my fist before a thunderous shout sobered my mind to the reality before me. As one wave, my entire battalion charged toward the opposing wall where legions of archers were awaiting our attack. I had been in battle many times before. I knew the odds. One of ten does not survive the volleys of arrows; one of ten does not live p
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For The King by JayGraphixx For The King :iconjaygraphixx:JayGraphixx 207 84 Lion Warrior by ArtofTy Lion Warrior :iconartofty:ArtofTy 4,830 112 Warrior Lowpoly by VertexBee Warrior Lowpoly :iconvertexbee:VertexBee 703 66 Pirate Ship by torstan Pirate Ship :icontorstan:torstan 90 16 The Ship by Alegion The Ship :iconalegion:Alegion 359 32 Battle Ship by gregmks Battle Ship :icongregmks:gregmks 890 61
The Goodwill Doll
The doll has curling golden hair and clear blue eyes. Her dress has a small hole in the corner, but what do you expect at Goodwill? Your daughter will never notice, though. She’ll love the way its eyes open and close.
You turn the doll over. $25.
For a slightly chipped doll?! What a rip-off. You start to set the doll back on the shelf. You weren’t even here to get a doll.
With a click and a whirr, the lights go out.
Hardly even knowing what you’re doing, you stuff the doll into your purse. Almost before you finish, the lights flicker back on. There’s an employee walking past you, but he’s not paying attention to you. You glance into your purse, intending to take the doll out, but instead you push its golden curls deeper in and adjust your wallet on top.
What are you doing? Just put the doll back and go get the plates you came for. But that employee is back now, glancing down the isle, and if you pull it out now he’ll accuse you of shoplifting.
:iconjerenda:jerenda 1 2
Day nine hundred twenty eight.
Almost three years in this place would break anyone, but it can't break Daniel.
"Ma Ma. Ma Ma."
The words of a mechanical doll wake him. He rolls both of his ankles, making sure his nightmare is still real. The clinking sound of cuffs bring the feeling of panic in the form of bile up to his throat. He leans over the side of the bed and spits into a rusty bucket.
"Did I blackout again? I'm sorry, honey," he says, stroking the straw like hair of the doll lying next to him under the covers. She blinks at him as a slight breeze enters the room from a crack in one of the windows. "Don't look at me like that, I know what you're thinking, but today could be the day."
"Suicide is the indecisive man's solution," she says with a grin.
"I told you already, I can't do it."
"Indecision is the fear of man."
"I am not afraid to die. I have simply resigned myself to living. Circumstances be damned," he reasons, shaking one foot in the air, making the ankle cuffs clink. "
:iconericadrayton:EricaDrayton 1 1
A Charming Sketch Capable of Being Terrible by artisticBard A Charming Sketch Capable of Being Terrible :iconartisticbard:artisticBard 3 0
Judgement Day
“You’ll be sorry. You’ll all be sorry. Locking me up isn’t going to stop me. Nothing can stop me. Nothing.”
Without waiting for his bailiff to dismiss the courtroom, Judge Walker rushed to his chambers and closed the door behind him. He leaned against it, attempting to calm his nerves.
He’s heard many cases where psychotic killers stood before him as he passed judgement, but this one was different. There was no question of his guilt, but the way he breathed when he was put on the stand, as if he was documenting the Judge’s scent.
He’d done it before to many unsuspecting victims. Something about their scent gave him cravings he couldn’t deny. His latest victim, a blind date, wore a perfume he desired. In two days’ time the State Police found her dismembered.
“Sir,” came a voice on the other side of the door. Judge Walker quickly disrobed and sat in his chair.
“Come in.”
“Would you like an escort ho
:iconericadrayton:EricaDrayton 2 0
Mature content
Sheriff Todd Jamieson :iconkylebrunt:kylebrunt 1 1
Judge of Romance
“I’ll love you forever.” The boy knelt beneath a starry sky, holding up a ring to the girl. A full moon illuminated the flowerbeds.
“3/10,” Cupid snapped.
“But sir!” The fairy at the monitor spun around in his wheelie chair. “He’s been courting her for over a year now!”
“He’s just doing it to make his mother happy. Also, there’s a cameraman hiding behind that rosebush. Fake, all of it!” The pudgy god of love stomped onward, frowning at the next monitor. There, a pair of teenagers sat awkwardly in a restaurant, attempting to make small talk. “2/10,” Cupid growled. “Their friends set it up, but their personalities clash. They’ll date on and off for years, never managing to break it off completely, until she moves to a different state.”
He brushed past a series of six more monitors, pausing only to bark condemning fortunes, before pausing in front of the last one in the row. A
:iconjerenda:jerenda 1 0
Sunset at Kullaberg Sweden by roisabborrar Sunset at Kullaberg Sweden :iconroisabborrar:roisabborrar 167 15 Taako the Fool by artisticBard Taako the Fool :iconartisticbard:artisticBard 6 6
Very Small Boots
Someone with very small boots has
Walked around the base of this statue
Since the light drift of snow
This afternoon.
Their tracks are clear and
Unmarked by the wind.
Tiny size six's
With a distinctive tread.
I can almost see her-
It is a her, I think, from the boots-
Pacing 'round the statue
Thinking the deep thoughts.
I will walk beside her.
Not for very long
Accompany her shadow on its solitary passage
To the dawn.
:iconjerenda:jerenda 4 0
City of shining lights
across a glass mirror
mountains rise above us
wall the ocean
in keep us
towers flash
silent signals
to the endless night
:iconjerenda:jerenda 5 6


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I've walked this world in Black and grey;
Ignorant to it's inherent beauty.
Why did I pass the decadent pastries
To feed off of the dirt beneath?

Your Creation is meant to be experienced;
And, yet, I see it through filthy goggles,
Muddled by the dirt I leave in my wake.
Pull the cover from off mine eyes.

Brilliant hues flood mine eyes;
Though they hurt at first glance,
They reflect your true beauty,
And world you have formed for me.

Enlighten my path along the saturated trail,
Of love and life and truth and beauty.


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“If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world.

C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity


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