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Wake up

By ArthurBlue
I thought of this one as a prequel to the image "Awake":…

This is the 4th and last image in what self-developed to be a series. This image links the two parts of the series: the image with the girl (… and the two images with the boy (… and….

In this new image, we see the two line styles (boy and girl), we see the sunflowers (from the boy) and we see the girl... still sleeping, before waking up (to the image "Awake")...

Now, it's up to you to "connect the dots" and form a story in your mind. :)

As always, this was rendered in Vue.

EDIT: this image has a prequel:…
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Very beautiful and so serene!

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Very nice, it looks so peaceful.

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If some artist like you would lived many lives at the same time you, probably, achieved that experience which is combines all perfect details and ideas in a single artwork. I mean if all the beautiful things i'd like to enjoy can be fit in that masterpiece so i would just unable to understand its beautifulness. Because i just would have only a part from all the knowledge and beauty you would had at the same time. Therefore it's only possibility for the creator available to enjoy its own masterpiece. I can't believe having such complicated combination in my mind.

But speaking about this place, i want to just visit it for a first time and make a picnic there. I'd enjoy the scene i'd see there.

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Thank you for your wonderful words and sharing your feelings.

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impressionante:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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Hard light. That's what Ben...the professor had had them. Light and energy solidified through a complicated mater energy transferal process.
A simulation of life and the real world. A tangible, tactile virtual reality. That's what happened in the dome shaped "Green Room".
She understood the process, she understood the illusionary, and lifeless nature of everything around her...
But the experience was so vivid, so close to reality that she couldn't help but completely suspend her disbelief. The crystal clear waters of the small river at her feet, the smell of the lavender upon the gentle breeze, the chirping of the song bird hidden in the bows of the tree just ahead...
She closed her eyes and took it all in...
She hugged re red satin blanket and sighed contentedly.
What a blessing it was to be alive!
She stood upon a large round stone locked in the very center of that gurgling, bubbling stream of a minute little river. She gazed down at the water beneath her. It was just a few inches deep. five or six at the most. She rubbed her toes against the moistened, uneven surface of the stone. She absolutely adored the water. Bathing and swimming were just two of her favorite activities.
She had tried to get Ben...the professor to join her for a swim...
...but his cheeks turned pink and he changed the subject shortly thereafter. She thought about stepping down into that stream, letting the water caress the delicate bare skin on her exposed feet...
...when the computer interjected itself into her daydream with an electronically voiced warning:
"Life-form: life-form detected in the travel-way! Humanoid Life-form detected in the travel-way!"
The "Green room" automatically shut down and its walls again mirrored the red lined white tiles that ran throughout the entire home. She hurried down the hallways toward her room.
She had to get dressed!
It was very, very unusual(It had yet to happen) for the professor to come without asking, or giving her enough time to change. However the old lab was so secure that Belle was almost certain sure that no one else could have found it...and yet the red lines glowed and the alarm repeated overhead. The professor or an way or another she had to be ready to greet her mysterious visitor...    
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You never cease to amaze me... What an imagination you have. If I hadn't done the images myself, I wouldn't know which came first: the story or the images.
Reading your stories, I have the same feeling of reading a book after watching a movie based on that book - the book is always better, richer, deeper and allows me to better understand the movie. It's really strange to better understand my own images... :-)
Thank you!
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These familiar red lines of course makes a sence. But the more fascinating thing it's a yard itself. There's obviously no morning, but light of the great started day.
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I love the quasi-futuristic design of the walls. It looks like something that could actually come into fashion in the near future. The round portal reminds me of Chinese round doors and portals, so I like it. :)
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Thanks! Yes, chinese, that wasn't on my mind but now that you mention it...
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Marvelous image/work.
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Very nice, I really like the tiny waterfalls!
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Wow amazing work :love:
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great stuff (all your work, I mean) ...
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wow amazing stuff !
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Love it, your imagination is fantastic.
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I love it! i like how the other corridors are flat while this is oval. I also cant possibly imagine how you made the waterfalls, is it an object? or was it added in post?
also, how did you do the multi layer water plane? O_O teach me oh great master!
ArthurBlue's avatar
The only post here (as in all my images) are a bit of bloom in some highligths and a slight color de-saturation. Occasionally I adjust levels or contrast but I didn't need to do it in this case.
The waterfalls are objects. I started by doing a kind of a mock-up (or prototype, if you like) in Vue, using primitives. I built the water, waterfalls, rocks, river bed and river margins with primitives (cubes and spheres). After the composition was exactly like I wanted, I exported all these primitives into zbrush, where I smoothed everything out and added some distortion and noise in all the elements, to make it more natural. I then brought this object into Vue and placed it exactly where the primitives were. I textured everything, created ecosystems, hid the original primitives and rendered. That's it! :)
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Beautiful image! Beauty, charmed and originality ! Good job ![link]
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You are amazing. I hope you know that.
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Sheer brilliance once again Artur, I hope to see you use the steps technique in more works. Thank you!
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Hello! Your piece has been featured #digital-artists's December Digital Highlights. Keep up the amazing work!
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