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The flaming circle of our days

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Away from the red lines that I've been playing with recently but still in "architecture" mode. :)
This time, instead of lines, I played with curves. For this building, which was constructed entirely in Vue, I used the same technique that I used in "Forest Hallway":

Forest Hallway by ArthurBlue

The title is from a poem by Yeats.

Built and rendered in Vue.
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Light-RockStudent General Artist
-How the hell did they build all this?

-With immense difficulty.
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DSxpoHobbyist General Artist
Epic 3D art, ArthurBlue! I love how you layered the circle ceiling with an opening sky. Almost like a telescope that you can see the moon from above. Keep up the excellent work!!
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ZCata2008Professional Digital Artist
simple yet epic :)
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feldrandHobbyist Photographer
ha, this one is already in my faves, haha... :D

i came to your gallery again from someones faves....................
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KenSaundersHobbyist General Artist
Excellent work. :nod:
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LuxXeonProfessional Digital Artist
Beautiful structure.
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mikemarsProfessional Digital Artist
i love this. it also looks like the most amazing prefab possible structure. so how did you construct it. whats it based off of? 
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It's not based on anything, it's just a shape that popped up in my mind. I made it with elongated, un-centered tori, multiplied, each one translated a bit in several axes and rotated a few degrees. After a few (quite a few...) attempts, I was happy with the result.
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mikemarsProfessional Digital Artist
wow cool. thanks for the description. seeing a door Boolean area would be interesting from this shape. the cross sectioning would be cool. i also find myself wondering what the furniture could look like that would fit in there. thanks...
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Hmm... now that you mention it, I think you're right. A boolean cut here could look very interesting. :)
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mikemarsProfessional Digital Artist
yeah has such a changing cross section that i'd just experiment with lots of boo leans and see what comes out. its very cool. the subtle energy of living in a space like that would be amazing
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Well, Bravo for me it represent  harmony with everything! beautiful Art! Never ending........
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AtelinetisStudent Digital Artist
You r living on the future man , awesome :) 
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sillikoneProfessional Digital Artist
great work!  love the design and concept

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novus41Hobbyist General Artist
very cool work
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BluDrgn426Professional Digital Artist
love this!
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ChristianKolleProfessional General Artist
this place would be meditative as well.

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I want a room like this, just for me.
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LOTRfanforeverHobbyist General Artist
I have one question... do you have a theme with these sort of things?
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feldrandHobbyist Photographer
yesssssssss - and i go with "argjentgigollaj"... :D
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You have the greatest ideas, I would love to see your architecture in a Sci-Fi film or show !
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