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The Sub-Oasis of Lyra 8

When the first settlers arrived to this exoplanet all they found was a barren landscape.

The whole world was covered with a gigantic desert, scattered with unusual faceted rocky hills. Fortunately, some of the probes found a few pockets of water under the sand, in some scattered places. Encouraged by this find, more probes were sent.

The settlers then established colonies in and around these pockets of water, like the two cities we see in the image. After a complex process of water purification, they planted there some tropical species they brought from old Earth, thereby recreating oasis-like environments. Soon, someone started calling them "sub-oasis", since they were below ground level.

The cities are interconnected by large multi-purpose tubes, hosting a high-speed public transportation and forced water circulation (to balance the water level between cities).
The search for more pockets of water still continues. Until now, they've established 27 of these cities on the surface of this planet.


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The Rooftop Gardens of Lyra 7 by ArthurBlue

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Hidden Garden by ArthurBlue

The Colony of Sigma Draconis:
The Colony of Sigma Draconis by ArthurBlue

This image is a kind of sequel of my other image "The Rooftop Gardens of Lyra 7", link above.
In Lyra 7, I imagined gardens way above the ground, even above the clouds. Then I thought: why not the other way around too? Then this idea of gardens below the ground, and how and why they would exist, came to my mind. And now it's in your minds too. :-)

This is the 2nd time (at least) that I make an image with vegetation below the ground (maybe I made more, I'm not sure). I remember this other one, "Hidden Gardens", link also above. Maybe you'll find more... :-)

I made these structures loosely based on another set I made for the image "The Colony of Sigma Draconis", link above.

As always, the image was rendered in Vue in a 3D digital world, without painting or photo-manipulation (many people think I paint or use photos to build my images - I do neither).

EDIT: I can tell that there is a man, standing, somewhere in the structure. I wonder if anyone can see him? He's probably just 2 or 3 pixels tall in the image... But in the real world scale of the image, he's 1.8 meters. :-)

EDIT: in the link below you can see where the guy is and have a real impression of the city scale:

Where is the guy by ArthurBlue

EDIT: I made a kind of "making of":
Making of 'The Sub-Oasis of Lyra 8' by ArthurBlue
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Might be the future of earth if things keep going the way they are.

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Glad to see your sunny pictures, builds. Amazing, great job! Recently i saw an article about why are the bees construct their combs hexagonal shaped. So it turns out that hexagon is a most material usage-efficient shape ever possible for bees comparing to squares and triangles.
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Awesome work! I love both the image and the story/text with it. :)
And who knows, maybe someday in the future, this could happen. Would be even more amusing if someone says "what was once only depicted in dreams and art is now reality".
ArthurBlue's avatar
Thank you! I would love to see that. :-)
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what a cool idea! awesome render!
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so freaking awesome, i swear i wanna be this good one day.
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ótimo Wink/Razz Wink/Razz Wink/Razz Wink/Razz Wink/Razz Wink/Razz  !!!!!!!!!!
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ive watched a anime tht has similar idea
what was the name of it oh yeah it was "Chrome Shelled Regios"
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This is really fricking cool.
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"Order and space", "only humans", no more races and ethnic feud  - perhaps the essence of what it is all about. Artur, you might like the "Andromeda" novel by Ivan Efremov (1907-1972) with his Jean-Jacques Rousseau's sentimental humanistic philosophy (Russian Wiki) / with his communist utopia (English Wiki) in sci-fi literature... and it's a bit funny to see and compare biased representations of two ideological systems :) (Smile) . I'll send you an English translation of this thing - a pdf file under 1 Mb...
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Hello my friend. I'll be happy to read it, thank you. You've already sparked my curiosity. :-)
Your sentence "see and compare biased representations of two ideological systems" reminded me of a TV series I saw recently, "The Man in the High Castle", about an alternative Earth where Germany and Japan won WWII. The story takes place in a occupied USA, split between the "Greater Nazi Reich", on the east, and the "Japanese Pacific States", on the west. It's fascinating to see the two similar but slightly different ideological systems occupying the same place and subjugating the same people. I highly recommend this series.
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Great job on this! Looks like the cover of a great sci-fi novel.
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Heck, I cannot find this man you speak of XDDD
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I added an image in my scraps folder where I show it. Take a look. The upper half is a crop of the original image, with the guy circled in green; the lower half is another viewpoint of the same scene, with the camera almost at the guy's level.

Where is the guy by ArthurBlue
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is absolutely tiny XD

It shows how massive the structure really is :D

Thank you for sharing!
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Behold Americans future.
ArthurBlue's avatar
Hopefully, by this time there will be no more "americans" or "europeans", "africans" or "asians" - there will be only Humans, no longer divided by arbitrary borders defined by rulers whose main purpose is to satisfy their own gigantic egos.
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Part of the reason that I love Star Trek so much.
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