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The Hanging Pools

A bit eccentric, perhaps. :)

I wanted a similar style to this other one I made a few weeks ago, like if it was another place in the same world and time:
Sunny above by ArthurBlue

Well, in fact, I used this same color scheme in several images in the last few months... Here are some examples:
The flaming circle of our days by ArthurBlue Wake up by ArthurBlue The Exit Alternative by ArthurBlue

I built the structure in SketchUp, rendered it in Vue. My biggest problem here was deciding when to stop building it because I just wanted to go on and on and on... :)

Several people commented on how dangerous this can be. Well, fear not because those orange stripes are in fact a force-field generator, automatically activated when someone, equipped with a "Kinetic Bracelet", enters their area of influence. The force field will automatic cancel the kinetic and potential energies of your moving body if, for example, you happen to slip and fall. Therefore, you will effectively stop your fall and start floating above the stripe. The "Kinetic Bracelet" will then call your "Hover Vehicle" to the proximity and you will be able to jump on board and select your next destination.

The "Kinetic Bracelet" has an "adventure" mode which you can activate and will cancel the effect of the orange stripes. This way you can dive between levels at will. Do it at your own risk. The insurance will not cover accidents if this mode is activated.

The "Kinetic Bracelet" has an "extreme" mode which will randomly change the effect of the force field. For example, it can increase your kinetic energy and decrease your potential energy, thereby allowing to make huge jumps effortlessly. It's also extremely dangerous... and, of course, the insurance will not cover any accident.

Warning: not all areas are equipped with orange stripes. The "Kinetic Bracelet" will not let you move in these areas unless you set it to "adventure" mode.
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I will first confess that the mina content of my critique is not to criticize the detailed technique of your illustrations or to dissect the evident competency of this style. I will offer how I think it could have been different but I don't know enough about digital illustration to give expert advice.

I will first start off by saying I love the almost Mandelbrot nature of this. It dabbles in hierarchies while retaining a functional element in even the smallest recognizable components. Each 'Planck Volume' of this architecture rises above the ambition of a full sized bathtub and actually formats the concept of a fully immersive and buoyant experience into the gaze of anyone who visits this place. What do I mean by this, well just as a rough descriptive sketch of what I get from this, I imagine each of the squares as fully actualized swimming pools. I would imagine each bulk quark or rectangle is a pool 9 to 12 feet deep at least. I would like to think the largest pools represent the dimensions of a diving pool, being 18 to 24 feet deep. I would imagine the connecting grooves to each main pool to be easily deep enough to swim from one pool to another with plenty of room to turn around at any point along the aquatic transit.

I don't know if the water is connected to the natural lake below but I would like to indulge in the fantasy that this system of pools discretely yet safely extends and eventually merges with the lake below. That is not to say the water in these pools is from the basement lake (for all we know this could be technology that synthesizes water instantly wherever it is needed) but I would imagine it's creators intended the swimmer to enjoy a fully supplementary experience with artificial and natural ponds, the literal solvent of which is the water.

Upon an adequately close examination of the architect's style of recreational geometry, I begin to seriously wonder of this is not actually a 4 dimensional structure of pools. Not 4-dimensional in spirit but on a good day I would need a generous portion of evidence to convince me that instead of a 3 dimensional network of pools, there where not bigger-on-the-inside; Gallyfreyan style connections that were not meant for the eyes of a casual observer.

The way you make this winding and layered gives me the pleasure of wondering what hidden pools are under any crevice along with the added bonus of an expansive hierarchical imagining of this structure, meaning most of this complex could very well be out of view from this rendering.

The fine texture of this image almost fools me into thinking this was a live action special effect or a transtemporal vacation guide, a few millennia too early.

Make no mistake I believe this is somewhere on some distant world in The Universe. imagination does not permit me to imagine this as some place on Earth or even a terraformed likeness somewhere else in the Solar System. How far into the future is it? That gives several tetrations of space to speculate.

By the implied style, the personality you poured into this and the freedom this critique gives me to speculate, I would guess this was around the 64th century.

One slightly remorsful characteristic I must point out is the fact that you could have put some symbols on all the flat surfaces along the side of the architecture.

I love how this is complimented by a person mastering a hovercraft that defiantly yet appropriately has a different architecture than the pool complex it's self.

The thing I love about the architectural strength of this building is that the rims of the pools and connecting streamways is that they could easily be walked on. The arrangement of the pools leaves me to indulge in the possibility that even if someone where to fall off the edge of one of those pools they would end up splashing into a pool somewhere directly below it. If this structure is extensive enough then I would imagine no matter where you fall off, you will fall directly, not off center, into a pool below and by architectural chance each of these pools would be deep enough to cushion the fall. The regular square arrangement is deceptively rigid against the obvious randomness of the pool's placement. I point out this contradictory nature because it seems as if without forcefields or hovercraft that the pools of each level are near enough to eachother that any fall off of a higher level will be safely stopped by a pool full of water immediately below.

There could have been an analogous ladder network that runs up any reasonably free surface of this structure but it would spoil the romance of having just pools of water and the risk of not knowing if there is a pool of water to catch any fall from the side.

You made a wise decision of not showing any of the sky and precipitously showing only alittle of the surface below yet showing almost all of the main structure.

One crazy, yet technically safe notion I get from this is the possibility that this network of pools could literally cover the entire surface of the planet, only leaving a few, open, respectful patches to show bodies of water. If this has a 4-dimensional extension, then this network, however expansive, might as well connect directly to a neighboring system on a habitable moon or other planet. It would not be an exaggeration to say there could be an entire planetary system around a star where you could swim from planet to planet if the 4-dimensional effects rendered each adjacent planet a mere few hundred meters away. There is no robust reason to think this is not made and used by aliens similar to humans. I am perfectly happy just thinking this is a manifestation of 1% experiment, 9% recreation and 90% art.

I am almost as satisfied looking at this as it must have been for you to pour your creative self into making this.
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It was truly fascinating to see my work through your eyes. I saw it in a different light and I found things that I hadn't found before. Your idea of the 4 dimensions, connecting different worlds, is particularly intriguing and inspiring.

Yes, functionality was an important part of the concept. I didn't just want to throw in some random shapes, I wanted them to make sense in a physical world.

Yes, I imagined connecting passages between each area. I felt that this was much more elegant than just to spread ladders around, that you also reference. Climbing ladders also felt... too normal. :)

I didn't think about putting symbols, that could have been a good idea. On the other hand, I wonder if that wouldn't somehow taint the purity of the shapes?...

Thank you a lot for your critique. Fascinating indeed.

Sorry to ask, are you a book writer, by any chance? If you are, I would certainly buy your books. :)
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I'm not a book writer, but I might as well compile a lot of this into a book. I certainly have a lot of Sci-Fi and science ideas that are wroth putting in a book. I love stories.

As far as sumbols tainting the purity of the shapes, they would not if they, say where centered in a Gallifreyan or calligraphic format. Think of the symbols on Transformers that are square shaped yet the corners are rounded and not sharp. The symbol would be a simple black lining, but illustrate some concept on every large, free surface. 

You rightfully envisioned the architecture of a fantasy world.
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Did it constructed by Nebuchadnezzar-X , for his queen and for space irrigation?
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That's a possibility. :-)
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How smart and clean designed waterslides. I wish try at least something similar with these. You know what makes more intense feeling after watching this? it's sun position and the shadow from it.

It's almost real to imagine yourself there swimming and drinking the glass of orange juice. But wait, i saw there are some deck chairs. Well Arthur, if you created this you probably know what the pleasure is. Swimming during the morning sun in the water and having some free time on these deck chairs it's relaxing.
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Thank you. Yes, there are some deck chairs. And a side table with some glasses on top. I frequently add small details that almost no one sees... but I know they're there. :-)
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ultimate pool partyFree Avatar - Radio Drop The Freakin' Bass 
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Nice Work it be awesome if the water was animated.
Some time ago I read some of firsts chapters of Dmitry Glukhovsky FUTU.RE. Pool in this book had describe very similar to your art. Also is pretty amazing ;)
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Really?! I have to read it, thanks for the tip.
And thanks. :-)
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Man try doing a couple of laps in that pool!
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Is this real? Looks so fun
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It's not real... yet. :) Who knows, maybe we will have something like this in the future.
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I imagine this as a billionaire's house in the next world we claim, Elysium style, or just an alien world's standard for luxury pool.  So visually stunning, would be a great screensaver with moving water and sound fx.
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Fantastic artwork
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Any chance this is inspired by the hanging gardens? Whenever I think of the gardens I think of something like this, plus a ton a ferns.

Looks awesome tho. Love the realistic aesthetics with the not-so realistic architecture. 
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Yes, it is. :)
I'm glad you mentioned the combination of realism and non-realism because that is what I try many times to find. I like to call that little corner where real, unreal and surreal meet. :)
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yes the hanging gardens of Babylon are 'well winked' by this piece of art, you are a true artist, and if you aren't doing this professionally you should consider a career in art or architecture or something like that, maybe engineering...

the blurry lines on the edges of the pools lookes less like water/light refelctions and more like mold or something growing on the side of the pools, lol maybe making them more straight :P

I love the transport disk.

all in all outstanding piece of art. 9.5/10 ^_^
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Thank you!
I'm flattered by your career suggestion but I'm afraid my moments of inspiration are not frequent or controllable enough to consider a career.
Those "blurry lines" you mention are indeed perfectly straight lines that are carved on the wall and are slightly below the water level. The blur is caused by the slight turbulence on the water surface. :)
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Judging by the rest of your gallery you're pretty good at it. Not too crazy, elegant structures. Not to mention the gorgeous backgrounds and foliage. Spent some time looking at your stuff and had to limit myself to faving one.
Keep up the great work man. :thumbsup:
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