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October 15, 2013
I have no words to describe how incredible this is! The Exit Alternative by *ArthurBlue
Featured by PolyMune
Suggested by little-billie
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The Exit Alternative


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This is an alternative concept to my previous image, "The Exit":…
Like that one, this is also a sequel to "Awake":…

During the making of "The Exit" I thought of several possible concepts. In the end I had to opt for one (that's always tough) but I thought that this one now also had some potential so I developed it a bit. To be honest, I even think I prefer this one.

In the other images I received several messages and comments about the material I used for these red lines structures. These structures are not made with materials, they're made with actual 3D geometry. The red itself is just a color (sometimes with some slight reflections) applied to a piece of 3D geometry. Inspired by all these questions, I decided to make this more obvious in this image. So now you can see the red lines isolated from the surrounding infrastructure in some areas, so that you can actually see that there's 3D geometry behind.

Rendered in Vue, as always, with very little post-work.

EDIT: A DD, wow! :) Many thanks to little-billie for suggesting it and to PolyMune for featuring it.
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First of all congrats on the well deserved DD! I had to come look at this to see the difference. I really love as well! I would be hard pressed to have to choose between this and the sunset version I just commented on. They both are wonderful work!