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The Craters of Lyra 9

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No one really knows how these double craters were formed. These structures astonished the geologists on the team when they arrived here... and they still do.

The prevailing theory is that meteors hit the center of each of these craters, forming the outer rim of each crater and simultaneously creating a fissure in the thin crust of this planet. This planet is not very geologically active but there's still some lava beneath the crust. This fissure spewed out some of this lava, which later formed the inner crater. The erosion of wind and tides over thousands of years created the rest of these strange formations.
So far this is just a working theory - geologists are still studying the subject.

These nine smaller double craters (of which only seven are shown in the image) are themselves contained within a much larger double crater. This larger double crater provides a fair amount of protection against the tides (particularly strong and complex in this planet, given its three moons). This protection was the reason why the settlers chose this exact spot to establish their first colony in this planet (and, so far, their only one).

On the images below you can see images of our colonies in Lyra 7 and Lyra 8. Further below, images from other colonies around other stars:

The Rooftop Gardens of Lyra 7 by ArthurBlue  The Sub-Oasis of Lyra 8 by ArthurBlue

Other colonies:

The Colony of Virgo by ArthurBlue Shores of Virgo by ArthurBlue The Colony of Sigma Draconis by ArthurBlue Lingering in the Golden Gleam by ArthurBlue


As those of you who follow my work know, I often look in my images for that delicate balance where real, unreal and surreal meet. That "spot" where your eyes tell you for a brief moment "this could be real" but your instincts tell you "no, it's too strange to be real" and your "artistic" eye tells you "this is surreal...".

This image was another attempt to find that spot, mixed with a hard sci-fi theme. Wherever you stand, whether inside or outside of that "spot", I hope you enjoy the image nevertheless. :-)

As always, this image was rendered in Vue, in a pure 3D virtual world, without any photo-manipulation.
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wandering-geckoHobbyist Photographer
I love the background stories that go with your worlds. So fun!
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LanguidarmchairProfessional Traditional Artist
say ouch seven times
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MurtazaRizvi86Professional Digital Artist
you could make your own space opera franchise. its all amazing
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Thank you, it's very kind of you. :-)
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MurtazaRizvi86Professional Digital Artist
welcome. any chance of seeing interiors that showed the landscape from the inside? or something like on a terrace?
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I tried now several camera positions. To be honest, I didn't like much any of them because most parts of the image are not done to withstand close-ups very well. To keep low memory and CPU requirements, I generally don't apply more details than the necessary for the viewpoint I have in mind. And even so, some of my images take up 12 or more GB of RAM when I'm working on them. That's very taxing on the system and starts to not be fun to work with because it gets sluggish with the computer I have. I'd have to work on those details to make it believable. That would require some heavy work, for which I really have no motivation - sorry...
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MurtazaRizvi86Professional Digital Artist
oh ok.
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kuraikitsune13Hobbyist General Artist
As always, I am stunned.
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Leopold002Hobbyist Writer
:) (Smile) 
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tsahelHobbyist Digital Artist
superb !
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chickflick91Hobbyist Digital Artist
cool as damn!
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Fantastic ^^
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Really good work here...
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Thank you. Hope it triggers some of your wonderful stories. :-)
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Your comment is appreciated... it will definitely be included in the next issue, God wiling, once I find the time.

Which always seems to get pushed in the future, with February 2018 the current target.

Real life is hard: I respect your ability to wrestle reality to the ground, and get the time you need for YOUR art!

*Respect* *Jealousy*

Well, back to the demands of work and life, banging on my door: with my dreams having to sit in the corner, waiting, waiting...
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slowdog294Professional Photographer
Nice. :D
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slowdog294Professional Photographer
Many welcomes,. :D:holly:
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IvladislawHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful work.  The crater as a protection against the water is an interesting idea.
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Thank you.
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AliceSacco Digital Artist
a mega caldera with several small craters, let's hope is not super explosive when it erupts.
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