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Shores of Sirius

By ArthurBlue
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Another image for my already big collection of alien shores (in this case, quite terraformed :) ). Below you can find the links to some of the others.

As always, this was rendered in Vue.

The Red Shores of the Second Moon by ArthurBlue Shores of Virgo by ArthurBlue Shores of Cygnus by ArthurBlue Shores of Eridanus by ArthurBlue Shores of Orion by ArthurBlue
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robert952Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Excellent image! The details to the textures of the sand, the way the wet areas and reflections gives realism to the image. Extending the details in the textures into the water and the structures helps give a sense of scale. You add to the depth and scale with the use of the birds, jets, clouds and planets.

While the composition has depth, for me there's a bit of an issue with the balance. The woman doesn't 'counterbalance' the building; her 'weight' and volume seem out of place. While I know it may ruin the concept of the image, if she were closer to the camera her 'mass' would offset the implied size of the 'ringed' structure in the background. I know I am getting into personal tastes and the image's concept. But on one respect, if she were very close to the camera, we could get the feeling of seeing the scene as she sees it and not as a 'spy' (voyeur seems to strong a word).

As usual, your images provide us with fuel for our imaginations to create stories and mood. I appreciate the work you put into images and the way they can evoke these ideas and images.
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Thanks! :)

I hesitated a lot (really a lot) about the proximity that she should have to the camera. In my first version she was standing in the dry part of the sand, much closer to the camera. She was there for many versions. :) I ended up moving her away for three reasons, one technical, one compositional and one personal.


The technical one was that her skin material didn’t withstand the proximity, it broke the realism because it was so obviously CG. With this kind of strong sunlight it’s fairly difficult to have convincing human skin with Vue's rendering engine. It’s much easier in an indoor scene.


The compositional reason was that I would then have two conflicting focal points, the girl and the structure. The structure is a very strong natural focal point (strong visual weight, the vegetation on the right is pointing at it, the two stretches of sand are pointing at it, even the clouds are pointing at it, rule of thirds, etc). If the girl would be so close, she would naturally, strongly, conflict with that. That didn’t seem right to me, my instinct cried not to do it.


I had the option to make the structure smaller, less important. I tried but it didn’t seem “majestic” any more, if you know what I mean. It just seemed… normal.


The personal reason was that I prefer places to people as image subjects. So, the place had to be more important here.

You are right about the counterbalance of the visual weight. That's why I have the clouds on the center and left, the bigger moon on the left and that white building on the left. All together still don't compensate for it but they help. In the end I also wasn't entirely satisfied with the balance but I couldn't find any better solution.

That’s the story of that decision. :)
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robert952Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the detail on your thoughts. Nice to see how you got to the final image. Always tough when technical stuff gets in the way. Still not a good image overall.
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"Not a good image overall"? Oh, thought you had liked it. :) Ok anyway. :)
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robert952Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whooops!  I DID like it.  Chalk it up to editing on the fly.  I probably started typed "Not a bad image overall" then intended to say a "a good image overall" but didn't delete the 'not' when I edited the comment ("good image overall' is more positive sounding than 'not a bad image overall').  Sincere apologies for the confusion.  I really did like the image.
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Epic-SnowmanHobbyist Digital Artist
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Amazing work as usual. The landscape and scenery make the picture look very realistic, the sky including faded planets, vast clouds and birds adds to the atmosphere and scene, and the strange objects in the distance give the fact of an alien planet a clear view. I love the choices of wildlife and ocean beach for the landscape scenery.
The only way I could see this image having more in it is maybe some aquatic life swimming in the nearly enclosed water area but besides that, this is a perfect example of your work.
I look forward to seeing more in the future.
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Some fish swimming would be a good idea, I'll have that in mind for the next one. Thanks! :)
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Epic work. The structure in the background makes me think of the portal from the film Contact, which is awesome by itself as that's one of my favorite films. :)
The rest of the picture is stunning too. Glad that :iconryky: made me aware of your work. :D

Adding to my faves. :)
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Thank you! Now that you mention it, it does ring a bell. :-)
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FrostByte2Hobbyist Photographer
This piece is amazing! Keep up the good work, my friend.
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 To Our surprise The Ocean was not Salty, Fresh Water from Horizon to Horizon. I couldn't Help Myself I took off the Suit as Fast as I could and entered the Water. When I was Finished as I walked out of the Water I looked around where did I leave that Space suit?
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That's a delicious take on this. :-)
Thanks for sharing.
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scribbler-knightHobbyist Digital Artist
I particularly like this but glad I didn't see it before I did my own project.
Thanks but with some measure of envy.
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kaelayHobbyist Digital Artist
Always nice to see what you are up to Artur! I always love these scenes that you make where the radiosity can be almost felt. Kinda like in between waking up and falling back asleep.
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TurtsMcGurtsArtHobbyist Traditional Artist
I feel like I am looking into a far away future, beautiful with advanced technologies. love it.
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Great as always.
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slowdog294Professional Photographer
Nice. :winnner:
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FeatherQuilt88Hobbyist General Artist
Your pictures are always so inspiring. I never get tired of them! :)
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funkyalienloversHobbyist Digital Artist
amazing work
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