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My beach in a Moon crater

By ArthurBlue
This is my third and last image in a short series with these tropical islands. Here are the other two:
The Lost City:

This time, I placed my tropical islands in a moon crater. I imagined this crater to be completely protected by a high-tech dome, with an artificially controlled climate. And, in this beach, there's also a boy with his beach toys. :)

This is my second image that has the concept of a colony inside a protective dome, in an hostile environment. Here's the first one:
Home away from home:

As usual, rendered in Vue. Very little post-work (a slight glow effect in some highlights and some small corrections).
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© 2011 - 2021 ArthurBlue
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He sat upon the beach as he absentmindedly stared across the waters at the opposite shore. Oh how he wished he was free to see the real crater beach. Travel by lunar shuttle to the moon and lay under that domed ceiling...
But deep down inside he knew that would never...
...could never happen. Though he bore no chains, though no shackles restrained him he was in fact a slave.
A slave to the will and whims of the programmers.
A cybernetic assassin.
A tool and nothing more. He tried not to cry. He didn't want Belle to see him cry. 
He hated what they wanted him to do. What they programmed him to do.
She was so nice to him.
So far she was the only one who had ever really cared for him.
He wanted to hug her.
But he couldn't take the chance. The programming was too powerful and he couldn't risk the chance that it might override his will power. That he might actually be made to...
He shook his head. He wouldn't let that happen.
He couldn't let that happen.
if only the professor was here, he mused within himself.
Perhaps he could rid him of that programming as he had done for Belle...?
But the programmers were after him, and they were a persistent lot.
Just how long would he have to wait, he wondered. Just how long could he stall before the programmers took action? Just how long would they wait before they activated the charge in his head?
He turned as with a "whoosh" the large heavy doors to the "green room" opened. Belle, dressed in rose red one piece bathing suit entered the room. She had the seed of a smile on her supple lips.
She walked towards him trembling at the cold touch of the lunar sand beneath her bare feet.
She knelt down beside him with her hands on her knees.
"I wanted to wait," she slowly began as she seemed to bubble over with a joyous excitement. "for the professor...but" she clasped her hands beneath her chin as a warm smile graced her rosie hued cheeks. "But I just can't..." she leaned in closer. "...I have a name for you!"
He very nearly jumped.
"" he repeated, not really believing his own ears. ""
She nodded before she continued.
"I think your name should be...Arthur!"
The moment she said it the name clicked within the recesses of his heart and his mind.
He was Arthur.
It fit perfectly. Like the long lost piece of a puzzle. 
And just like that Arthur was his name as though it had always been his name. 
"And I want you to know something Arthur," she continued. "I know that things haven't been easy for you. I know've had a hard time. But I promise that whenever you need help, whenever you're in trouble I will be there for you. I will help you. Because...because..." she ran her right hand through her short hair as she let out a long sigh. "...because...because..." she stared directly into his eyes. "...because I love you."   
That was it. That was all it took.
The weeks of worry.
The months of fear and torment.
Those long, long days filled with self-loathing all came out in a flood of tears as he instinctively threw his arms around her.
In an instant he backed away shaking his head and rubbing his eyes.
"NO! NO!" he exclaimed as he stared at her wounded and bewildered face. "I CAN'T IT'S TOO DANGEROUS!"
"Arthur?" Belle asked her voice tinged with compassionate concern. "What is it? What's wrong?"
"I can't stay here! It's too dangerous." he sobbed as his voice trembled. He tried to get up but he simply stumbled and fell back onto his knees. "I lied to you!" he pitifully cried out. "I didn't escape! They let me go!"
"They sent me out...(SOBB!)...they sent me you...and..."
A serious look descended onto her face.
"I'M SORRY! I'M SO, SO, SO SORRY!" HE Bleated.
She reached out for him with both arms and he darted away and on to his feet.
"NO, NO! IT'S TOO DANGEROUS!" he frantically screamed as he continued to keep his distance. "THEY PLACED AN EXPLOSIVE IN MY HEAD! I'VE GOT TO GO! I WON'T LET THEM..."
She was fast. much faster than Arthur and expected and in an instant she had her arms around him. He tried to escape but her gentle embrace was far, far too powerful to evade, and so he simply stopped trying.
"There, there..." she whispered as she gently rubbed the top of his head. "It's not your fault my little one." then she placed a finger under his chin and lifted his gaze onto hers. "No matter what they try and do I am sure that we'll get through it. Together."
So under the artificial dome, beneath the faux Earth the pair of wounded hearts embraced awaiting whatever the future had to offer them
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She couldn't help it, and if you asked her she couldn't explain why.
The moment she saw him, the moment she saw the boy lying there within the travel-way she fell in love with him.
Her heart was moved by the sight of him.
She knew that he was another cybernetic,(just how she knew that she wasn't sure,) and she was all too excited to meet him.
She hoped that he would, that he could be like family. That he would be as happy to see her as she was to see him. 
His reaction to her...
...was not what she had hoped for.
He backed away from her.
There was a mix of fear and anger on his angelically youthful face.
She watched him now, as he sat on a hard light recreation of the moon's crater beach. The "green room" seemed to be, without a doubt, his favorite place within her house, and the crater beach his favorite simulation.
She worried about him.
There seemed to be some...secret pain within him.
A hidden burden that he kept always from her.
He had been there with her for a little over three months now, and still she knew so very little about him.
He had hinted that he had escaped from the programmers, an escape that he never went into detail about.
He had nightmares. often. She would hear him crying out in the night and, all too often would find him curled up in a ball at the foot of the bed. She wanted to hold him, her arms ached to embrace him...
...but he would not have it. During all that time he never let her touch him. Nor would he touch her.
Still they got along father well. He loved her cooking and laughed hysterically at her naïve understanding of everyday human matters.
They would end every night watching classic shows on the labs massive theatre sized screen.  
Every now and again he would seem preoccupied.
It was now, more then ever when she longed for the return of the Professor. He, she felt certain, would know exactly what to do.
She clasped her hands nervously together just beneath her chin. 
His last communication was a very brief one and all too dire.
"Under suspicion: have to break all communications. Will contact as soon as I can."
She continued to stare at her young visitor as her worries and fears raced though her mind.
As much as she wanted to join him in the "green room", she knew how much he needed this quiet time.
The facsimile beach and its illusionary waters had a calming effect on him...
He always came out the happier for his visits to the "green room".
She stared at the counterfeit Earth through the non-existent dome.    
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You write beautifully.
Again, this was completely unexpected because this is a fairly old image and, at the time, I had no idea yet about the newer ones with the white/orange world. The way how you linked them into a coherent vision was fascinating.
Actually, under this new light, that made me think... my series "The Books" (link below), with this boy, now could all be connected... They would make more sense if seen under this new light. Fascinating indeed...
Thank you!

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This one really speaks to me. If my book is ever published, I'll point it out to you. I have places like this in it. Only larger.
ArthurBlue's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad. I'm really looking forward to it. I'll surely buy the book too. :-)
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Damn it, we were supposed to have these by now!!
ArthurBlue's avatar
Yes, but instead we have animojis... :-)
Awesome scenery!
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This looks just like the fake beach from Ouran Host club!
I am not a fan of the tropics, but it is an idyllic image, and quite tranquil. I suppose since it is a closed cycle habitat, the humidity and temperature could lessen the conditions of a tropical climate. And not to put to fine a point on it. One effect that would need to be considered is tides. Any free water, whether on a terraformed Moon, or in a climat controlled habitat in a crater on our moon, would be susceptable to tides that would be much greater than on the Earth. Of course this is dependent on size of the body of water and its depth.
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Thank you for your analysis. :) I find it fascinating when people think and rationalize about the environments I make (whether or not they believe it could exist) because it shows that what started out primarily as an aesthetic exercise for me became more than that for the viewers. That feels wonderful. :)
Aesthetics is my primary purpose but not the only one. I read lots of hard sci-fi through the years and I'm an engineer, so practicality also matters a bit to me. Closed cycle habitats are fascinating because of the delicate balance that must be achieved but actually I didn't imagine this as strictly closed. After all, humans will have energy available on the moon and with that you can influence the conditions (i.e., increase/decrease humidity, temperature or other factors) in order to make it comfortable for human living.
You are totally right about the tides, mainly (but not only) because of the influence of Earth's gravity (if the Moon can cause tides on Earth's water, imagine the other way around). But in my mind this is a fairly small lake and the tide effect is negligible. :)
I also thought about waves. How would waves behave on the lower gravity of the Moon? I imagined they'd be much bigger than on Earth. I opted to not depict that on the image for aesthetic reasons (it wouldn't feel as idyllic).
Thanks again!
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it's beautiful!
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Wow, it's beautiful! Love it! :)
Wish I could live in a place like that!
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No atmosphere. No weather. Love it!
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Reminds me of Tranquillity, the lunar lake complex that appeared in an episode New Captain Scarlet. Awesome work!! :D 
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It's beautiful, it makes me think of my greenhouse on my spaceship on  my novel, this is exactly the atmosphere style.
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I'm at a complete loss for words. This piece is so incredibly well done that it actually makes me feel like I'm too dumb to see the true beauty of it.
You can start working for movie directors.
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Very Interesting. I purchased Vue but it seems way too complicated to use.
ArthurBlue's avatar
That's only the first impression. There are excellent free beginner tutorials at that will allow to gain speed very quickly.
In fact, Vue is easy to use, considering all the functionalities it has, compared with the competition. Before using Vue, I tried Bryce and Terragen and, in my opinion, Vue is easier. Of course, not to mention Maya or 3DS Max, which are way more complicated (but are not landscape programs).
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Thanks so much for the encouragement; I got pretty frustrated trying to create just a simple island. But I am so impressed by what can be created with it, and by what I am seeing on this website. That is what I would love to be able to do! Do you know if there are any books out there on Vue 10? I tried using the instruction manual that came with the software, but was more confused than ever. Thanks for the tutorial link; I will definitely check it out!
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