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My Sunflowers

By ArthurBlue
This is a variation on a concept. Some days ago I made this image… and I wanted to try now the same concept with a completely different visual interpretation.

Well, basically this was just an excuse to play again with light and shadow and sunflowers and those red lines... :)

This was rendered in Vue.
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© 2012 - 2021 ArthurBlue
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I must first start off by saying I appreciate your intent of this style. I love the alien format yet the homey style. I can't give you too much digital advice as this will mostly be my imagining of how I think this picture would have been illustrated best, with my style of course.

Even though it is reasonably situated and placed, I hate how the child is placed in this picture as their general presence and what they represent. Even though they could be walking on water, I am very disappointment at how I can't indulge in the fantasy that this was somehow a hidden swimming hole. The most likely placement of the child consigns the water depth to an augmented surface tension rather than a fully functional swimming sanctuary. I guess the child could be walking in a very shallow area.

I will proceed with the rest of the critique on the assumption that the water really is deeper, as that is how I would have done it and this is what the proportionality of this image indicates.

I love how the sunrays shine through at different angles indicating several conceivable entrances, recessed into the omnidimensional maze that is obviously the character of this structure. I like how you were careful to not show a boisterous ray of light shinning to the near right of this picture as it would have been out of place and the general ambience of this structure would have demanded a justification for it's redundance.

In a mocking architectural happenstance, the bulk structure is supplemented, externally, internally and semiternally by red wires. The wires having a dual nature of being complimentary, yet independent in support from the moulded shapes of the squares.

As someone who appreciates sunflowers and has grown them, this central patch of sunflowers adds to the general feel of this being a sanctuary. I don't like how the edges of the island cut off so appropriately to give way to the surrounding water. The stark edges even causes the grass to hang over the edges in almost a vulgar affront to the graduality this place tries to promote.

The fact that the sunflower patch is centered to precisely and sized almost perfectly to the diameter of the central ray of light reinforces the dominant yet spare nature of light or even the more plentiful lack there of.

As an alternating pleasure I appreciate the intense darkness at the very far end of the picture, just beyond the most distant 'cubes' but I don't like the sparse nature of the nearer cubes at the other side of the sunflower patch.

I will give props that if the water in this picture really is intended to be deep in a swim friendly sort of manner then the patch of dirt that sustains the sunflower patch is indicating a sloped honor by dropping off almost as abruptly, yet in it's own right, as gradually as the interior walls themselves.

Even though the ambient nature of the light or rather the accompanying darkness manifests it's self dominantly, it is obvious upon closer inspection that this is just for show. As is characteristic in nature, (smaller animals being more numerous than large ones, smaller planets being more numerous than large ones and planets being more numerous than stars as the smaller structures outnumber the large ones) the smaller entrances seem more appropriates for a swimmer to enter than an erect explorer.

I am vaguely torn between wondering if the overhead beams are partially hidden swimming channels filled with their own water or if the bulk architectural cubes contain each their own, yet externally continuous sanctuary that is dimensional recessed from the outside world.

Even with the solitary yet powerful beams of light that manage to retain their soul through this entire structure, there is no evidence that this structure has any upper limit on it's height. It vaguely registers as finite in it's combinatory extent but given the minds that must have made this it is demonstrable to any viewer that the true size of this place was to be unknown. The reflection on the water's surface is of no help as it serves to even exaggerate the mirrored height of the sunflowers even if it were a reliable measuring platform.

I could be wrong but I wish the boundaries of the cubed modules did not cut off so abruptly at the water's edge. If this is meant as a swimming sanctuary then the cubes should not heed the changing nature of the substance they find themselves winding through. I would not say this place is flooded, artificially or naturally, but it is so much more suited as a reservoir than an optically supplementary aquifer.

You do get severe points of having the light cascade so differentially through all the cracks and crevices of this structure.

There are no indicating symbols that would supplement and even extend the depth of the inner walls. Considering the hierarchical cubed nature of this then roughly cubular symbols with cubes nested or overlapping eachother, that are black rimmed could have been placed on some of the inner surfaces. It would be like the black and red card theme or in checkers or chess. The red wiring could be layered against some black, symbolic writing. The symbols would be the geometrical equivalent of Asian calligraphic writing, yet there would be no string of symbols but a single symbol that is meant to convey a vast statement or a single phrase. There are so many surfaces perfectly matched to any symbolic writing on them.

Imagine say, a group of friends that decide to explore this place by swimming through. They go through the 'halls' of this place reading whatever writing is on the wall. It may even be a predetermined, archeological museum, created only for the purpose of learning, the only artifacts of wich are the writing on the wall and the method of travel inside of which would be swimming for it's own sake.

This is a place worthy if exploration no matter what it's secrete intent.
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The nature mixed with the technology is always looks very cool. Keep up great work.
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It looks like the creepy, forgotten section within your world~! :meow:
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..'and when the giant flower rises in the sky, all the suns in the field bow toward her.' I really lOOve this flower and your great work thank you!
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This made me think of [link].

any tip to get how those redline material is done ?

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The material itself is really, really simple: just plain flat red and light beige, with a hint of gloss. :)
The distribution of the red lines in the beige surface is the tricky thing. This distribution is actual geometry, it doesn't come from the material. This geometry is made in zbrush, using masks to generate some polygroups.
oh myy god, out of the series this is by far the MOST amazing but they are all so so so so so so so so so beautiful. Pleas work with ThatGameCompany to transform your beautiful masterpieces into a playable video game! haha.
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This seems like a surreal dreamland. I really enjoy looking at it.
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this is some cool work, very realistic while still in fantasy world. I like to see series of images of the boy's life in this type of world. Very good work and concept.
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Love when the nature find its way to places where it hadn't been invited :D
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I love this series! They're like glimpses into a whole other world, maybe one of those futuristic-tech ones.
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Awesome work as always! I love it!!
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While they're not green and the flowers are sunflowers, kind of reminds me of Mario.
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wonderful work... send you a request of my group :iconsoulcollectors:
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oh man, seeing these images released sequentially gives me a sense that the woman we saw awakening in the first image is exploring this world....but then i noticed the little figure in blue, which spoiled the effect a little, but shhhhhh im still going to pretend
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This is so beautiful!
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Excellent. I love the concept!
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