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Morning walk under the moons

As always, this was rendered in Vue, with very little post-work.

I made those trees in xfrog. Alien but not too much. :)

I like to make these floating paths. Here are some more images with similar paths:


EDIT: This image has some companions:
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The trees! They are amazing. At first you think pines, or birch (aspen), trees. They leaf out well in autumn. Even so, the canopy of reds of leaves make a much more satisfying effect. All I know is that I want to be there! Very well done and best of luck in your future endeavors. Cheers.

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Thank you for your kind words. I wanted to make the trees simultaneously familiar and strange. I'm glad it worked. :-) Thanks!

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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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Let me start this off by stating that I love this concept. Some things I like a lot about this scene are:
1) The color scheme is gorgeous and really helps to set the overall mood.
2) You have a developed understanding of focal points, and I found myself instantly drawn to the main character of the scene. Your scene is well deigned to pull our eyes to that woman just standing at the edge of this creek. Overall nothing is fighting for my attention too much.
3) you left 2 spots for my eyes to rest (which is great in the art world) one being the bottom right reflection and the other being the moons in the sky.
4) There is not a spot in this piece where it's not just awe-inspiring.

There are a few minor things that I notice when looking at the image:
1) The trees to our left seem to have some artifacting occurring on the trunks. Nothing noticeable from a zoomed out perspective but if you get any type of close it becomes quite apparent.
2) The suspended (I'm assuming) rail going through the trees seems to overlap some of the trunks and just seems to contrast against them too much (mainly on the right side of the image). Also the shadow cast by this doesn't diffuse at all. Typically a shadow becomes exceedingly more diffused the further away from the object your get, especially for the smaller top rail.
3) On the topic of shadows, everything seems to be casting a shadow except for your character. I'm not completely sure if this was done to make her pop or just an oversight or something else, but I thought I would bring it up here.

I love your image overall. It's one of the most impactful pieces I've seen in a long time! It tells a story and just pulls my attention right in. I found my self inspired and unable to look away at all, so great job! I hope you continue to produce amazing pieces like this

Thank You,
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Thanks a lot for your deep and insightful critique. I'm happy with the positive points you mentioned and I'm also happy with the negatives because this gives me a chance to learn how others perceive the work and address other images better next time.

Just a note on each of the negatives, not to defend myself :-) but to explain:

1) It may look an artifact but it's part of the texture. This texture was extracted from a bamboo and in some areas bamboo has some wrinkles. I guess that's what you're seeing. I thought it'd be nice because it brings some variation but I understand that you see it like you do.

2a) The contrast was intentional. I wanted something to break a bit the excessive "verticalization" from so many straight trunks all over the image. I introduced this rail after seeing the render without it. It felt boring, it needed something.

2c) You're totally right on the shadows. Rendering with difuse shadows in Vue is much, much slower and I try to avoid it when I can. My bad. :-)

3) The sun is very low on the horizon and the shadows are very long. So, the only part of the girl that casts shadows on the path are from her legs (in the water shadows are not visible due to its reflective nature). The legs are so thin, compared with the trees, that it seems its shadow is not there. But if you look really closely, you'll see it is. :-)

Thanks again!
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Mind blowing. Idyllic. Otherworldy.
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It's beautiful! :) the character in red adds a lot to this image.
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The red sprouts from those trees look rather interesting
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Thank you. I wanted to make something obviously alien but also somewhat believable. I hope I reached that sweet spot. :-)
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Thought you should know that your artwork was featured on one of MrSuicideSheep's promo songs:…. Get in touch with him here if you'd like it taken down:
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Thank you. Thanks for the heads up but, yes, I know he uses some of my images, he asked me permission a long time ago and he credits me in the notes. :-)

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Hey Arthur, i like this art and here's why.

Firstly, i'm registered here on the Deviant today just for saying this right now.

Secondly, you know you're from sun-flooded country, that's why your work looks perfectly. I'm from Russia so ther'e a lack of the sunny days and thank you again.

Third, i'm making my very own kind of art (as i believe) in one of them i used your art. So thank you for your works second time.

I'm really believe that the only thing which is separates me from you is just lack of ability to transfer my ideas to you so you could use the to create purest art that even possible to make. Like this "morning" walking from my dreams.

And finally, you bring to the life some of my dream things i'm never expect to see on the internet. Especially i'm never expect someone like you (who is so far away from me) have so similar imagination about beauty, epicness and masterpice art.
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Thank you so much for your comment. That was really special.
Yes, it is fascinating to imagine two people that grew up in such different places, so far away, with different cultures and background, etc, having similar "dreams".

It is wonderful that internet can bring people together like this. Just some years ago we would never have met. I'm glad we did.

I hope you can pursue your dreams and have success. You say you only lack ability but that is the easy part - it's just a matter of being persistent and never give up. The important part is to have "dreams", that you cannot learn - you either have it or you don't.
Just 11 years ago, I had "dreams" but I knew almost nothing about how to make an image. I didn't even know where to start... But I persisted. I'm still learning because there are still many images now that come to my mind that I'm not able to transfer to the screen, for lack of ability. Learning is a never-ending process.

So, don't give up. If you need any support, send me a private note here in DeviantArt and I'll do my best to help.
Best wishes!
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Thanks, i'm never imagined you'll answer so quick and using so warm words.
Beautiful work and very original (something I rarely see in sci-fi these days).
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Thank you for the compliment. I'm a big sci-fi fan, I must have read everything from the "masters" (Heinlein, Simak, Asimov, Clarke, Bradbury, Van Vogt, etc).
I hope you enjoyed at least a little bit my other sci-fi images. :-)
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Beautiful work, Arthur.  :-)
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Hey, I'm a student and I've just started my GCSEs I wanna learn digital art. Would you be able to help? Mabey exsplain how you do this, what programs you use. This is mind blowing and I can't get my head round how you do it. If you have discord please get in touch. I forgot my # and can't access it right now. Thank you😃 Great work btw. I seriously can't wrap my head around where you would start with this?
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Thanks. :-)
This isn't something that can be explained from scratch in a few words or even a few paragraphs. All of this below probably means very little to you if you don't know the basics of 3D virtual worlds and 3D rendering. There are entire books written about it.
This image is a rendered 3D virtual world. I use several specialized programs, all combined. I use Vue to bring it all together and as render engine. In this case, I also used Vue to create the paths and then optimized them in Zbrush, brought them back to Vue, where I textured them using as a basis a picture with some random squares and rectangles, with a partially reflective material. The terrains were done in a similar way. I don't remember where I made the trees but it was either in xFrog or in PlantFactory (I use both programs to create plants). The ground ecosystem is a mix of many different plants, leaves, rocks and twigs, too complicated to describe here in detail. I prepared the girl in Poser and dressed her in Zbrush. The water is native Vue. The moons are also Vue.
I'd suggest you take a look at They have lots of video tutorials about 3D programs, including Vue. Start by the most basic ones. In the meantime, you can go to and download a free trial version of Vue.
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This actually halpee a lot, Ima go read some books I guess gotta learn😃 Thanks 
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