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Lucid Dreaming

Rendered in Vue, using the Global Radiosity engine. The light source in this image is out of the room, pointing inside through the window. All the room interior is illuminated by the light bouncing from the various objects, there are no additional light sources.
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Oh man, what an epic-looking image. I really admire your skill and vision.
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Thank you!
It's really interesting that are you commenting on this particular image right now (a fairly old one) because I'm just now working on a kind of sequel of it as I write this. :-)
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I'd love to see that sequel.

I had this idea recently: in the distant future, lucid dreaming becomes a significant field of research and development, and some people who engage in it gradually become very different from the rest of the human race - psychologically, and otherwise. Eventually, many thousand lucid dreamers split off to colonize their own planet and to continue evolving separately.

The theme seems rife with possibilities!
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Wow, that's a great idea. If you ever turn that into a book, I'd sure buy it!
Lol ironically enough I was just at a workshop on attaining this kind of clarity and control in dreamscape! Nice!!! 
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I want to see the other angles.
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Belle image ! Bon travail ! Félicitations !
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Awesome! I still use Bryce and I wish Bryce would do this light effect.
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I love her window :) great backgrounds, really
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Where did the bird go? LOL.

Yes, we can always dream. I know that is just how I look in my dreams..LOL
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I really like the colours of it, but I could not help but notice the statue-like boobs - I know its a dreamy scene, but my first thought was "haha, fake boobs!" anyways. Probably tells more about me than you, but still. : )
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We can always dream. :)
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Your beautiful art has been featured in


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Thank you for submitting your work to us. We hope to have many more of your images in our gallery!
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Haha - great image and beautiful lighting. I distinctly remember floating above my bed like this as a child. :)
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I like the sheet folds
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Arthur, the fabrics look incredibly good and the translucency is stunning, as is the lightning (I like the contrast between the red room and the blue space sky). I'd have preferred a little depth of field to make the character stand out a little bit more.
ArthurBlue's avatar
Yes, I know what you mean about the DOF. I tried but the problem with DOF in general, whenever I think of using it, is that it hides (by blurring) the background. If the background is beautiful, that's a shame to hide and I always end up giving up its use. This was the case here. I liked the sky so much that I felt it would be a shame to hide it (blur it).
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i kinda wish she had long hair tho
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I can't really believe how much I love this piece of art. Fantastic...everything.
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This seems deserving of a Ghostbusters quote about sleeping above the sheets.. :D
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