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October 8, 2014
Lingering in the Golden Gleam by ArthurBlue
Featured by Moonbeam13
Suggested by UJz
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Lingering in the Golden Gleam

My images about the future are normally optimistic. This one has perhaps a mixed feeling, depending on your interpretation.

The titles comes from a poem by Lewis Carrol. It seemed appropriate.

This was, as always, rendered in Vue.

I like to use sand in my images. Here are some where sand takes an important part of the composition:
Oasis by ArthurBlue Alignment by ArthurBlue  Ocean Road by ArthurBlue  The Colony of Virgo by ArthurBlue  The Three of Cassiopeia by ArthurBlue  Old Land of Giant Gods by ArthurBlue

EDIT: wow, a DD! Thanks a lot to UJz for suggesting it and MoonBeam13 for featuring it. This is my 9th DD. :)

EDIT: please visit dandylion0505 and read his poems. If you follow my images, you'll understand why. Amazing...
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Gorgeous! Personally, it gives me an optimistic feeling.

ArthurBlue's avatar

Thanks. Excellent. :-)

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This piece of art offers a deeper sense of expansive land as well as show's a huge portion of depth in the area based on what's being shown. It's very hard I think to think of the best way to interpret this because there is so much here telling a story it's so impossible to think of the best way to tell it.

The stranger at the bottom of the image is maybe coming home after a long journey or maybe he has found sanctuary in this palace that is probably a temple or some religious building in some form or another so the possibilities are rather endless, as in so much science fiction art it's so hard to imagine what's the best way to tell the story visually. Seeing as though the title of this comes from a Lewis Carrol poem maybe the meaning could come from that.

The piece itself is well made, the palace is well modeled and the sandscape is excellent, almost giving off the puddle reflections from the castle and the colors of the sky are lovely to look at alongside the planet in the sky.
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She sat upon a sea of silver, bathed with a golden light, and all under the ever watchful eye of the great moon of Bella Nox.
They were a blessed people, those who dwelt in the city of light. Spires of white marble trimmed with gold sprung up from the fertile soil of the Isle of the silver sea. For five thousand years these people, these serenely tranquil and gracious people and their luminous city knew nothing but the prosperity of a warless land.
Under the ever watchful eye of their glittering sister city on Bella Nox the good people basked in the warmth of their city.
But onto all lands, even one as tranquil as these a serpent may enter.
Envy slithered and slunk into the hearts of those upon Bella Nox.
Envy of their silver sea and their towers of white.
An envy that festered and grew like a monstrous all consuming cancer, an envy that twisted and turned in a dark and terrible hate, a hate that would bud forth that poisonous ruinous weed called war... 
ArthurBlue's avatar
Another fascinating window into your imagination. This one has a different feel from the previous ones. First, it catches the hint from the title and focus on a character that is not visible in the image itself, which gives the story (and the image) a completely new dimension that was before a mere hint. Second, it ends in a somewhat dark note, unlike your previous stories, mirroring what I had in my mind when making the image.
Fantastic... Many thanks for sharing.
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A part of Legend !
AlecRoberts's avatar
Brilliant concept, beautifully delivered.
Scizor24's avatar
Somehow this reminds me of Mont Saint-Michel, if more exotic.
ArthurBlue's avatar
I had to google it. I had seen it before, a long time ago, just didn't know the name. Yes, you are right, it's a somewhat similar concept. Thanks! :-)
theBluYu's avatar
It looks like the water is also sand, at the same time. QuQ
ArthurBlue's avatar
I tried to make a smooth gradient between both materials so that it's not always obvious where one ends and the other starts. :-)
theBluYu's avatar
I say that you did a good job! It's mesmerizing... Q^Q
Your imagination is a fantastic destination!
ArthurBlue's avatar
Thank you, I'm honored. That statement made my day. :-)
AnAscendedSaiyan's avatar
You're just as good at creating sci-fi wonder as Ralph McQuarrie in his Star Wars art
ArthurBlue's avatar
Thanks but you're too kind. :-)
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We are approaching, this is the First of Alien Life
surely we have been Searching for so long Now to Earth We are the Ancients I check in the Mirror I still look as I did the Day I left. Were anyone to believe I am Ancient. Ancient beyond belief Someone said it Best a Thousand times Ten Thousand and Thousands of Thousands. If at Last I am ready to find the Truth it will have Been worth the Search. We Press Forward.
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That         is          amazing.

Thank you so much for sharing.
PleaseImJustaGirl's avatar
 Thank you for your Vision.
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muito bom Sanskit Sanskit Sanskit Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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Really amzing beauty !
Can I use it in my amateurfilm; its a SF story, working on it already 1,5 years.
Thanks if positive, will mention your name. 
ArthurBlue's avatar
What is the theme of your story? Is there any violence, religion or pseudo-sciences (astrology, etc) in it?
Is your film for commercial purposes or just as a hobby?
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