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Lingering in the Crimson Gleam


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This is the third image in a trilogy where I used similar title and similar visual elements.
The first was "Lingering in a Golden Gleam" and the second was "Lingering in a Silver Gleam", both linked below.

I chose the color for this one as a nod to a great work of art I grew up with: "In the Court of the Crimson King", by King Crimson.
I chose the title for the first one from a poem by Lewis Carrol.
From Lewis Carrol to King Crimson seems like a proper trip. :-)

In all images you see this city, sand dunes and plateaus, surrounded by water and planets. Spaceships and a lonely human figure are also visible in the first and the last.

Lingering in the Golden Gleam by ArthurBlue  

As usual, this is a synthetic, virtual 3D world prepared and rendered in e-on's Vue.
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All of them are lovely pictures. You will always be one of my favourite artists!

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Thank you for your very kind words.

I can only offer my personal email. I hope you see this message of mine. But if you do not see this message, then everything is postponed to the future, although it is a pity! I think. that we would be interested in communicating. Well, be as it will be! Konstantin

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I replied by email.

I write again, but in short. I remade 2 of your works for a beautiful album in the classic art rock Lynn Stokes @ Sol Surfers 2009 "Terra Nocturne"

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This link is dead (404 error). If it works for you, maybe it's banned outside of Russia, I'm not sure. I'm in Portugal, the Government and ISPs here don't censor anything here (only illegal piracy sites are blocked).

I wrote an answer and added 2 images, but everything disappeared. I don't understand how this site works? Whether you got it or not. If not, I will write to you again and send the pictures. Maybe it's better to use my mail

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Maybe deviantart thinks you're spamming or something. Actually, the other link you sent me was "dead" (404 error). You can write me a private note instead, deviantart also has it.

By the way, I, like you, also love central symmetry very much.

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Yes, I do. I try several kinds of composition styles in my images but central symmetry is definitely my favorite and the one I naturally gravitate toward.

I do not know if the image was added or not: I tried it twice.

Good evening! I wrote to you that I am fond of designing for rock music albums. Now a lot of new music is released only in digital format. I'm trying to remake these albums for future vinyls. Of course, I'm not an artist, but I really like to design. In January 2019, I saw a completely unknown young band from California on the Bandcamp. Their first album is wonderful! Deep, sad, bright. These musicians are completely unknown, as is now the case with many talents in music. I bought this album from them for $ 5. They sent a scan of the cover. I reworked it into a vinyl format for my future label, Epsilon Lyra Records.But I think that such music deserves a more beautiful design. It is possible that the musicians themselves made the design in Photoshop. Listen to the album. And look at my rework in a simplified JPEG format of 100 pixels per inch.

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Excellent sound indeed. Were you thinking of using some of my images as cover?

Hello there! First, I want to wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Your work is simply wonderful. I have already written to you about this. I have a dream to release vinyl records, if fate is kind to me. I love good rock music, light as your paintings. If everything works out, then I will definitely contact you about the design of vinyl records. All the best! Konstantin

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Thank you! Happy New Year to you too. Interestingly, it was precisely a vinyl cover that sparked in me the first interest of making images, "Stormwatch", by Jethro Tull. I saw this cover in a window store when I was 16 or so and I thought "I want to be able to do something like this one day". I bought the record without even listening to it. In the end, I turned out to be a Jethro Tull fan. :-)

My favorite band is 10cc, and my favorite album is "How dare You!" 1975. I have a collection of vinyls and have all 10cc, even 1995. I have 2 hobbies. I've been collecting vinyl since I was young. and I love the aquarium that I always had, I don't remember when the first one was. I would like to ask you: Do you have a page on the site "In contact"? This is the most popular website for communication in Russia. Here is my page, although I rarely update there lately.

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I used to have lots of vinyl albums, collected over the years, but I sold them all when I went "minimalist" and digital. Same with books.

No, I don't have a page in that site. To be honest, I don't like social media in general. I have a page in Facebook but I visit that site perhaps 3 or 4 times per year. And every time I go there, I hate it.

Social networks today are a means of manipulating the masses. I think it all depends on the person. Free will and personal responsibility allow a person to defeat manipulation. I am also rarely in Contact. But if I can still release a vinyl album in the future, then I'll take advantage of having a social network to let people know about the release.

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I always enjoy your compositions.....but here especially I really like the layers of color that lead you deeper into the piece....the perspective and ships just further that feeling of going into the distance.....well done!

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Thank you, my friend.

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Ethereal. I like how you did the water effects and reflections, the colours are complimentary too.

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Thank you. I love that word being applied here.

As for the colors, they're not exactly complementary. I was going for a tetradic scheme (red/crimson from the rocks, yellow from the sand, purple from the water and sky, green from the foreground). If you put these colors in a color wheel, you'll see they almost form a square (hence, "tetradic" scheme). I'm not a color 'purist', so it's not exactly a tetradic, but it's fairly close.

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amazing ! I find your artworks so inspiring.

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Hello Arthur.

Another work with multi-layered meanings, statements and hints, insights and suggestions for expanding one's own perceptions.

First of all, you have reduced the size of man. Man is not the measure of all things, very good. Due to his becoming smaller, there is also more width in the composition than such. Modesty in the face of a deepening perspective; looking deeper and opening new views for the watcher into a water-like subsoil.

This reminds me of the opening of most episodes of Starwars. The fascinating thing about these scenes, which are very soon blended by the following actions, is always the impression that the viewer gets the feeling of being flushed "from below", from a meaningful plane or dimension into a "minor" world determined only by "action".

This is what is best recorded in your work here for my feelings.

We now want to go deeper into the bottom of the purple world. Investigate, get to the bottom of the hidden things.

And the stones covered with moss and algae, cultures sunk in the sea have always fascinated me.

And the flying boats of the extra-planetary intelligences from your work "Between Clouds &". A thread that connects the past and the future.

This also reminds me of the final scenes in the Spielberg film A.I.

I find it extremely exciting how you spin such threads, make connections to your older works, creating new stories.

Thank you for the inspirations and have a relaxed Christmas season,

the Horst

I hope that the translation of the Bing Translator is reasonably consistent.

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