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Forest Hallway

Another place from my mind, somewhere between reality and surreality...

Rendered in Vue.

EDIT: I made another image, a few months later, with a similar kind of architecture:
The flaming circle of our days by ArthurBlue
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:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
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This is amazing work.

Well yes, it's absolutely bright and sun light the way. We can't be in a good mood without it, obviously so thanks to the author.

Despite the fact this is unreal place, through it feels absolutely real. Soft and warm lighting feels real and the shadows keeps your mind in this place forcing it to relax. I just can't imagin similar works without these important points.

The long riwer with (i hope) warm water is also helps creating the feelings of beutiful place.

But i think i should add a few words about lowered level of the originality. Of course i didn't seen such works before and i'm saying this isn't original one. There's anothe reason for giving so low originality rating. I just can't resign wi the edgeless round and unknown shapes like this. And i can't imagine what's on the sides of this tunnel despite there's a sun shining throught thse stiffering ribs.

But let's note the strong sides of the picture:
- Shadows.
- Lighting and surface reflecting.
- Nature displaying.
- Minimalistic one.
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I'm not sure if i like that kind of modern architecture with a round shapes and artificial concrete bubbles. Understood that for completed opinion i must take a look at this place from a different angle. I can see my favourite remarkable reflections, that's great. But i would like to sat nearly that small river to say what i feel exactly about being there. The problem is i can't be there. For some reason it reminds me of Madagascar cartoon movie, that part where the animals travel across the tropical part of the Africa. I probably know what you can answer me. That absolutely different type of junglees. But thay still too atmospheric to leave them without my visit.

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muito bonito :) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 
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I haven't seen anyone on DeviantArt create such eye-catching Sci-Fi full setting scenes as yours.  The level of detail, light and shadow, architecture, shading, color usage, and design is absolutely amazing.  You render not too far and not too close to the viewer...just at the right spot of depth and perception.

If your work was displayed in books, museums, videogames, posters, murals, cities, TV (like Star Trek), offices, stories, magazines, stores, and theme parks, I think that this world would be a much better place because your images bring peace and hope to the mind that there are future worlds and Exoplanets teeming with life and prosperity out there.

As another comment said, "This is what the future should look like" and not just for this render but for all your other ones.

Keep up the excellent work!  Incredible!
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"your images bring peace and hope to the mind that there are future worlds and Exoplanets teeming with life and prosperity out there. "

It's wonderful that you feel that way, that's exactly what's always in the back of my mind when I'm making new images. I like to imagine the future as a beautiful place.

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This is what the future *should* look like... XD
Artur, I *just* saw this image as the banner for an online music store! If they commissioned this from you, that's awesome!
Always loved this piece... the lighting, reflections, and the especially incredible architecture you designed.

(And in case you didn't actually intend your art to be used, the store is pianoplateauDOTcom).
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Actually, they didn't commission it... they just took it, apparently...
Thanks for the heads up.
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I definitely would sit down and play on that piano in such an amazing place at once <3
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Beautiful and wonderful work, ArthurBlue!
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Fascinating composition - I just love them All! +fav Clap 

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Beautiful image! I wouldn't mind playing with this model in Poser!
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i'm stunned. if it wasn't in a 3D art gallery i surely thought this was a photo. :wow:
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Hi, Nice work. I like the organic curves.
I have pin your art work here. Let me know if it is an inconvenient for you.
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artur you need to start selling large prints of this, this is better than most 'professional' artists. If i saw this in a store I would buy it outstanding 10/10
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Thank you, that's kind of you.
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Amazing rendering and place my friend!;-)
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love the shadows (not only of course, haha)... :D


for a long time i´ve been searching for shadow patterns like that for my photo-mirror-manips... maybe you find the time to look here - if you follow the link in the artist comment you can see what i do with these...… 

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I see what you mean. Very interesting work. Somehow, it reminds me of this, in the higher frequencies:…
The advantage of 3D is that I can produce my own shadow patterns. :)
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thank you for taking the time to look and even more for that link! amazing and perfect experiment... i had a calendar with different sound pictures like in that video... they had made these pictures with diverse sound sources, like violin or gong (which was fantastic) and each time put a matching flower portrait in juxtaposition... :D
i always like things like these...
say, did you ever try to get any interferences in your program? must be very thrilling to see... :D
thanx a lot...
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