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May 2, 2011
Caves of Tau Ceti by ~ArthurBlue. Suggester Statement: Absolutely amazing, the colours and the composition are excellent! WOW! Such a great piece of art!!
Featured by KeremGo
Suggested by reecito
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Caves of Tau Ceti


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Another little adventure into a human colony in a far away planet.
I made the planet fully in 3D, with a custom bitmap for the land/ocean, with different highlights for each, plus two cloud layers and an atmosphere layer (a very thin one but it's there).
Hope you enjoy watching.
Rendered in Vue.

EDIT: after a comment from Malstorm about the low quality of the original palm trees, I replaced them. He was totally right. Thanks!

EDIT: wow! Thanks :iconreecito: for suggesting the DD and :iconkeremgo: for featuring it!

EDIT: the city is Atlantis from Stargate, as many of you have guessed. I changed some bits of it and re-textured it completely. I'm sorry for not having written it down since the beginning. I'm not sure where I downloaded the model from (because there are several versions of it available in several places) but I think it's from, by SGA-3D. It could also have been from Google's 3D warehouse (there are 20 versions or more there).
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Arthur hello! I found your works here and also delighted with what I saw....
ArthurBlue's avatar

Hi Anton!


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Excellent work.

HammerinInkminer's avatar the concept, details and the idea you put in, in a lot of your work -- well done.
kuraikitsune13's avatar
For some reason, I feel like crying....
YOKOKY's avatar
sorrrrrrrry...but i find ...the same on a video-in youtube.... sooooooo...what is going on?IS YOUR ART...Gosh- I am in love with your art mister ARTUR ROSA!
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Thank you!
People frequently ask me for permission to use my images in YouTube videos (and some others don't ask but use it anyway...). Those that ask usually put a link to my gallery in the description.
Anyway, I'm glad you found me here. :-)
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you are a great welcome
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These places look so marvelous. One immediately longs to visit them.
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Alexey-Kljatov's avatar
Wonderful work! Love that copper.
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It makes me feel so good looking at this. You know, it looks like a terraformation of one of the Mar's moons, or of Mars itself. Amazing job, keep going!
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Very nice work, in particular the materials and composition is very good.
tsahel's avatar
Wow ! this is magnificent !
Emilion-3's avatar
Holy S--T man.
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Awesome work... stunningly beautiful!
Hi ... any chance I could use this in a press release? We would certainly credit you. Please contact me: ncassis (at) asu (dot) edu
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Absolutely amazing.  Great job.
steam4power's avatar
What do you charge for work like this?
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I make images only as a hobby. I don't make money out of it. :)
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I thought this was a photo, this looks so real!
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