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It's been a while since I did a character driven image with a more intimate mood. I think my last one was this, almost exactly one year ago:…

There are several possible interpretations to this one. I have my own, of course, but I'd rather not disclose it because I don't want to influence your thoughts. I'd love to read about them, though. :)

As always, rendered in Vue.

EDIT: this image has a prequel:…
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Hi Arthur
I feel this excursion into character led art speaks volumes about your approach to Art. She maybe connected to an umbilical which signifies something different to our normal expectations but her expression shows hope and anticipation after an awakening, how and why we will never know but she is clearly waking to engage in existence of the highest order. To my eyes she has been re energised from the umbilical during a rest period and is waking in peak condition. The sunlight signifies a new day, new beginning, a new adventure in existence…

This image inhabits the world of the orange white interconnectivity, a re charging facility maybe as it always seems to lead to the natural world beyond its boundaries. It is a benevolent environment in my mind set to be a launchpad for adventures and a safe haven in all aspects. It is a place that i would be strive to live in..

I read a comment about the nudity and would like to say that the only articles of clothing to me that are important are the red covering and the umbilical. To be naked is to exist without confines and to accept ones place in the physical world. In a sequence including the exit, first dream, Wake up and dream alternative the coexistence of the humanoid figure with the world around her. She would only need protection at night hence the orange sheet…

Is she an android or just the next perfect incarnation of the human race..?

I personally find all of Arthurs work peaceful and at one with the Universe. He seems to celebrate the concept of anticipation. The figure in Awake is looking towards the sunlight beckoning her to experience its life affirming rays…

It is such a positive way of looking at the Universe beyond our shores and the most rewarding visions i have thus far encountered in my 51 years.

Technically i have no idea whether what he is attempting conforms with what is expected. I just know that it works for me on more levels than i can honestly count. He has ticked all my boxes, including the ones i did not know i had…

Thank you with all my uplifted heart…

Simon Scrivener

Musician/Composer(CinemaFused) and Positive Dreamer