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Hi, I was looking to see if by any chance you have a compy of the Cthaeh illustration that you made, i saw it on some blog, and it was beautifull, though i would like to see it on its full quality.

I am a huge fan of Pat Rothfuss' kingkiller chronicle, and that illustration, was amazing, it made me feel as if I was standing there, it was such a hit, that i went back to the book just to read it again.

Keep up the amazing work, all of your landscapes are truly gorgeous.
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Thank you for your kind words.

I have two images inspired by Wise Man's Fear, both related with Felurian and her world. In the first link below, Patrick Rothfuss himself (under the alias Kvothe) wrote a comment: " This is remarkably close to what I pictured in my head."

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RSchlenkerProfessional Digital Artist
Read an interview you did on e-onsoftware site and really enjoyed it- if anyone else is interested..…
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CAStockHobbyist Photographer
I also read this interview which was so interesting and fascinating. Highly recommended :thumbsup:
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Thank you, my friend. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Amazing work! 

I think that you SHOULD be an artist!  Your work is so amazing that you might be in the wrong field.  These images could work for creating movies, videogames, Star Trek episodes and worlds, hospitals, offices, dental, graphical novels, TV shows, stories, so forth and so on. 

You're a downright visual Sci-Fi storyteller!  I haven't seen such nice Sci-Fi scenes in a very long time.

Your renders bring peace, prosperity, hope, and life for a much better future where worlds are thriving at peace and play.  You should market them for more than just DeviantArt.  These renders could really open the door to other opportunities and "worlds" here on Earth.  You should really try to sell them instead of posting them for free on DeviantArt.  I think that's what you need...a buyer and someone demanding your artwork.

You might be surprised as to where this might all lead...

Cheers to you! :) (Smile) 
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Thank you so much for your extremely kind and deeply motivating words. Maybe I don't have enough confidence in myself, or the stamina, to pursue this kind of endeavor.

Or maybe inspiration and motivation comes and goes without my control and so I fear this wouldn't be a trustworthy source of income.

Or maybe I fear that excessive monetization could precisely contribute to decrease or even eliminate this inspiration, thereby killing my pleasure in this hobby.

Or maybe I still haven't found the right opportunity.

I don't know... In any case, your words surely were food for thought. Thank you again.