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SVTFOE (Adonis Brimstone) by Arthur19951 SVTFOE (Adonis Brimstone) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 3 0 OK K.O.! (OC-Master Torto) by Arthur19951 OK K.O.! (OC-Master Torto) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 6 0 OK K.O.! (OC-Lussuria the Queen of the Underworld) by Arthur19951 OK K.O.! (OC-Lussuria the Queen of the Underworld) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 7 0 OK K.O.! (OC-Onyx) by Arthur19951 OK K.O.! (OC-Onyx) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 6 0 OK K.O.! (OC-Bling) by Arthur19951 OK K.O.! (OC-Bling) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 7 0 OK K.O.! (OC-Quake) by Arthur19951 OK K.O.! (OC-Quake) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 4 0 OK K.O.! (OC-Sight) by Arthur19951 OK K.O.! (OC-Sight) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 3 0 OK K.O.! (OC-Turbo Beat Down) by Arthur19951 OK K.O.! (OC-Turbo Beat Down) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 5 0 OK K.O.! (OC-Beat Down) by Arthur19951 OK K.O.! (OC-Beat Down) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 3 0 Ok K.o.! (oc-tko) by Arthur19951 Ok K.o.! (oc-tko) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 3 0 OK K.O.! (OC-Voider) by Arthur19951 OK K.O.! (OC-Voider) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 3 0 Img255 (1) by Arthur19951 Img255 (1) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 1 0 Img254 (1) by Arthur19951 Img254 (1) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 1 0 012-Disk (2) by Arthur19951 012-Disk (2) :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 0 0 Ok K.o by Arthur19951 Ok K.o :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 8 0 Saitama by Arthur19951 Saitama :iconarthur19951:Arthur19951 6 11


JL vs TT doodles by AllforCartoons JL vs TT doodles :iconallforcartoons:AllforCartoons 101 21 Zoom by AllforCartoons Zoom :iconallforcartoons:AllforCartoons 24 12 Jet (STEVEN UNIVERSE OC) by AllforCartoons Jet (STEVEN UNIVERSE OC) :iconallforcartoons:AllforCartoons 381 172 Jet's weapon by AllforCartoons Jet's weapon :iconallforcartoons:AllforCartoons 155 39 Favorite DC females by AllforCartoons Favorite DC females :iconallforcartoons:AllforCartoons 137 15 Toffee by AllforCartoons Toffee :iconallforcartoons:AllforCartoons 184 12 Jet by AllforCartoons Jet :iconallforcartoons:AllforCartoons 74 20 The Bad Guys by AllforCartoons The Bad Guys :iconallforcartoons:AllforCartoons 206 34 Commission 47 by AllforCartoons Commission 47 :iconallforcartoons:AllforCartoons 43 9 Camp Camp Doods 1 by AllforCartoons Camp Camp Doods 1 :iconallforcartoons:AllforCartoons 130 2 Steven 10 - Steven Universe by animation-king Steven 10 - Steven Universe :iconanimation-king:animation-king 95 14 Steven 10 - Trix The Omnitrix by animation-king Steven 10 - Trix The Omnitrix :iconanimation-king:animation-king 40 9 Steven 10 - Pearl by animation-king Steven 10 - Pearl :iconanimation-king:animation-king 92 11 Steven 10 - Garnet by animation-king Steven 10 - Garnet :iconanimation-king:animation-king 103 17 Steven 10 - Cat's Eye by animation-king Steven 10 - Cat's Eye :iconanimation-king:animation-king 40 19 Steven 10 - Amethyst by animation-king Steven 10 - Amethyst :iconanimation-king:animation-king 80 21


SVTFOE (Adonis Brimstone)
Hello y'all this is an OC I made for the amazing cartoon Star VS. the Forces of Evil, really liked this drawing.

    Adonis Brimstone was just a little Drow boy when the Mewmans arrived, in the land that would one day be called Mewni, being the Prince of the Monsters his family received the visitors with condescension and hospitality, and during many centuries their people prospered together. During his youth, Adonis became a great warrior, an unparalleled wizard, and the best blacksmith in the kingdom, so much that it was given him the honor to forge the Royal Wand, and so he did. A few more years have passed and came the day that the Mewmans decided to ascend to supremacy, casting out all the monsters from that land, including the Drows.
    It took a few more years, but Adonis managed to recreate his life, now with a family of his own, he thought everything would be okay, but he was wrong, the Mewmans arrived at his home and destroyed his life again, depressed and desolated Adonis strayed through the realms, keeping his carrier as a blacksmith and increasing his knowledge of magic, because it was everything he had left.
    More centuries have passed until he heard the story of Queen Eclipsa Butterfly, now reinspired by the Queen's deeds he decided to build, with his barehands, a kingdom for the monsters, Avalon. When the kingdom was completed, he heard another story this time of Princess Star Butterfly, and decided it was time to act. He gathered the monsters that fled from Mewni and showed them their promised land. They crowned him King of All Monsters, he then vowed as king that he would make the responsible for the suffering of his people pay for what they have done.
OK K.O.! (OC-Master Torto)
Hello y'all.

This nice old man (or turtle in this case) is Master Torto, he was Jacob (Beat Down) and Carol's master. Nobody really knows how old he really is, but he is old enough to be recognized by Lussuria (she even called him "Darling"), anyway he's a grand master martial artist, and has knowledge about almost anything, being called by some people "The Wisest of Them All". He can even feel the energy of every living creature on the planet, he felt when his apprentice returned to Earth along with a demon and a goddess. Arriving at the Plaza he is extremely welcomed by his apprentices, he went to offer teaching to the heroes of the plaza so they could fight this new menace, and of course the Bodega Crew were the first ones to accept his offer, warning them that his training would be the hardest thing they would ever do in their lives. He is as kind, serious, wise and severe as any master can be, always expecting his students to give nothing but their very best in everything they do, he also accepted Onyx as his student, in an instant, under the statement that the boy had an immense power within. He now trains these younglings so they can become the great warriors they are destined to be. He doesn't have a pow card because everytime he tried to get one the machines always explode.;) (Wink) Ohm... Ohm... 
OK K.O.! (OC-Lussuria the Queen of the Underworld)
Hello y'all I'm back with another OC.

This "lady" is called Queen Lussuria, she is the Ruler of the Underworld, Mother of Evil and Goddess of Lust and Beauty. She is an Ancient deity that was charged of taking care of the Underworld, but time passed and she got bored of it, after building an unquestionable reputation no demon was able to ignore a direct order from her. So the time came when Voider found his way out of the Underworld, and of course Lussuria found out, she commanded that no demon should try to escape in her abscence, and they obeyed, so she crossed the Hellgate to Earth right after Voider. Perplexed with the beautiful world around her, Lussuria decided to create a new life for herself, and demonstrated to be a very kind and curious woman, but that didn't stopped every hero in the world to fear the idea of such a powerful being walking the Earth without any restraint, they then tried to confront her, but in a few minutes they realized it would be wiser and safer for the world (and themselves) not to annoy the Goddess, her power to bend reality with nothing but her mind proved to be unmatched, this is a lady that you DO NOT wanna mess with. Her power level is a humble -666666666.


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