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CARTHUR by Arthur-Ramsey CARTHUR by Arthur-Ramsey

I redid this because I wasn't happy with the mood and contrast I originally wanted in the image.

The Legend of Carthur Automotives

Carthur automotive has a reputation for making slightly gothic automobiles.  Legends of the century-old manufacturer include their using paranormal beings to aid them in their designs. Legend also says that somehow Carthur exerted some sort of spiritual authority over them making them forced labor. The glitch is that every full moon the entities are allowed to come out of the main headquarters, located in an ocean office, for their feeding. When you buy a Carthur car you are warned not to travel on the lonely stretch of highway that runs parallel to the century-old ocean office built by the founder, Carthur C. Scott. Many car buyers are intrigued by the legends which is why you will almost always find happy car owners on the highway seeking to debunk the legend. The outcome is always the same -- bodies left with not much to identify them except, of course, their car VIN numbers. The clouds around the moon forming a giant C for Carthur a truly magical night.


Stock I made Carthur Sports Car by conservancy  and the lighthouse the ocean waves everything else. 

Base background  Ocean Road by AllStock

Creatures Boogeyman by cerragirl

Dark Moon   Moon beginning to be hidden by clouds by A1Z2E3R

Light beams for lighthouse  00069 by nitchwarmer

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June 29, 2018
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