Shell Louge Comic Tales: A Sponge and Peacock Show

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Published: April 17, 2015
Shell Louge Comic Tales: A Sponge and Peacock Show

Lord Shen was just sleeping it in after an exhasuting day of generaling the Shell Louge Squad, espeically after last week when dealing with a death alicorn god trying to use Heartlesses to bring forth the return of the Alicorn age. Shen was looking forword to a nice, well deserved rest, but then-


Lord Shen screamed as he leap from his bed and comically slammed into the ceiling. Then he fell back into bed as he sees Spongebob standing before him holding a paper tube.

"Lord Shen, Lord Shen", Spongebob said in ever eturnal glee, "I was walking in town minding my own business when I found THIS!" Spongebob said as he opened the paper to reveil a poster for an advertisment for an upcoming talent show.

"A Talent show in new york hosted by Clance Bucky Beaver? I assume you plan to attend to the show." Lord Shen said calmly, dispite the rude awakening. "But why come to me about this?"

"Well," Spongebob said with glee, "Since Squidward is out of town, Sandy is at a convention, and the other lougers got other things to do, I was hoping that you and I can enter the show."

"Uh, Square one," Shen said relucently. "As entertaining it sounds to be entertaining the masses, I.... I have to pass it up. I don't see myself as, an entertainer of sorts. Also, after dealing with that Death Coffin fiasco, I rather not get into something that only serve to-"

"But that's not all. The prize is a rare Radient Gardenian Ruby Necklace. And, I wanted to give one to Kairi as a present."

Lord Shen realises that that such thing sounded impourent to Spongebob. He sighed.

"Very well, Square one. You shanghaied me." Shen said.

Spongebob squeed loudly and hugged Shen!

"THANKS SHENNY BOY! Now, we need to find ourselfs an act!" Spongebob said.

"Ok, fair enough." Shen Said. "What do you have in mind?"

"I came up with Rhino Rodeo." Spongebob said.

"Uh, let's not, Square one, let's not." Shen said nerviously.

"How about Chainsaw juggling?" Spongebob said.

"No." Shen Said.

"Oh, even better! We'll box Kangaroos!" Spongebob said!

"Sorry, I'm not good fighting things without blades." Shen said.

"Well..... I always had my comedy act." Spongebob said.

"Alchourse. BUT, no Peacock jokes." Shen said.

"Oh, trust me Shen. I already learned my lesson on THAT!" Spongebob said playfully.

Spongebob and Shen proceeded to leave.

Later, at a talent show.

A businessy beaver is over-seeing his stage coming togather.

A Kiwi assisent came to him.

"Mr. Clance, I think you'll be glad to hear that everything's gone underway." The Kiwi said.

"Exsellent, Short-Bird." Clance the Beaver said. "Making a talent show is the PERFECT way to trick the most talented to come to me, and I'll make them all sign a legal binding contract that'll force them to make me their agent! I'll profit from their skills and turn them into "sell-outs", I'll make millions, Short-bird, MILLIONS?!"

"I'm uh, well aware of that sir, but uh... Isn't this abit, dishonest to make people hire you as an agent through tricking them and bribing them a lost relic of a fallen world? That world was a victim of dreaded Darkspawn." Short-bird the Kiwi said. "And by the way, the name's Marco Knighting-gail."

"Whatevs. I don't care what you say or think." Clance said. "I want to score me some suckers so I can turn them into cash-cows! I'll be a billionaire in no time baby! Now, uh, Marco was it? Get me some wood to eat!"

"(Sighed), Yes sir...." Marco said as he sadly left.

Meanwhile, Shen and Spongebob finally arrived to the stage area.

"It's everything I dreamed it would be." Spongebob said dreamfully.

"Quite, so, did you remember the rotine we practiced?" Shen said.

"I did. It shall be the most cultured act, EVER!" Spongebob said britishly.

"Uh, yeah, indeed." Shen said.

Meanwhile back.

Olsin Twin pretenders were singing badly.

"STOP, STOP, STOP!? You two are TERRORABLE?! OFF MY STAGE, NOW?!" Clance yelled.

The twins left crying.

"Uh, sir? Did you had to be visious like that?" Marco asked.

"Shut it, short-bird! I'm the talent hunting genius here!" Clance snapped.

"Alchourse. Uh, up next is, oh... Interestingly enough.... Spongebob and Lord Shen of the Shell Louge Squad." Marco said.

"Shell Louge Squad? Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho! Forget those other losers! I want them! Bring them on stage!?" Clance said in excitment!

Lord Shen and Spongebob came on stage.

"Hey, hey, hey, Mr. Clancey sir. How's dam building going for ya?" Spongebob said.

Clance laughed loud!

"... It's gonna be a long preformice." Marco said.

"But seriously, I am doing something, unqite here. While I tell Jokes, Shen here is gonna preform magnifisent feats of blade a-master-a-ree. We hope for you to sit back, and en-a-joy." Spongebob said.

As Spongebob began to say Jokes, Shen boredfully (due to being abit tired) was pulling of magnifisent feats, wowing Clance and Marco.


"Thank you, thank you, you've been a wonderful two-member audience, and uh... GOOD NIGHT!?" Spongebob said!

Clance smiled wickedly as the curten closes.


Marco have Shen and Spongebob the jewel.

"I must ask you two to wait for a few moments, uh.... Mr. Clance wants to personally speak to you." Marco said as he walked off sadly.

"Wonder what it was about." Spongebob said.

Clance arrived holding papers.

"I am glad to have you here, boys. There are uh, a few papers I want you to sign and-"

"THERE HE IS, DADDY!?" A voice said.

A briefly a annoyed Clance looked to see, to his suddenly changed horror, the Twins and their massive father.


The father growled in anger.

"Uh.... (Laughs nerviously), Now now, let's be civil about this and-" Clance said before he was grabbed by the father's HUGE hand and was strangled!

Sounds of fighting and screams are heard!

Shen and Spongebob looked on surprised.

".... Should we, help?" Spongebob asked.

"Oh, don't bother. He staged this whole thing in an unfair attempt to turn talent people into his meal ticket. By all accounts, he deserves this." Marco said.

"I see." Shen said seriously and stern. "Then I'll be sure to alarm the athorites on Clance. He will certainly have alot to answer to." Shen said sternly.

Shen and Spongebob left as Marco simply stay around now carring a first aide.

Next day.

Kairi was given a ruby necklace by Spongebob.

"Thanks Spongebob. I love it." Kairi said lovingly.

"Thanks Kairi. It means alot that you say that. Let's show it to everyone when they come back." Spongebob said blushfully.

"And here's hoping Clance has offictally learned his lesson." Shen said.

Meanwhile, Clance was in a jail cell next to a huge Bulldog prisoner.

"Hey, pretty boy.... Ya wanna go inside MY doghouse?" The Bulldog prisoner said.

"..... Oh, sweet Canada." Clance said in fear.

A view of the prison is seen.

A loud scream was heard.

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