Shell Louge Comic Tales 9: Sham-Rocked

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Published: March 17, 2017
Shell Louge Comic Tales Issue 9.


"Good even Zootopia and hello! This is Finicher Finster from ZNN coming to you live on the St Bernard Parade!" A news bird said. "And what a momentious occation it is, as Gazelle has came back just in time to be part of the parade as she wore her festive green outfit. She is seen on the flout of Saint Bernard himself, a philostofical dog saint that brought peace between dogs and cats in the early years of yorkie. And let me tell ya, everyone is excited as I am. I am already with manager of Gazelle herself, Hecktor Heckler, and he likes what he sees."

A sofisicated hyena wearing green for the holiday was seen.

"Thank you for giving me this chance, Fincher. And let me assure you, Gazelle and I enjoy this celebration to an unfaulting Tee." Hecktor said. "Gazelle's enfluence brings unbridled joy to many people. It may be a holiday assusiated with, (Nervious Laughing), being abit slupped up by alcahol, but I assure you, Gazelle offers a more cleaner alternative, as she had began to endorse the creation of Sympathic Alcahol so the issue of being, tipsy, should never again be an issue in Zootopia."

"Your welcome and I look forword to interview you on everything related to Gazelle. You will get more, at 11." Fincher said.

Suddenly, it was reveiled that everything was watched from a pot of gold.

A silluted figure stood over it.

"Gazelle, eh boyo? Well, something tells me I finally found me a wife." The figure said as he reveiled a toothy, golden tooth grin.

At the Parade, Icky, Iago, and Fidget were seen.

"So St. Bernard's day is like a Zootopian St Patrick's day, right?" Icky said.

"Obiously as far as I can understand. Only it's about how this St Bernard dog litterally named, Saint Bernard, brought peace between cats and dogs." Iago replied.

"Ohhhh, so it's more then just an excuse holiday to get drunk." Fidget said.

"Though that CLEARLY isn't stopping them." Icky said as he pointed to some Zootopians getting drunk off their butts.

"Ya know, it's kinda weird Duke Weaselton didn't came along to watch Gazelle." Iago said.

"I heard the guy got caught with watching a really hyperative niece. Guy's a family man, after all." Icky said. "Besides, the parade isn't anything he never seen before. Hey, it's no different then the St. Patty's day parade to be frank. But it's nice to enjoy while we're on the off-times of Season 3 A to B. That's good, because not only is Season 3 rediciuliously long combined thanks to the many episodes that keep getting added one way or another for a number of reasons, but it's nice it adopted the MLP show stragity of taking hiatus breaks inbetween speical events.That way, we can relax abit more often. And on top of that, we got our first movie in the works. Flash adventure or not, it's a garrentied bet it's gonna be a great thing."

"You know it, Ick! I wish I get to be in that movie too!" Fidget said!

"Well remember that it's kinda something that me and Iago thing to do this by a duo. Kinda has been a thing since that Pastoon episode. Ya see, it's because Iags and I have a stronger bond as we're both bird character childhood icons of Scroopfan ashe grew up with our respective movies. He grew up with your movie too, but, you were mostly a basic disney henchie to him." Icky replied.

"Oh." Fidget said.

"Look! There's Gazelle" Iago shouted!

Gazelle's flout was seen riding down, as She and her tiger brothers are in a festive green, Gazelle in a lovely green dress that glitters like green stars, to the amazement of everyone, even the trio.

"That's a major celebery whammy if I ever seen one!" Icky commented.

Laughter was heard as everyone turned their attention to the clouds, as they turned dark.

"Hold up, I thought they said consistent sunny days!" Iago complained! "What is going on here?!"

The clouds open up to reveil a rainbow sliding down and intersecting Gazelle's flout, surprising everyone!

".... Oh no. That's a rainbow beam of planet Lepercornus! The Leperchan Planet!" Icky said in concern!

Coming out of the beam, was a small leperchan with a golden tooth. He teleported right on top of the flout to Gazelle's surprise!

"..... Top of the morning to ye! I, be Buckson O'Lucky. Or by my abridged name, Bucky O'Lucky! And how Irish Eyes are smiling today! You Miss Gaz-zeel, are the most beautiful thing these green eyes have ever seen!" Bucky said admiringly!

Icky, Iago, and Fidget looked in concern!

"Oh, uh...." Gazelle said confused. "Your, welcome?"

Icky, Iago, and Fidget quickly intervined!

"BACK UP, BUCKY!" Icky shouted!

"Well son of a gun," Bucky said amusingly. "Tis it ain't the Shell Louge Members, Icky, Iago, and, that peg-legged bat dude from The Great Mouse Detective. What a lucky cowinidence you guys are here. Meeting Miss Gazelle was exciting enough, and now I get to meet you losers, my faverite punching bags for my powerful magic."

"And that's why your our most unfaverite rouge Leberchan from Lepercornus ever! Your the most trouble making trickster of the planet, even to the point that it ain't acceptable in Leperchan standerds! You and your magic butt are due to a nice stay in Prison 42!" Icky said sternly!

Gazelle tried to leave, but Bucky traps her with green magic that entangles her.

"HEY?! LET ME GO?!" Gazelle demanded!

"Oh, I will..... After ye becomes me wife!" Bucky said!

Icky, Iago, and Fidget fliched in disgust!

"Dude! You know she's an anthromorthic gazelle right! And your clearly a HUMAN-EQSED being! Sentient or not, that's STILL beastiality! How alone were you to even consider that?!" Icky shouted!

"Hey'o lads! A woman's a woman, reguardless of her race or spieces! Besides, I know about her Uniter powers! Think of the powerful leperchan/uniter child we can breed togather?! I'll create the perfect bloodline!" Bucky speeched on about!

"EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! You just made it more disgusting, short-stuff! Get ready to get pinched, shorty!" Iago said in revialment!

The trio pounce, but Bucky teleported away as the trio crashed comedically!

Bucky reappeared on Gazelle's shoulders.

Bucky used his luck magic to hypnotised Gazelle into being a hypnotised slave.

The Magic energy ceased, to free an enslaved Gazelle.

Bucky laughed.

"My future queen. Give them birdies and the crippled bat a good ol' fastion irish beat down!" Bucky commanded.

"Yes, master." The Hypnotised Gazelle said.

Gazelle pulled out the uniter blade and charged after the screaming and retreating trio!

Icky, Iago, and Fidget dodged the persuing Gazelle's powerful atheltic attacks every time!

"HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!" Bucky cheered! "VICTORY IS GREEN AND MINE! Tis be my lucky day!"

"Well your LUCK IS ABOUT TO RUN OUT?!" A voice shouted!

Bucky gasped and looked to see that the Louger Van was seen, as the Louger Magic users fired a freedom spell that frees Gazelle from the control of Bucky!

".... Well, that's abit unlucky! No problem. I'll just have to abosrb MORE luck! Simple as that." Bucky calmly said, as he rose in the air and began to abosrb the luck from people, in the form of more green magic, as the Zootopians become incrisingly unlucky! Even Judy and Nick are vulerable to this!

Gazelle got an determined face and aimed her keyblade at Bucky!

"Sorry, Buck. I'm not interested in a relationship as of yet." Gazelle witfully said, as she fired the Uniter Blade and disabled Bucky's magic as he screamed as luck was restored!

Bucky fumbled about and fell, as he was captured by Icky and Iago, with Fidget grabbing him to stuff him into an anti-magic jar!

"See how you like THAT?! (Rasberries Bucky!)" Fidget said and rasberried, enjoying his victory a neglecter of his name.

".... Well, poopie. Me luck DID ran out! AND ON ST PATTY'S DAY?!" Bucky shouted?! "AND OVER A GIRL?! Oh, what rotten luck."

The Zootopians cheered for the victory as the jar was given to Judy and Nick to deliver to the station for pick-up by the transport for Prison 42.

"Now let's get back to the fesita!" Gazelle shouted as the parade resume without a hitch!

The Camera pans away from the celebration.


Bucky was seen in a cell on Prison 42....

"..... Well, at least me gold is kept safe for until I came get back out."

"Hello." A scary voice said.

Bucky looked to see Kung Pow and some prisoner thugs with him....

"..... Fresh meat." Kung Pow said malitiously. "I had heard you referenced, "Gold".... Me and some friends want in on that. And we'll make you in the likely chance you refuse! In fact, we'll do it anyway to show we mean business!"

"..... Oh, son of a gun."

The Entire Prison 42 station was seen as punches and pounds are heard as Bucky was heard screaming!

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