SLCT issue 2: hunter and hunted antics

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Published: June 4, 2015
Shell Louge Tales Issue 2: Hunter and Hunted Antics.

In the far reaches of space, the Van was seen flying across it.

Inside the Van, Squidward looked as bored and unintentive as ever.

"Spongebob, have we done investigating the entire video game universe yet? This patroling is cutting into my clarenet time." Squidward said, impathently.

"Don't worry Squidward", Spongebob said, "Just one more look around near the Rayman world and we should be done."

"Ugh, why did Shen asked us to patrol the area when there was perfectly able Kung Fu Masters and millaterry aquatic birds to do it for us?!" Squidward questioned.

"Well, because Shen said that as leaders, we need to set exsamples for our peers and do just as much our fair share of looking out for trouble. That and, it was our turn this week." Spongebob cheerfully answered.

The Van flies on, but then, Team Nefarious fighter ships came from nowhere and started to attack the van.

"AGGGH?! NEFARIOUS' FIGHTERS!?" Squidward screamed!

"Don't worry, Squidward. I learned to fly like Sandy!" Spongebob said!

Spongebob shouted as he pulled the van into a upword flip and shot down the Nefarious fighters!


"OH MY GOSH, IT'S THE TEAM NEFARIOUS MAIN SHIP?!" Spongebob shouted, interupting Squidward.

The Main Team Nefarious ship arrived.

Dr. Nefarious came on the screen laughing.

"Hello, Spongebob and man-squid! I am giving you a rare oppertunity to surrender! You two clowns are my ticket to force Kairi to finally love me!" Dr. Nefarious said.

"Sorry good Doctor, but neither we or Kairi would give in to your demands." Spongebob proudly said.

Squidward donned a nervious face!

"Have it your way, Spongebath! GET READY TO BE RUN DOWN?!" Dr. Nefarious shouted!

More Fighter ships rammed the ship straight into the Rayman world!

Inside the Main Nefarious ship.

"Good.... Now, it's time to finally use my speicalist I have long saved for this SUCH occation." Dr. Nefarious said, chackling evily.

In the planet, the Van was seen crashed.


"Shen has always said we shouldn't make deals with Villains." Spongebob justifived.


"Oh, don't worry, Squidward. At least we're safe from danger." Spongebob said confindently.

Meanwhile, at a mansion in the middle of a swamp.

"Now, my talented hunter friend. It's time to make good on your talents and bring me back the heads of Spongebob and his squidman friend. And in return.... Your wife will return safely."

"You would be unlucky and unwise to go back on the deal, Nefarious." The figure behind the chear said.

"You have my word, friend. No, funny business." Dr. Nefarious said.

"Very well.... Time to give your little "friends" a warm welcome." the Figure said as he puts on a red, spiked hat and donned a strange gun.

Back to our heroes.

Spongebob and Squidward were traveling across the area.

"I blame you for everything." Squidward said.

"Now now, Squidward, maybe this will be good for us." Spongebob said.

"Good for us my right buttocks." Squidward grumbled. "There probuly isn't even life here."

A spear narrowly missed Squidward.

"Whoa! That was an awesome looking spear!?" Spongebob said innosently.

"PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, SPONGEBOB AND THE MAN-SQUID!? For you are in the presence, of the one and only," A tall lizard-like hunter in sofisicated hunter attire appeared. "COUNT RAZOFF?!" the stranger said.

"Oh, salutations, Count Razoff. You see, me and my friend Squidward are alittle lost here and-" Spongebob said before everything changed to them locked in cages.

".... We're lost?" Spongebob said.

"If he doesn't kill you first, I will." Squidward said.

Count Razoff came in with Dr. Nefarious.

"Here's your sponge and man-squid, Nefarious. Now your part of the deal. Free back my dear Begoniax." Razoff said.

"About that, uh...." Dr. Nefarious said, before a bunch of Nefarious Troopers charge in and pounce on Razoff. "I'm thinking of keeping that ugly old witch as an interdimentional slave for private storage. I felt that you could make for a periment member of Team Nefarious." Dr. Nefarious said.

"WHAT?! But, that is not what was agreed on?! WE HAD A DEAL?! You have made an unwise mistake, you walking trashcan?!" Count Razoff said!

"Just be glad I didn't desided to end your life right here and now! Nefarious Troopers, have these three ready for transport. I'm off to check on my future oil rig grounds." Dr. Nefarious said as he walked away.

Later, all three were in cages.

".... I never should've helped Nefarious." Razoff said.

"Ya know, we have a common foe now, Razoff. If we worked togather, we can stop Nefarious and his appearent, oilrig plans." Spongebob said. "What do ya say?"

"..... Can you, turn into a key?" Count Razoff said.

Spongebob turns into a key and opens up the cages of Squidward and Razoff.

"I want to make it up for ever helping that ruffian, and I know just HOW to get even with him." Razoff said.

Meanwhile, Nefarious troopers were building the first rig.

"Exsellent. Soon, I will corner the illegal markets with oil straight from this world. I'll be rolling in doughe." Dr. Nefarious said.

"WE CAME IN LIKE A WRECKING BALL!?" Three voices said.

Suddenly, Nefarious was surprised by a wrecking ball coming from nowehere crashing into him and into the rig, sending Nefarious troopers flying and destroying the rig!

Dr. Nefarious was sent flying and screaming as with the Nefarious Troopers!

Count Razoff, Spongebob and Squidward were seen on the wrecking ball, and cheer in their victory.

"Thank you friends..... I..... I just wish I was able to get back my Beginaix though." Count Razoff said depressive;y. "Now..... I am without a family."

"..... Count Razoff, how would you like to be part of the Shell Louge Squad family? We'll help you find a way to get Beginaix out of the interdimentional prison and put you and her under Louger portection." Spongebob said.

"I can't beleive I'm saying this, but.... I have to agree with Spongebob. What do ya say, Razoff?" Squidward said.

"...... It's a deal, Spongebob and Mansquid."

"It's Squidward, but great." Squidward said.

"Now, for something I should've done to begin with. Call the other lougers and Triple A to get us home." Spongebob said.

Spongebob, Squidward and Razoff laughed.

Meanwhile, Rayman and Globox were watching in the distence.

"Ya know Globox? Something tells me that Razoff is gonna persue something other then a latest kill." Rayman said.

"Well said Rayman." Globox said.

"LET ME OUT OF HERE?! I HATE BEING INSIDE YOUR GUT?!" A voice in Globox's gut said.

"Sorry Andre," Rayman said, "It's the only way we can keep you and your hoodlum friends from causing trouble again. It's bad enough those stupid Rabbids are loose throughout the universes, I want to make sure the Hoodlums stay here."


"(Sigh). Fine! Razoff keeps a huge collection of Plum juice in his mansion. We'll ask him for some." Rayman said.

The duo walked off.

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