SLCT Issue 5: Snake Love.

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Published: February 14, 2016
Shell Louge Comic Tales issue 5: Snake Love.

"Ahh, it's a wonderful Valentimes day, in Bikini-"

Record Scratch.

"Oh, sorry, wrong cartoon. My bad. Ahh.... It's a wonderful Valentimes day, in the Dragon Realms. And love, is in the air.... Ahh, you can just smell it-"

Violent coughing!


"Hey!?" Said a Skunk in a black spandex suit with a broken heart symbol on him. "You dare call the Love-Stunker dirty?!"

".... Par-don? Wait, that was you? My apologies, Measur, "Love Stunker", it's just, I was expecting love to smell fresher then that."

"Well, I'm putting a STOP to that!? For I, Love-Stunker, have come to ruin Valentimes Day as punishment for people dare being happy and not acknowledging the pain I went through with my dear Soapie!? PEOPLE WILL KNOW, THAT LOVE, STINKS?!" Love Stunker proclaimed!?

"Now now, my dear gentleman, let's be reasonabl-"

Love-Stunker aimed his tail at the Narrator!

"And I will let, NO BODY, stand in my way! Espeically not a disinbodied french voice?!" Love Stunker threatened.

"Wait wait wait, WAIT?!"

Love-Stunker spreayed at the camera as the Narrator screamed as the scene fated into the dragon realms with Love-Stunker's laughter echoing.

Viper and Sir Hiss were seen leaving.

"It was so nice of the others to allow us a chance to spend Valentimes Day with each-other while they're away on a mission." Viper said happly.

"Indeed. Besides, it wasn't anything too serious anyway. Just another of Scrooge McDuck's 99% problems again. I swear, I understand the need to make the rich contribute to their taxes, but Scrooge has proven himself to be honorable with his wealth, so is he not entitled to be trusted with it?" Sir Hiss said.

"It's merely a typical high-life vs. commoner issue, Hiss. It has existed since almost the dawn of civilisation." Viper insisted. "People don't tend to like certain others having more power and a richer life from litterally doing little to nothing to earn it while others have to work for their ideal life."

"Well, no wonder the ecomamey is considered a hot-topic issue in recent days." Sir Hiss joked.

Viper giggled.

"And yet people say your not one of the funnier ones?" Viper said playfully.

"Well, the others argueabilily have better humor then me, so, I wouldn't call it, entirely incorrect." Sir Hiss stated.

"And now that we taken care of both Starfem Glimala AND Baku and the remaining Flame Clan, we now have some time to ourselves." Viper suggested.

"And I know the perfect place, my darling." Sir Hiss explained. "The Tri-Corn public park is holding a new Valentimes Day carnival. And Couples get in for free."

"Oh Hiss, that's very sweet of you to take me there." Viper said.

"Oh, thank you Viper. Well, we mustn't dilly-dally now." Sir Hiss said.

The two love-snakes carried on.

The Park.

A Valentimes Day themed theme park was seen as Sir Hiss and Viper arrived.

Guests are seen partaking in alot of romantic frolicing and fun.

"It's even lovely then I expected." Viper said.

"And the smell of Cottan Candy as well." Sir Hiss commented.

"(Giggles), That's what I expect Po to say." Viper playfully commented.

"Well yes, but I pointed it out because it hits you like the wind breeze." Sir Hiss said.

"Actselly, yes." Viper said, noticing it herself. "It does smell wonderfully."

"Would you like some?" Sir Hiss asked.

"I would love some." Viper said.

The two slithered torwords the cottan candy stand and got some cottan candy.

A familier little stinker was hiding in the shadows.

Sir Hiss and Viper were seen having a wonderful time in the Theme Park, from riding on the rides, playing some questionably fair games, to interacting with other couples.

Sir Hiss and Viper finally rested in an area called "Lover's Love", where the name is justifived by couples expressing their love through a kiss.

Sir Hiss and Viper were about to express their love through the same method when-

"P.U.?!" A voice shouted?!

Couples began to complain and panic about the sudden bad smell!

Evil Laughter was heard as Love-Stunker came in!

"BEHOLD!? I, LOVE-STUNKER, HAVE COME TO STINK ON YOUR LOVE, LIKE A STINKER?!" Love-Stunker said as he aimed his tail at the crowd, forcing all but Sir Hiss and Viper to retreat!

"Well...." Sir Hiss said. "Talk about someone with one foul-smelling attattude."

"Oh no. It's Love-Stunker." Viper stated!

"That's RIGHT, Lougers?! I'm back from Super-Villain jail?! And with the Amazing 9 too busy dealing with some crazy sun-hating bat with an insane plan to blow up the sun, I am free to do what I please with ruining love for everyone?! Then they will respect my tragity of losing Soapie to that terrorable car accsident?! SOON THEY'LL ALL BE SAD ON VALENTIMES DAY!? ALL OF THEM?! (LAUGHS?!)" Love-Stunker laughed maniacly?!

Viper gained a determined face as she brought out a ribbon.

"Your not gonna ruin anyone's Valentimes Day." Viper said, standing up to Love-Stunker's madness.

"Oh is THAT a fact, snakey? (Aims his tail at Viper) WELL PREPARE FOR SEEMINGLY ENDLESS TOMATO JUICE BATHS FOR THAT ACT OF DEFIENCE, BABE!?" Love-Stunker threaten!

Sir Hiss, in slow motion, pushed Viper out of the way of the stink-blast from Love-Stunker as he took the full force of the stink!

"(LAUGHS INSANELY?!) Not what I was aiming for, but all in all, a good shot?! Now for the-" Love-Stunker said before he was interupted by Viper ambushing him from beind and tied him up with a perfect knot.

".... It's time you take the time to revalueate your life choices, Love Stunker." Viper said with a victorious tone.

Sir Hiss laid defeated and smelly.


Sir Hiss was in a bathtub full of Tomato Juice.

"For all it was worth Hiss," Viper said soothingly, "I must thank you for saving me like that."

"Anything for you, Viper..." Sir Hiss said. "Even if it means I have to stew in juice from Tomatos for a little while."

Shen, Icky, and Spongebob came with with gasmasks on and some cleaning supplies.

"Ok Hiss, we're gonna have to bring out some industrial stregth soap for you, cause MAN is Love-Stunker's smell is HARD to cope with?!" Spongebob said.

"Not to mention that your starting to reek up the place!" Shen said. "That smell is a threat to our ability to have people around us without them having to held their noses up!? And that CERTAINLY will not do for our future ambassitoring trip to Zootopia one day."

"That, and it's also because we WANT TO BE ABLE TO BREATH IN HERE AGAIN!?" Icky shouted!

"All right wolves, bring it in?!" Lord Shen shouted, instructing wolves to bring in giant bars of soap ready to be use.

Sir Hiss gulped.

"Oh dear.... What a way to spend Valentimes Day." Sir Hiss said as a Looney Tunes-sytile closes out focus on him as the trombone "wah wah wah wah" plays.

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Wow, an actual stort story since "A Prehistoric Surprise for Junjie".

Though to be fair, it was meant to be a shorter story to begin with.

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart HAPPY VALENTIMES DAYHeart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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