SLCT Issue 4: A Prehistoric Surprise for Junjie P2

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Published: January 5, 2016
Shell Louge Comics issue 4: A Prehistoric Surprise for Junjie.

Previously, on Part 1.

Junjie and his cronies, Plus Plankton and the Fantasia T-Rex have invaded the Pixar World of Dinosaurs, a place of beautiful photo-realistic scenery but almost cringe-worthy sciencetific inacctreates that alot of Dino Nerds complained about. Honestly, even Dinosaurs suffer from the expectations of polotical correctness. With Arlo and his family, the Rexes and that oddball shaman Woodbush kidnapped by the villains, Shen for some confusing reason desides to have Trixie, a show-boating magical miniture unicorn, and Icky, that, one Land before time villain a certain someone has too much fascination for. Natrolly, the even more inactreate F-Rex (I mean, seriously, it has LONG ARMS!?) and the Galaxhar clones lead to them being seperated! Trixie ended up with a new zealotical fanboy after healing his wing plus his possie, who she at first wasn't into it until they litterally saved her life from one of those freaky limbed snakes. (Nobody tell Fu-Xi, he's gonna have a fit.) Now Trixie has become devoted to teach the weirdly designed dactyls a thing or two about friendship. While everyone's faverit loudmouth idiot ironicly atthives that already with the rustler redneck steriotype raptors through carbonated iconic and copyrighted breverages. Little did our heroes know that those guys are litteraly part of a propicy to save the Pixar Dino world from Junjie and his cronies, and that litterally, things are gonna go prehistoric!... I'm sorry, we were originally gonna have a very cool look-back into the last part, but it ate up space like those gross pig people from the electrisity commericals. Reguardless, we hope you enjoy this.

Leage Base.

A chained Arlo, his family, The Rexes and Woodbush are seen.

Junjie and some Galaxhar clones entered.

"Good morrow, my dear, sorry reptilian friends." Junjie said. "You all have been wonderiously graced by what would soon be your god king."

"Your neither an almighty or a king." Butch said. "Your asentually a rustler, but for worlds."

"Your crazy if you think we're gonna take YOU seriously?!" Buck said.

"Oh, SUURRRRRE your disobedient now, but when Plankton is finished with my mind control helments, soon, OH SO SOON, I will be your master!? Goodnight." Junjie said.

Junjie and the Galaxhar clones leave.

"...... Woodbush, please tell me the ones from the propicy happen soon before he takes away our freewill." Arlo begged.

"I have to be honest...." Woodbush said.... "The Propicy is fuzzy in terms to details."

"Aw, shucks...." Nash said grouchfully. "That means he doesn't know."

"Well if they want to take away my freewill," Butch said, "They're gonna have to fight me down into it."

"Same here." Arlo said.

Meanwhile, in the meadow.

Trixie was with the Dactyls and was preparing a shcool for them.

Trixie smiled at her completetion.

"Ok, let Trixie's school of friendship began." Trixie said.

Trixie levitated a random little lizard over.

"Thunderclap, take this Lizard." Trixie said.

"YES?!" Thunderclap shouted as he snapped into the lizard and shallowed it whole!

"NO NO NO!? Your suppose to devide it and share with your friends." Trixie said.

"Uh, Great one, they're more fellow followers then friends. I'm otherwise a standalone guy." Thunderclap said.

Downpour sighed depressively as Coldfront, Frostbite, and Windgust rolled their eyes at Thunderclaps' ignorence.

Trixie sighed....

"They have said Rome wasn't build in a day." Trixie assured herself.



Icky was ya-hooing as he was riding on Pervis as the raptors ran across the desert!


"That probully because they never asked one!" Bubbha said!

The Raptors raced across the area until they reached a certain area where they started to lurch down and sneak.

Icky gave a "I know where this is going" stare and snuck down to, expecting to have to deal with what the raptors aim to do.

They rose up to a cattle farm owned by a Quetzalcoatlus and his two friends, a dilophosaurus female, almost JP-ised, and a therizinosaurus female.

"It be the farm of crazy ol' Quan-Chow and his friends. Spitza and Long-Nails." Bubbha said. "Not exactly an easy bunch to get over, but still easier then Butch and his kids."

"Let's get them!?" Earl said, but before the Raptors make their move, Icky intervined!

"Ok, whoa!" Icky said. "Look, I know you guys are wild, but, cut those guys some slack. That is CLEARLY their hard-earned cows."

"Look, we understand that," Bubbha said, "But we need to appease to Samual, or else-"

"That's the thing!" Icky Said! "He never once attempted to go after you guys for never bringing in cows. So chances are, he either no longer cares about you 4, or has ended up moving some far away from this place that he just forgot about you guys. Ol' Sammy probuly even thinks your dead. You STILL wanna still cows for him?"

"Well, I....." Bubbha said......

"..... I done think he has a point there, Bubbha." Earl said.

"Bubbha, he's right. This is pointless at this point." Lurleane said.

"I think he made a good point too." Pervis said.

"..... Well shucks. Your right, Icks. This rustleing bisness brought nothing but pain anyways." Bubbha said agreeing to this. "It be darn foolish and pointless to continue."

"Good. So how's about we scram out of here and-"

Ya-hooing was heard as well as snarls!

A gang of deinonychus have arrived and began surround the Quan, Spit and Long.

"..... Bandits." Bubbha said. "Them Deinos are nothing but trouble. They want more then the cattle..... They came to kill."

"Aw, shoot!" Pervis said. "Those Deinos took what was originally our score."

"..... Wait a minute.... Guys, I just found an alternate to your former rustler lifesytile." Icky said.

the Deinos surrounded the trio.

"My daughters, please," Quan said, "Stay behind me."

"..... Long-Nails, ready me!" said Spit!

Long-Nails proceed to pick up Spit, flipped her around like a hand gun cowboy sytile and hold her like one.

Long-Nails fired Spit that caused her to spray paralising venom, causing the Deinos to momentarly back off!

Long-Nails dropped a sumersulting Spit down as she jumped right into the air!

"CANNON BALL!?" Long-Nails said as she aimed to Butt-slam the Deinos, but they quickly retreated, though an earthquake was felt as a result.

It momentarly detered the Deinos, but it didn't scared them off as they continued their advance!

"You girls did what you could..." Quan said. "But spitting and brute force offers no threat to them."

Suddenly, Quan raised his wings and a glow was made.

"Perhaps my influence in the spirits shall halt these vermin!" Quan said demandingly!

Suddenly, the Deinos pounced on Spit and Long-Nails!

Quan gasped!

An evil laughter was heard as the Deinos leader came in.

"I wouldn't be using yer witchcraft so quickly-like, Quan", the leader said menacingly. "My boys ain't afraid to spill blood. So surrender quietly, and we'll promise this'll end quietly for ya'll."

Quan, for his girls' sake, gived in.

"(Laughs evily). Now that's, more like it." The Leader said, before he leaped up and aimed to kill Quan, but suddenly, Bubbha rammed into him!

Quan, Long-Nails and Spit stared surprised, as did the other Deinos.

"BUBBHA!? But yer one of Samual's boys?!" The surprised leader said.

"Consider me, offictally RETIRED!?" Bubbha retorted!

The two began to fight, as the five Deinos charged to help their leader, but Icky and the other raptors intervine!

"BACK UP, SUCKAS!?" Icky brought out his Frying Pan! "I have a cooking implament and I AM NOT AFRAID TO US IT!?"

The Deinos charged and they and the Raptors and Icky get into a fight!


The Deinos gang was beaten and retreated to the surprise of the leader!


"I'd already be FAR away from him by the time you do, Rancliff, you old pile of Stego-droppings!" Bubbha said, insulting the defeated Deino leader!

The Raptors cheered in victory!

"Ya see how awesome being good is?" Icky asked.

"..... I'll admit, Ickster, it's certainly A THOUNDSON times for exsillerenting then rustling!" Bubbha confessed!

Icky and the Raptors proceeded to leave.

".... The propitcy, is coming full circle, my children." Quan said, with a small smile on his face.

Back to Trixie.

Trixie was repeatingly banging her head into the ground cause of Thunderclap's failures.

"I, AM SORRY, THUNDERCLAP!?" Trixie shouted to a sadden Thuderclap, "But I don't think you'll EVER get it! It's like I have to go through a life-threatening exspearience just to- WHOOP!?" Trixie was interupted by a Galaxhar Clone that captured her, laughing!

"MAGICAL ONE?!" Thunderclap screamed!

He zoomed off after the Galaxhar clone, but he was quickly recovered by back-up!

Thunderclap alone wasn't able to keep up with and and over-wealmed by many of the Galaxhar Clones' tricks!

"TRIX!?" Thunderclap screamed as the Galaxhar clones laughed as they leaved!

Thunderclap alone failed.... Suddenly, Downpour and the others came to him.

".... Thun, you don't have to do this alone." Downpour said sympathicly.

"Yeah. We got your back." Coldfront said.

Thunderclap realised that they were truely indeed more then just fellow followers.

"..... Friends..... I have just made..... A new Relevation...... Or as the Magical One prefers to as, "Revelation"." Thunderclap said in relisation.

All the Dactyls flew up and quickly caught up with the Galaxhar Clones.

"Here comes more Dinos!" A Galaxhar Clone said.

"No, it's the same one, idiot!" Another Galaxhar Clone said!

The Dactyls togather dodged all of the Clones tricks, and one by one, the Galaxhar clones are all knocked off of the hover scooter and fall to their fates.

Trixie was grabbed from the Scooter as it fell as well.

The Dactyls head back down and land as they placed Trixie down.

"..... Thunderclap.... You and the others all worked togather." Trixie said bewildered.

"As Friends." Thunderclap said. "Trixie.... My devotion to you shall be more then just professionalisum.... But now.... It is as a friend for life."

Trixie gave a smile from this.

"Wait!? Icky!?" Trixie said!

Meanwhile, at the grass area.

The Galaxhar Clones are seening retreating as the Raptors chased them out!

"AND STAY OUT, VARMINTS?!" Bubbha shouted!

"You told them good, Bubbha!" Pervis phrased!

"Ya know, ya would think they sent someone harder to beat." Icky said.

"Boy, you was not kidden about them aliens!" Earl said.

"I may have a reputation of being comically obscene, but I do NOT lie about things like the leage. Not even for a prank. Not even for April Fools! And sadly. It reminds me that I have to take care of the crud they're doing." Icky said. "And I would like for you guys and whatever my plantonic gal pal Trixie found to help us out."

"Sure thing." Lurleane said. "Anyone's that gives a friend of ours trouble, is gonna GET trouble!"

"Yeah yeah yeah, BIG trouble!" Pervis excitably said!

"Let's, GET'IM!?" Earl shouted!

"These aliens CLEARLY be tresspassers, and we're usually GOOD at chasing them out! Bubbha said.

"Ok, then it's time to make those freaks get the boot!" Icky said!

Icky flew off as the Raptors followed hooting and hollering!

The Leage Base.

Arlo, his family, the Rexes, and Woodbush and his pets are being made to wear currently funtionless helmets.

"Soon, once my brain-control helmets activate, I shall have a brain-washed Dinosaur army! I'll finally be respected!?" Junjie said before he finally breaks into maniacal laughter!

Suddenly, the entire gets magicly destroyed, surprising everyone!

The Dinos gasped in surprise.

"FLANKING FLOUNDERS, WHAT HAPPENED!?" Plankton asked yelling!?

Suddenly. what looked like shark fins began to dance around the cloudly sky and spinned around the below.

"...... Oh boy.... I know where this is going." Arlo said unsurprised.

Junjie and the villains stared into the sky.

"What, is going on he-" Junjie said before he looks to his left and-

"Howdy!" Bubbha said!


".... I don't think we did." Tai Lung said.

Pervis and Lurleane came in!

"A good friend of ours told us you've been giving these good folks.... And Butch and his kids, some problems lately." Bubbha said.

"Well, I wouldn't call this "Friend" a lier per-say. But he is merely understandingly over-reacting to what is a mostly justifived method of ensuring undying loyalty." Junjie said.

"Well, to be frank, I wouldn't call it a very GOOD way to ensure undying loyalty if they don't done have free-will." Bubbha retorted. "Does that sound right to you Lurleane?"

"OH, ask me, ask me if it sounds right to me Bubbha, ask me!" Pervis begged!

"PERVIS!?..... I asked Lurleane." Bubbha insisted.

"I don't done think it's about as right as rain." Lurleane said.

"And what did our friend told us to to those that ain't being right as rain?" Bubbha asked. "Tell'em Earl."

"Wait, who's Earl?" Makunga asked.

The villains suddenly looked to see the fidgeting shaking Earl!

"We, MURDERISED THEM?!" Earl shouted!

Junjie quickly dodged an attack from Earl!

"UNCIVILISED SAVAGES!? Tai Lung, Makunga, Galaxhar?! GET RID OF THEM!?" Junjie demanded!

"Gladly!" Galaxhar said as unknown to him, Coldfront was about to make a strike, "No one makes an idiot out of a villain le-GOW?!" Galaxhar got hit in the back of the head by an airal attack from Coldfront as he was sent flying and crashed into the wall!

"WHAT THE-" Makunga said before being interupted by an airal attack from Downpour and knocked into the floor!

"Ahh! Ok, this is starting to get intense I-" Tai Lung said before getting smacked into the ground by Frostbite and Windgust!

"I, better get out of here." Plankton ran off!

"PLANKTON, NO?!" Junjie screamed!?

Thunderclap, with Trixie hanging onto him, with Icky keeping up, began to remove the mind-control helmets!

The Galaxhar Clones looked in horror!

".... I reckind, it's time for PAYBACK!?" Butch shouted before he roared, having the captured dinosaurs fight back against the clones! Even the Galaxhar Clones with the Mechs were defeated!

"Yo sis, time to give them the Rexasult speical!?" Nash said as two more Galaxhar clones in Mechs come in!

"Gladly!" Ramsey said!

Ramsey hopped on top of Nash, who then flung his sister up into the air, surprising the Galaxhar Mechs!

Ramsey triple flipped three times, then kangaroo kicked the two mechs down!


"FANTASIA REX!? STOP THIS!?" Junjie screamed!?

The F-Rex charged in and aimed to defeat the Dinos, but Butch intervined!

"I think you owe me a rematch, feral!" Butch said, as he and the F-Rex started to fight!

After the long fight, Butch eventally grabs the F-Rex by the neck and SLAMS it down into the ground, pinning it and declaring a victory roar!

Junjie screams in frustraightsion!?


Thunderclap landed as Trixie got off.

"How sad for thy, Fox. Because Failure may as well be something you'll HAVE to get used to." Trixie said.


"Except that Galaxhar's clones neglected to warn you of our arrival and were defeated apawn independent attempts to capture us." Trixie said.

"Yeah, those clones are stupid." Icky snarked.


"I'll happly declair this as another Louger vic-" Trixie said before Junjie kicked her so hard in the chest, it caused sevre heart damage!

"HOLY CRAB, TRIX!?" Icky shouted!?

"MAGICAL ONE!?" Thunderclap screamed!?

Trixie fell down, injured very badly.

"HOW'S THAT FOR REVENGE, YOU FEMALIAN JA-" Junjie screamed before a pain interupted him!

Thunderclap stabbed Junjie with his beak!?


Thunderclap tossed Junjie away from Trixie and fell face-first into the ground!

"..... Oh Mang is not gonna liked this ONE BIT!?" Plankton shouted!

Suddenly, Plankton was stepped on by Facilier.

".... Owch....." Plankton said.

"I do done think someone has played ENOUGH dinosaur for today." Dr. Facilier said darkly.

"No, please!? NO! I was only trying to make an ultamate army!?" Junjie begged!

"TOO LATE, FOXY?!" Dr. Facilier said as he magicly got his face-paint on!

The Friends from the Otherside appeared, with the big one started to suck the entire base factory in, from the villains and the clones, to ultamatly a screaming Junjie!

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Junjie screamed as it echoed as he gets sucked into the friend, as does the entire place, ultamately ending the the Big FOTS to close it's mouth, vanishing without a trace.

Thunderclap looked sadly at Trixie, as did everyone present.

"Magical One....." Thunderclap said sadly.

"(Coughs), Trixie, must litterate again, that her name, is, Trixie." Trixie said weakly.

"I know, but.... The name, kinda works for me still. I did once called you by name or so, but.... You'll always be the Magical One to me." Thunderclap said sadly.

"(Coughs).... And for once.... I.... Don't..... Mind....." Trixie was on the verge of death.


Woodbush came forth.

".... You cared, for the savior.... Correct?" Woodbush asked.

Thunderclap nodded yes.

".... And she had ever shown you kindness?" Woodbush asked.

Thunderclap nodded yes as tears began to form.

"..... Then, she is not to leave this universe, yet." Woodbush said as he closed his eyes and meditates again, with his horns glowing.

The Great Spirits came and surrounded the almost gone Trixie.

A flash accured!?

Then as quickly, the spirits left.

Trixie started to moan and slowly get up.

"By Celestia, it was like I got kicked in the chest and-" Trixie said as Thunderclap happly screeched and pounced on Trixie hugging her!

"YOUR ALIVE!? I, am so glad, your not dead! From now on, I will be MORE then just a friend! I shall also be your protector from here on out!" Thunderclap proclaimed! "As part of my new Revelation!"

"Don't you ordenarly mean-"

"Yes, but you insisted you don't like "Relevation", so, I said it your way." Thunderclap said.

"Oh thank god you didn't die Trixie." Icky said. "It would've been the saddest day on Equestia Daily ever if that happened."

"Well Ick, it clearly won't. Your not getting rid of me that easily, and neither would Junjie." Trixie happly retorted.

"And I'm already looking forword to the upcoming episode of Junjie's commupence.... (Looks at the Raptors and the Dactyls).... And we're not going it alone. Bubbha, Thunderclap, was it, how would you guys like to be a part of something bigger?" Icky asked.

"Well, I couldn't get Thunderclap to leave me alone, so, it's ineditable irreguardless." Trixie stated.

"Yeah, and I kinda became buds with Redneck Raptors. Stuck with them as well." Icky said.

"Oh yeah, we're in with you for good, Ick." Bubbha said. "Besides, I meant it that I'll be long away from Samual by the time he gets alarmed, and I means it!"

"If joining among your friends means to be devoted to you, then I shall not object!" Thunderclap acclaimed!

The other Dactyls and Raptors rejoiced.

Trixie, Icky, the Dactyls and Raptors ultamately leave.

"Well, this situation got wrapped up in a bow." Butch said.

"Yep. But I have the feeling.... Their adventure's only just beginning." Arlo said.

"Indeed it has, Arlo." Woodbush said. "Indeed it has."

The sun sets as Icky, Trixie, Thunderclap and the Dactyls and the Raptors leave torwords in in a westurn-sytile ending.

© 2016 - 2020 arthunter3
Here's part 2. I'm sorry it took longer then it should, but again.... I was a halfwit again. Here's hoping my next story is more.... Short, Sweet and to the Point.
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