SLCT Issue 4: A Prehistoric Surprise for Junjie P1

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Published: December 26, 2015
Shell Louge Comics issue 4: A Prehistoric Surprise for Junjie.

Galaxhar's space station was seen heading torwords a certain world. Inside, there reside Junjie, Tai Lung, Makunga, Galaxhar himself, and Plankton. The group were anpisipated their arrival on the planet.

"The Pixar Dinosaur planet will be landed on in 20 minutes T-Minus." The Computer said.

"Exsellent,", Said Junjie, "Soon my latest plan to build the Villain Leage a new Dinosaur Army will begin."

"But, why those goofy sciencetificly inaccreate freaks of the Pixar Universe?" Makunga asked.

"Because, my simpleton friend", Junjie said, "Those "Goofy" creatures have sentence! That means they can learn Loyalty! They can become OBEDIENT to us!"

"You sure your not sore about the Pie Family Insodent about-" Galaxhar said before Junjie punched him in the gut and interupted.


"Yep", Tai Lung said sarcasticly, "Still sore about it."

"One problem in your plans, genius." Plankton warned. "That same sentience will give them the freewill to openly ignor us! And we'll instead be attacked by those lizard freaks!"

"THAT'S where YOU come in, Plankton." Junjie said with a smirk. "And as well as your, marvelious little inventions. Your mind-control, uh, "Bucket" Helments."

"Well your lucky I still had a bazillion left over from my once brillient plan Z from the Spongebob Movie." Plankton said, "But they were meant to control the minds of people of my world. Even if it's on simpleton prehistoric metazoic era monstrosities, it would require an extremely complexe brainwave tower."

"Well luckly," Galaxhar said, "You have me. I'll invent a brainwave so complex that any Dinosaur as long as they ACTSELLY wear the helments, mind you, will be UNDER our control."

"Exsellent." Junjie said. "Soon these vile beasts will become the latest additions for the leage! We will be UNSTOPABLE WITH THEM?! UNSTOPPABLE?!"

Junjie alone laughs as the others rolled their eyes.

"AND in ANY event the Lougers CHOOSE to interfear again?! Well.... A new speical friend will take GOOD care of them." Junjie said sinisterly.

A roar was heard as Junjie laughed harder!

The Space Station neared the planet.

Inside the Planet, Arlo's farm was seen.

A few Miles away, Butch's family and Longhorn Herd were also seen.

Woodbush was seen meditating.

He gave a loud gasp!

"....... They're, coming." Woodbush said. "ALIENS?!"

Woodbush began running!

Eventally, Woodbush made it to Arlo's farm, panting.

Arlo and his family saw Woodbush. Arlo was the first to reach him.

"Woodbush," Arlo said, "What's wrong?"

".... The propitcy is nigh!" Woodbush said!

"...... I'm sorry, what?" Arlo asked.

"DON'T YOU KNOW?!" Woodbush shouted! "ALIENS!? It has been propitcised by our ansisters, that we will be invaded by vastly superior beings from another world!? Of an alternate time?! OF ALTERNATE....... SPACE?! ALIENS?!"

"...... I, don't think Dream-Crusher's doing a very good job at keeping you from getting unrealistic dreams." Arlo suggested.

"THIS ISN'T A DREAM!? Come! I'll take you to my cave!" Woodbush asked!?

"Don't be too gone for long like your big life-changing adventure Arlo." Momma voiced out.

"I won't!" Arlo exclaimed!

So Arlo and Woodbush head out!

Unknown to them all, the Space Station was invisable and slowly asending.

Woodbush's shaman cave.

Woodbush lead Arlo into his cave.

"Behold." Woodbush said. "My cave of the comings."

"Ok, so, if this is where that alien stuff you said is true, then where is it?" Arlo asked.

"Look up to the celing." Woodbush said.

Arlo looked up and gasped.

It was a depiction of an epic battle between what looked like an army of Galaxhar clones vs. two familier figures: One pony, another an Ichinanormus.

"This propicy, is the great battle. The battle that'll deside the fate of our world, by the aliens, and, the great defenders. But, the great defenders, need to find those worthy to fight by their side." Woodbush said. "And the Propicy might have a guess who they are."

Woodbush moved aside and reveiled familier figures standing on top of what looked like a demonisation of Junjie.

".... Wait.... Is that..... Bubbha and, THUNDERCLAP?!" Arlo shouted!? "But.... I ran into some trouble with them and-"

"Then their souls NEED to be cleansed by the Great Defenders, or they will NOT be accreate enough to stop our enslavement! Then, the Wreched One will then be allowed to apease his dark masters who normally hate him, and then, DOOMED, ALL, OF THE GREAT BEYOND!? GO BACK TO YOUR FAMILY ARLO?! FIND THEM AND WARNED THEM!? ALIENS?! THE ALIENS!?" Woodbush screamed!?

An expoudion was heard, followed by a roar!

"...... Oh boy. They're already here..... And they've brought out..... The Abomination." Woodbush cautioned.

Arlo became nervious.

"What's the Abomination?" Arlo concerningly asked.


"...... What?" Arlo asked confused.

"JUST GO?!" Woodbush screamed!

Laughter was heard.

Woodbush and Arlo stared at the darkness, as Galaxhar clones came creeping out of the cave, coming here thanks to a teleporting portal.

"RUN ARLO!?" Woodbush screamed!

Arlo ran away as the last sight of Woodbush was seen being overwealmed by The Galaxhar clones as many spare clones are now chasing Arlo!

Arlo continued running from them and head torwords the farm! But when Arlo eventally returned, he gasped in horror as his family were captured by more Galaxhar clones!

"OH NO?! HEY!? STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!?" Arlo shouted, but as he attempted to charge, Tai Lung interspected!

Arlo gasped!

"Oh? And what were to happen if we don't?" Tai Lung smuggly asked.

The Real Galaxhar and Makunga appeared as well.

"Look at him, he's CLEARLY nothing more, then a rediculious cowerd." Makunga said.

"I won't lie about being afraid, but I'm not a cowerd!" Arlo said determinedly!

"And I admire that Bravery," Tai Lung said before he nerved attacked Arlo in the front legs, causing him to scream! "But it just costed you your freedom."

Tai Lung resumed the attack as everything flashed!

The Galaxhar Clones are seen over-wealming Butch, Nash, and Ramsey as their longhorns flee the area.

"You can't take us alive, you aliens?!" Butch shouted, as he roared and caused the more cowerdly clones to faulter while the more braver only step back alittle to stragitise.

A huger roar was heard, as the rexes looked to see The Disney's Fantasia Rex.

"Is that, another rex?" Nash said.

"It can't be. It has LONG arms?!" Ramsey said.

"It's obviously not of this good earth." Butch said. "And it's certainly not of OUR property!?"

Butch charged and began to fighter the Fantasia Rex, even dispite the F-Rex being bigger!

"Go get'im Pa" Ramsey cheered!

"Give'im the ol' one'fer like you did to them crocs!" Nash cheered!

Butch and the F-Rex were equiled combatents!

"Yeah Pa! Nothing could beat us!" Ramsey stated!

The Galaxhar clones began to laugh maniacly as Galaxhar clones in T-rex sized Mechs arrived torwords Nash and Ramsey.

"...... Oh...." Nash said.

"Shucks......" Ramsey completed.

The two looked at eachother and braved up, and battled the Mechs head on, both are equils as well!

While this fight went on, Junjie and Plankton were seen on the ledge.

"Oh that's just terrific, but not surprising! The T.Rexes are tough! Are we in the Meizoic verson of Texas?" Plankton complained!

"Patience, my tiny little friend. Even THEY, have limits." Junjie assured.

Suddenly, The Mechs began to cheat and harmed Nash and Ramsey where it hurts the most, and pinning them down!

Butch realises that his kids are in trouble!

"Nash!? Ramsey!?" Butch yelled!

Seeing the oppertunity, the F-Rex pounced on Butch and prevented him from saving his kids!

Galaxhar Clones began to tie down the rexes to giantic hovering boards.

Junjie began to chuckle evily.

"My perfect army, is already being formed." Junjie said. "And nothing, will be able to TRUELY stop me?!"

Junjie began to laugh maniacly?!

The laugh echoed as it was seen by Hermes.

"Oh we're in trouble?! Oh we're in BIG trouble I gotta-" Hermes said as he zoomed off!

Dragon Guardian Temple.

Lord Shen stood center of the meeting room.

"Based on what Hermes reported, Junjie once again, annoyingly, has CLEARLY acted out against current Villain Leage interests. And given how alarmingly well organised his attacks on the natives were, it would be too dangerious to just be predictable to him and have ALL of us arrive there. We're going have to do something he can't expect." Lord Shen said.

"Well what exactly are we suppose to do?" Sandy asked.

"Simple," Shen suggested, "We send only TWO of our members to covertly as best as they could to rise up against Junjie, and stop whatever the mad fox is after."

"Then send ME and the Dragon Warrior," Tigress demanded, "Because Kung-Fu Masters are involved, and it would Masters to defeat Masters."

"Wrongo," Alex said, "Cause Makunga's there too! He's a smart jerk-off, and he WILL get around your martial arts stuff!"

"Let's all remember the presence of Galaxhar and his clone army guys!" Susan warned, "So it would make BETTER sense if Myself and Link handle this."

"But Plankton's there too!" Spongebob said, "And I have a stinking suspition this would lead to the return of the Mind-Control Helmet, so OBVIOUSLY I need to be there with Sandy to stop Plankton!"

"Your all known rivals of them! It'll be EXACTLY what they expected, and ergo, the most likely Junjie will be warned about! It'll have to be members that'll be underestimated the most, espeically to egomaniacs that are the clones of Galaxhar." Shen said. "And, as much as even I don't exactly agree to it.... It'll HAVE to be Trixie and Icky."

"WHAT!?" All the Lougers but Shen shouted.

"US!?" Trixie and Icky asked.

"Radical to our standerds, I know." Lord Shen said. "But you two alone will never be suspected by Junjie. He normally expects either ALL of us, or just those commenly assusiated with going after him or his cronies! May I please have your co-operation?"

"Ok, Ok, Sheny boy." Icky said begrudingly but obediently. "We'll see what we can do."

"The great and powerful Trixie already has a sinking suspition that this will lead to more then a few unexpected surprises." Trixie cynically rebutaled.

In a meadow of the Pixar Dino world.

Trixie and Icky appeared in a flash.

"Well thank god Kolwalski repaired Shenny Boy's Teleporting Beacon or otherwise we'd had to risk taking the van here." Icky said. "Alright, let's get this show on the road, huh?"

"Whatever. The sooner we're done, the better we get out of here." Trixie said. "I hope to have Junjie stopped as soon as possable."

"Same here, Trix. I have better things to worry about then another Extremeist Junjie fiasco." Icky said.

"Honestly, I don't get WHY Junjie bothered with this place to begin with." Trixie complained. "This world was part of A Pixar movie were it's only good quility is it's photo-realistic animation while it's plot is a basic coming of age story hybreeded with a reverse "Boy and his X creature" story. Not to menton it's yet another Dinosaur world GROSSLY inacctreate to what the prehistoric creatures were really like."

"Well that's mainly because Hollywood finds the outdated Dino looks "Marketable", and that if historic movies of any kind are actselly accreate to what they're about, they may as well should've been documentaries!" Icky retorted. "And for all it's worth, at least SOME of them are accreate, like, that recently discovered limbed snake creature that's like the beta of all snakes."

"But there are SO many things it did wrong! The bluntingly painful one is that Humans existed here!" Trixie said.

"That old bit's been around since the freaking Flintstones, it's asentually a hollywood faverite. Yes, I do agree realisticly that if the Dinos weren't wiped out, Humans and other critters should've been a NO-GO! But again, we're talking about a MOVIE! Movies were meant to be entertaining, NOT a DOCUMENTARY!? People want to watch movies to be entertained, not shcooled." Icky justifived.

"But still! That's gonna end up feeding people who don't actively investigate these sort've things wrong infomation." Trixie claimed. "Films like that are gonna end up making people think that Humans co-asided with Dinosaurs and that, cattle had a prior existence and that there's no rules on what can exist or not!"

"Relax, people are not THAT easily convinced. The movie took place in an "Alternate Timeline", so it has SOME excuse. I imagine this place also has an alternate evoulion history." Icky said. "So it may justify the presence of Humans and those cattle."

"If so, why didn't the film took time to explain that?" Trixie asked.

"It was a victim of troubled production." Icky said. "This place was meant to be known earlier sometime in 2011, but it went into ALOT of crap. So that's why what we known now eventally happened as we know it."

"Fair enough, I suppose. Let's just get this over with and-" Trixie said before being interupted by a roar!

The two looked to see the F-Rex and a Squadren of Galaxhar Clones.

"...... Well so MUCH for this being done covertly." Icky snarked.

The F-Rex roared?!

Trixie screamed as she ran away to a completely different direction!

"TRIX, WAIT!? WE'RE SUPPOSE TO-" Icky said before he was interupted by the sight of the slowly approuching enemies! "Aw, Bullshitakimushrooms!"

Icky ran off an a differenter direction as the Galaxhar Clone forces split!

"Should we warn Junjie of The Lougers?" A Galaxhar Clone private asked.

"No need. It's just the worthless magical horse and the ugly bird. They're no threat to us. Squad, Split into groups, I'll have the team to go after the horse, another team shall seek out the ugly bird!? MOVE OUT!?" The Commander Galaxhar Clone said as the teams did such.

Hours later.

The river area.

The Galaxhar clones began to leave the area after they spent hours to scearh for Trixie.

Trixie sighed as she was sure they had left.

"Well, already, this has indeed turned dandy as candy." Trixie said. "I wager it will be abit more harder to recruit natives at this rate."

Trixie eventally got out of her hiding spot and walked down.

"Oh well. At least I won't be dragged down by a certain loudmouth making me look inferior to potainional new followers." Trixie said.

Trixie suddenly heard the sound of crying not to far from where she was.

Trixie approuched where the crying was heard, and saw, a crying Thunderclap, hole in his wing, still present.

"(Wispers) I know him." Trixie wispered. "He's the movie's main villain.... Though granted, 'Villain" is really suggestive. He mainly acted out for survival sake.... And being violently mentally unbalence. (Sighs), Maybe I should risk him trying to eat me and heal his wing."

Trixie cautiously approuched the unaware Thunderclap as she readied her horn.

The Sound of Trixie's magic surprised Thunderclap, but he's too afraid to do anything and closed his eyes for the worse!

Trixie momentarly felt pity for Thunderclap and delayed for a bit, but then resumed and aimed her horn at Thunderclap's wing, casted a healing spell on the hole, surprising the cowerding Thunderclap as he screeched! He stared in shock of the spell doing it's thing, as the magic began healing the hole and restored what was gone. Thunderclap was left baffled.

"....... You....... You...... Healed me?" Thunderclap asked bewildered and confused.

"Well, The great and generiously forgiving Trixie doesn't believe you should suffer just for being predatory. Now, I expect the faver to be returned by NOT eating me! And if your little friends are still around, tell them the same." Trixie insisted.

Trixie turned around and left.

"....... I, have been given a new purpose in life.... I have been given a new desteny.... I, HAVE A NEW RELEVATION!?" Thunderclap proclaimed, and saw Trixie leaving.

Thunderclap hestitently flew up, then when he realises that he can fly for sure again, starts following Trixie.

"Oh, wonderious Magical One, you saved me from a life of woe, a life of self-suffering.... And eventual death. I cannot be able to thank thy more." Thunderclap praised.

"You not eating me and giving me some personal space is thanks enough." Trixie said.

"Eat you? Are you nuts? Your either a god, or, some kind of magical alien at best! Also, you healed my wing and restored my flight, oh Magical One!" Thunderclap corrected. "Your my hero! My, Messiah! My, savior! My new idol! You saved my life more then the storm did when it cured me of my fear! You, are my queen!"

"Well, I'm, kinda not interested. I came here with a "friend" in debatable terms to stop a great evil from ruining your world." Trixie warned. "So if you don't mind-"

"(Gasps)! Your not just MY savior..... YOUR THE WORLD'S SAVIOR!? From a GREAT evil no less?! This is AWESOME! First a storm that supplies easy pickings, now a magical savior!? Oh, Magical one! Please let me humbley follow you in your quest." Thunderclap said.

"Well, I suppose, if you can KEEP UP?!" Trixie shouted as she ran off!

"Is this a test great one?" Thunderclap asked. "BECAUSE I WILL NOT FAIL IT?!"

Thunderclap flew fast as he kept up with the retreating Trixie.

Trixie tried many times to dodge Thunderclap, but his keen eye and flight advantage prevents an easy evadion.

"Trixie will have to get creative here!" Trixie said!

Trixie leaped on the wall and started to run on it!

"Remarkable!" Thunderclap said amazed!

Trixie stopped at a certain pointed and jumped off and backwords flipped to the other-side of the river, and repeated with many different flips and tricks!

"THOU HAVE AMAZED ME, MAGICAL ONE!?" Thunderclap rejoiced!

"Blast?!" Trixie thought. "ALL I'm doing is impressing the half-wit! That's gonna make him harder to lose!"

Trixie turned a fast left into the forest!

"Don't worry Magical One, I LONG adapted around the forests in my days serving to the Storm!" Thunderclap said as he flew around trees like a Pro! "I dealt with alot of critters that did the same!"

Trixie silently cursed her luck!

Trixie went deeper into the forests that'll be proven more difficult for even Thunderclap to keep up with!

Eventally, Thunderclap finally lost Trixie.

"Do not worry, Magical One!" Thunderclap said, "I dealt with extreme treeaged before! I'll reunite with you at the end of the woods. If you never come out, I'll in for you."

"Oh, Terriffic. I guess I'm stuck with him." Trixie grumbled. "(Yawns).... May as well sleep for the while. That escaping from him made exhausted."

Trixie proceeded to lay on the ground and went straight to sleep.

About 19 minutes of Sleep in.

"Oh Magical One." A familier voice said kindly, "Wakey wakey."

Trixie bugged eye awake and saw Thunderclap and his gang looming over her.

The camera pans away from the scene as Trixie was heard screaming!

It returns to Trixie backing away from the persisting approuching Dactyls.

"Oh great Magical one, I present your new fellow followers: Downpour, Coldfront, Frostbite, and Windgust. I reunited with them by acccsident and lead them to you after Coldfront pin-pointed your location." Thunderclap said.

"I, cannot thank you enough for healing Thunderclap, great one,", Downpour said gleefully, "I really owe you my devotion for this!"

"Your even more beautiful then Thunderclap discribed, (happly squacks), and you smell nice!" Coldfront said.

"Oh she's MORE then beautiful, my little bro, wink-wink, nudge nudge," Said Frostbite, "It's like she's a splitting image of a god we do not yet know exists!?"

"Kinda extremes to say, Frostbite," Windguset suggested, "But I'll admit, she did us a major favers for fixing Clap's wing."

"Now we are all devoted to you non-stop for thy kindness." Thunderclap said with phraise.

"Ugh, ok, FINE!" Trixie said. "But at the very least, GIVE ME GROUND SPACE?! Stay PERFECTLY high in the air so it atleast feels like I'm alone."

"As the oh insightful one," Thunderclap said while doing a bowing pose, "Wishes."

Thunderclap and the Dactyls flew up.

Trixie sighed. She knew she was not gonna ditch Thunderclap and now his assusiates so easly.

In a meadow with a Berry bush, Trixie was indeed getting hungry.

"Ordenarly, Trixie would know better then to eat food on another world," Trixie said to herself. "But I'M SO HUNGRY?!"

Trixie approuched the bush, with Downpour quickly intersecting!

"Careful, Magical One!" Downpour warned! "That bush might not be saved!"

"Ugh, I do believe that berry bush isn't dangerious." Trixie said.

"It's not the bush itself, miss. Your just gonna have to trust me on this." Downpour insisted.

"Oh it's not like," Trixie said while walked around and got to the bush, "There's some kind of dangerious animal in it." 

Trixie barely even managed to eat a tiny berry, before a Tetrapodophis appeared from nowhere!

the Tetrapodophis was clearly angered by Trixie's intrudion and hissed, and Trixie backed away in fear of the approuching limbed serpent.

Suddenly, Thunderclap and the rest of the dactyls intervined!

"Hey, where ya going friend?" Thunderclap mockingly asked in a gentle voice.

The Tetrapodophis hissed violently, getting Thunderclap to reply with a pteradautyl screeh!

The Tetrapodophis attacked, being met with a quick snap by Thunderclap's beak!

Thunderclap and the 
Tetrapodophis began to fight eachother!

Thunderclap eventally overwealmed and killed the 
Tetrapodophis, and off camera focusing on Trixie reacting in disgusted, Thunderclap devours the body of the fallen Tetrapodophis.

Thunderclap was seen again with the tail of the 
Tetrapodophis still seen.

"Now, I can clearly understand that your not very familier with the creatures of our world, magical one," Thunderclap said with his beak full, "But luckly, your with exberts of every single fauna of this world. And we have properly dealt with these red snakes several times before and-"

Suddenly, Downpour snapped her beak at the remaining tail of the 
Tetrapodophis and started a tug-a-war with Thunderclap, then Coldfront joined in, then Frostbite and Windgust!

Trixie changed her outlook from disgust, to shock! Though she shouldn't be too surprise considering that she's in a wild world, but she felt that the Dactyls don't seem to have a strong understanding of friendship.... Or at the least, commen decenty and mannors.

Thunderclap angerly knocks down his compodres and ultamately wins the tail!


Thunderclap was breathing heavily till he calmed down.

"... Sorry you had to see that, Magical One, my fellow followers tend to forget their place. I had to remind them who the leader is." Thunderclap said.

"..... Pardon Trixie's rudeness, but.... She feels as if she needs to educate you guys the impourence of friendship. I know, that's a strange thing for predatoric creatures like yourself, but, you lot are CLEARLY what eachother have." Trixie said.

"You wish to teach us something? Oh yes, oh magical one! Give us relevations!" Thunderclap said.

"You mean "Revelations?" Trixie said.

"No, RELE-vations!" Thunderclap insisted.

Trixie sighed.

"This is gonna be a LONG mission." Trixie begrudingly said.


Icky eventally arrived to the tall grass area and sat on a rock.

"Man this place is BIG!" Icky said while he sat down. "Now I know I should attempt to reunite wih Trixie, but I can't do it dehydrated. Nothing some great soda can't fixed."

Icky pulls out a can of Pepsi from his bag and dranked it. Then gave a big, grass vibrating burped!

Suddenly, fast figures began to move in the grass and heading torwords Icky's rock, who he quickly noticed and flinched in fear at!

The figures got closer and Icky closed his eyes!

Suddenly, the sounds stopped. Icky reopened his eyes to see the face of the raptor leader Bubbha.

"Howdy." Bubbha said.

Icky gave a feminate yelp! Suddenly, Pervis and Lurleane.

"Now, what brings you here around these parts?" Bubbha said.

"Uh-duh-duh-duh, tourest?" Icky shuddered.

"Oh, really? What's your name, birdy?" Lurleane asked.

"Ca-ca-ca-ca-ca Icky!" Icky studdered!

"Well then, "Ca-Ca-Ca-Ca-Ca" Icky!" Bubbha said. "Ya'll don't like a tourest to me. What do you think he looks like Lurleane?"

"Oh, ask me Bubbha, ask me what he looks like!" Pervis begged, to the annoyence of Bubbha.

"PERVIS!? SHUT, YOUR MOUTH?!" Bubbha shouted!

Icky resisted the urge to laugh to avoid offending the still dangerious raptors.

"I done think he's a Tresspasser." Lurleane said.

"And what do we do with Tresspassers?" Bubbha asked. "Tell'em, Earl."

"Oh, fudge." Icky said as he turned around to see a fidgeting shaking and disturbed raptor. This was Earl.

"We, KILL'EM?!" Earl lunged at Icky as he screamed and quickly dodged!

The other raptors tried to nabb Icky too, but he quickly dodged and they ended up slamming into Earl, allowing Icky to quickly run off with a quickly recovering Pervis to chase after him!

Pervis pounced and finally nabbed Icky!

"I GOT YA!?" Pervis exclaimed!

Icky began tickling Pervis, causing him to laugh uncontrolabley!

"STOP IT, STOP IT?! I'M A MIGHT TICKLISH!?" Pervis begged while laughing!

The tickling worked and got Pervis off while he was laughing!

"Thank gods that guy was the most ticklish Sharptteeh I ever done seen!" Icky said!

He ran off another direction, before intersected by Lureane and Earl!

Bubbha and the back to reality Pervis blocked the other escape route for Icky!

"I'm gonna love ending YOU?!" Lurleane said intimindatingly.

Icky stood nerviously.

"WAIT, WAIT, WAIT?! HOLD UP?! Ok, outside of protecting your turf, which I didn't mean to step in by the way, WHY ARE YOU GUYS TRYING TO KILL ME?! I'm OBVIOUSLY NO THREAT TO YOU IN ANYWAY!? Your raptors, I'm obviously just an 
Ichthyornis!" Icky said! "On top of that, I'm unarmed!?"

"It ain't personal, boy!" Bubbha said. "When your involved in the life of a rustler, you can't afford to trust even a mere ugly bird like yourself! It's merely for survival's sake!"

"Yeah, exactly Bubbha, you told him!" Pervis fanboyishly cheered!

"Ok, I take it you guys must've ran into some trouble and are merely trying to avoid more! But, allow me to prove that I am in no way, a threat! I'm neither lawman or fellow outlaw! I'm sort've part of a major group of universe traveling heroic misfits saving worlds villain teams and the independent of the week villains." Icky said.

The raptors only made confused faces at him.

"Yes, I know it sounds wack, just, roll with it." Icky snarkly said.

"What you said might not be enough! You need to bring PHYSICAL proof your some sort've space bird?!" Bubbha demanded unconvinced.

"I wagered you would say that." Icky said calmly, knowing he momentarly defused a hostile situation. "So, how's, this?"

Icky brings out his bottles and cans of Coke Colas and Pepsies.

"What, are those?" Pervis curiously asked.

"Why is that water black?" Lurleane asked. "Gross! Ya'll better not be giving us dirty water?!"

"Relax, it's not comtaminated water. It's an alien breverage we in the civilised socity called, "Soda"." Icky educated.

"So-DAH? That's a funny name!" Pervis said then proceeded to laugh gooffully.

"Ya'll sure that stuff ain't just dirty, perhaps even toxie water?" Bubbha said cautiously.

"Buddy, I drank some of this stuff myself, and I'm still alive." Icky said.

"Hmm..... I suppose if it ain't deadly or just dirty water, then...." Bubbha said cautiously, as he slowly tooked a bottle from Icky.

After some curiosity and sniffing, Bubbha eventally discovered that he had to use his hands to open the cap that give a slight hiss and momentarly shocked the raptors!

"Don't worry, it does that time to time. That's the air getting into the bottle." Icky assured.

Bubbha then proceed to take the cap off and smelled the soda. it smelled sweet and inviting, though Bubbha was still cautious about it. Eventally, after a reassuring jesture from Icky, Bubbha finally drank the soda. Bubbha gave a few lip-smacks after a good sip.

"..... (Weezes happly), YEEEEE-HAW!? THIS STUFF IS GOOD?!" Bubbha claimed with excitment!

Pervis and Lurleane smiled and grabbed some bottles, while Earl was still fidgeting and unsure, but ultamately got his own bottle out of following Bubbha's exsample.

The raptors all drank the sodas and enjoyed it.

"Well shucks. I guess you just wondered in to relax. Well if ya'll ain't a threat, then who are we to kill ya'll?" Bubbha said.

"Trust me guys, I'm not gonna be around for much longer anyway, so I'll be heading on out soon enough once I'm rested up enough. Oh and uh, look out ofr freaky tenticaled aliens. Crazy as that sounds, you have to take it to heart. But don't worry. A qoute unqoute "Pal" and myself are working to chase them out." Icky said.

"Now hold up, partner." Bubbha said while halting Icky. "If ya'll think we let someone with that yummy water leave so soon, then let me assure you, the only idijit here is Pervis. And even HE knows better then to let ya'll off so soon. We insist you spend some time with us before anything else. Cause we plumb want to know about about them "Tenticaled Aliens" you talked about."

"Well, since I was asked to get some native aide in stoping a latest Junjie fiasco, why not? It's better then jack-squat." Icky acceptedly said.

Icky and the raptors walked off.

"Ya know, we're planning on paying a new local rancher a "Friendly visit"." Bubbha said. "We're hoping you would come with us."

"Oh boy. Since you guys admited being rustlers, I imagine what that visit is." Icky said. "I won't intervine against your lifestyile when we get there, but, for the meantime, let's try to talk about, not wasting your skills on crime."

"Aw shucks hun, we mean nothing against them ranchers, we just do what Samual asks us." Lurleane said.

"And I bet I'm gonna get an interesting story from this." Icky snarkly replied.

To be continued.
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I have seen the Good Dionsaur..... AND LOVED IT! And now, here's the anpisipated comic to go with it. I have seen it since Sunday the December 13th. This story ended up WAY longer I expected. It feels like these things are gonna get longer with every new story I make. Oh well. I liked the film so much I didn't even care.

Thing is though. I twas getting too long for it to become an awesome chrismas gift so.... I have to two part it. Expect to see The Second part soon.... If I don't end up being JUST as incompident with it.


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