SLCT 7: Jerk'o Lanturn's Comeback.

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Published: November 1, 2016
Shell Louge Comic Tales issue 7: Jerk'o Lantern's comeback.


generic halloween music plays as Icky, Iago, and Fidget, dressed as the three stooges, Iago as Moe, Icky as Larry, and Fidget as Curly, are seen walking down having some halloween fun, scoring treats as well as some halloween tricks, as evident by a TP'd house of an angry Louger critic!

In fastion of a slient music driven story, Icky does some jestures pointing torwords a haunted house that the others have no recall of seeing before.

The group desided that, after some gestures like look like typical disagreements.

The Group entered the house, but suddenly-



As he door suddenly slammed onto Icky, Iago, and Fidget, random and various monsters, horror movie icons, appeared allover the place as torment the trio as "Grinch Night" is sung by the vary creatures tormenting them.

Then, Jerk'o appears and laughs maniacly!

Jerk'o started to do jestures indicating that he's here to tease the scare the crud out of the trio, and maybe eat them if they didn't make it!


The Climax of this song plays as the trio dodged all various horrors of past and present horror films, games, TV shows, even a FNAF Sister Location cameo.

As the song finishes up, the Lougers dodged and escaped from a laughing Jerk'o as the trio leaped into the window and break through escaping!

Jerk'o then sat down and enjoyed the fruits of his labor.

"Ya did well, Jerk'o.... Ya did-"

Suddenly, Icky, Iago, Fidget, and the Lougers come from nowhere and pounced onto Jerk'o as a halloween sting played!


Jerk'o was taken away by Spookivainian athority figures as the Lougers looked on.....

"Ya know...." Icky said.... "This has to be the WORSE Shell Louge Comic Tales we ever produced."

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..... Oh my god, I created the worse Shell Louge Comic Tales comic in HISTORY?!

Granted, I am abit off my game since I wasn't exactly able to keep in touch with this series since litterally issue 6, but, MY GOSH!? This is an exsample why I try to avoid meeting a certain date. It forces me to half-assed and ruin my vision for a certain story.... All well, always hope for improvements.

Happy Halloween! Whats this? Happy Halloween 

Happy Halloween.....

Good Grief, even my over-useage of the little pictures is LAZY AND RUSHED AS ALL HELL!?
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