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Just a Living Room



First Deviation (it was about time!).

Currently trying to learn the ways of 3D & Rendering, although I know I still have a long road ahead (but, hey, 5 months ago I didn't even know how to make a cube in Max :/).

The idea was to make a scene that looked plausible and more or less felt real. Most architectural rendering is usually hi-design cool stuff that makes you drool all over your keyboard (which I hope I can do some day, btw :)), but for now I just wanted to do something that people could point and say: "hey, I could have that in my house" (don't know if I've managed it).

There are a lot of things, materials and so with which I'm not happy yet and I'll try to improve on future works. Also, I know it's kinda noisy but, well, can't help it for now (wish I had a faster PC :tears:).

Anyway, feel free to comment.

3DS Max, Maxwell Render & Photoshop.

P.S: I appologise for every copyright thing I've placed in there (hope nobody wants to sue me! :O_o:)
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Looks like you've taken SEVERAL steps in the right direction. Great work.