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I mean this drawing: Thranduil WIPs - Pointillism by arthawk87
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5 min read
Hey everybody, how are you doing?

Okay, so this journal entry is mostly just to let you know that I will be making a gallery makeover, meaning that I will correct typos in my artists comments, add keywords to my older drawings, and the like. I will not delete any drawings or add new ones, just edit the pre-existing deviations. So you can just ignore the deviations that might pop up in your Deviation Stack :-). (This has more to do with my perfectionism than with the upcoming changes on dA, namely making keywords public.)

Speaking of which, what do you think about all those recent changes dA has implemented? These include but are not limited to:
  • the new linking system (showing the full link instead of [link] );
  • huge submit buttons;
  • a new deviation layout;
  • our real names and ages in the tab name;
  • a new method of commenting, like the "add media" and "add a drawing" buttons in our comments, and more access to emoticons.

Here's what I think:
  • Bring back the old [link]-system! It looks much neater in comments, plus there's a warning page where one can read the full link just before leaving dA, so the whole "You don't know where the link is leading you" is crap!
  • Why add those hiddeous, idiotproof submit buttons?!?! The old way to submit is still active, and we are all capable of using it. Those huge-arse buttons are useless, ugly, disfigure my gallery (they are ON EVERY SINGLE PAGE!), and affront my intelligence!
  • I like that in the new layout the "More Like This" section - now named differently - is actually placed BELOW the "More From This Artist" section. This way, people will more likely go through the artist's gallery than be distracted by random art that isn't really ANYTHING like the deviation being looked at. As for the rest; it's still too new to tell you how I feel about it. I first have to try it out, see if it agrees with me.
  • As soon as I saw my real name in the tab, I deleted it. I know my name and age, why have it in the tab name?!
  • Hmm, still not quite sure how I like the "add media" button. Sure, it makes formatting comments easier. But a) when I hit the "add media" button everything on my screen shifts to the left, which is really disorienting, b) people seem to be over-using emoticons now that we have access to more, and c) I've been getting spam comments which is totally new to me.
In summary, I'm more against recent changes, most of them are useless or even a setback, in my opinion. Also, I'm against making keywords public. This will only clutter things up and be distracting, plus I sometimes write the same thing differently to make searching for my drawings easier, like "colour", "color", "coloured", "colored".

So, what do you think about all this?

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10 min read

Long time no journal, huh :D. That was primarily because I was away most of the time - only home on weekends - doing an internship at a psychiatric hospital. The last 9.5 months have been incredible; I learned so much and I really enjoyed working (as opposed to studying ...), and I already miss it!

Now that this chapter in my life has recently ended, I have a total of three months of vacation until I start with my master studies in mid-September (which I'm not yet looking forward to). I plan on drawing / painting a lot during this time, and I'll also be going to Ireland for 12 days. So yeah, it's gonna be great :-)! Especially now that the weather is more or less what it should be this time of year!

Yup, that's about it. Hope everything's well with you and you're enjoying the summer.

Donator Feautre #11

Since it's been a while since I last did one of these it's going to be a bigger one. This is my last Donator Feature because, thanks to you wonderful people who donated, I've reached my goal. Thank you so much for that *big hug to everyone who has ever donated to me*! I hope you all enjoy this feature and please make sure to check out these lovely fellow deviants :heart:!

So, here it goes.

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Tom Hiddleston by p1xer Dexter Morgan by p1xer Man of steel by p1xer Peachy Sam by p1xer

Lilia Aira - The Red Fox by Timothi-Ellim Summer - Patience (V) by Timothi-Ellim Circe Bell - The Flame of The Forest by Timothi-Ellim
Auron Ishra by Timothi-Ellim Circe Bell by Timothi-Ellim Cyrus Solra by Timothi-Ellim The Contemplative Illusion by Timothi-Ellim

<da:thumb id="368808561"/> 9 by maliarts <da:thumb id="376860846"/>
R75 by maliarts 1 by maliarts f15 by maliarts  R69 by maliarts

Waiting Game by luckynumber44 L490 by luckynumber44
Better Off Dead by luckynumber44 Tomo 2.0 by luckynumber44 The Other Half by luckynumber44 Half a Leto by luckynumber44 Teen Wolf by luckynumber44

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