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Gallery makeover + Recent changes?

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 16, 2013, 2:49 AM
Hey everybody, how are you doing?

Okay, so this journal entry is mostly just to let you know that I will be making a gallery makeover, meaning that I will correct typos in my artists comments, add keywords to my older drawings, and the like. I will not delete any drawings or add new ones, just edit the pre-existing deviations. So you can just ignore the deviations that might pop up in your Deviation Stack :-). (This has more to do with my perfectionism than with the upcoming changes on dA, namely making keywords public.)

Speaking of which, what do you think about all those recent changes dA has implemented? These include but are not limited to:
  • the new linking system (showing the full link instead of [link] );
  • huge submit buttons;
  • a new deviation layout;
  • our real names and ages in the tab name;
  • a new method of commenting, like the "add media" and "add a drawing" buttons in our comments, and more access to emoticons.

Here's what I think:
  • Bring back the old [link]-system! It looks much neater in comments, plus there's a warning page where one can read the full link just before leaving dA, so the whole "You don't know where the link is leading you" is crap!
  • Why add those hiddeous, idiotproof submit buttons?!?! The old way to submit is still active, and we are all capable of using it. Those huge-arse buttons are useless, ugly, disfigure my gallery (they are ON EVERY SINGLE PAGE!), and affront my intelligence!
  • I like that in the new layout the "More Like This" section - now named differently - is actually placed BELOW the "More From This Artist" section. This way, people will more likely go through the artist's gallery than be distracted by random art that isn't really ANYTHING like the deviation being looked at. As for the rest; it's still too new to tell you how I feel about it. I first have to try it out, see if it agrees with me.
  • As soon as I saw my real name in the tab, I deleted it. I know my name and age, why have it in the tab name?!
  • Hmm, still not quite sure how I like the "add media" button. Sure, it makes formatting comments easier. But a) when I hit the "add media" button everything on my screen shifts to the left, which is really disorienting, b) people seem to be over-using emoticons now that we have access to more, and c) I've been getting spam comments which is totally new to me.
In summary, I'm more against recent changes, most of them are useless or even a setback, in my opinion. Also, I'm against making keywords public. This will only clutter things up and be distracting, plus I sometimes write the same thing differently to make searching for my drawings easier, like "colour", "color", "coloured", "colored".

So, what do you think about all this?

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News + Donator Feature #11

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 7, 2013, 1:40 AM

Long time no journal, huh :D. That was primarily because I was away most of the time - only home on weekends - doing an internship at a psychiatric hospital. The last 9.5 months have been incredible; I learned so much and I really enjoyed working (as opposed to studying ...), and I already miss it!

Now that this chapter in my life has recently ended, I have a total of three months of vacation until I start with my master studies in mid-September (which I'm not yet looking forward to). I plan on drawing / painting a lot during this time, and I'll also be going to Ireland for 12 days. So yeah, it's gonna be great :-)! Especially now that the weather is more or less what it should be this time of year!

Yup, that's about it. Hope everything's well with you and you're enjoying the summer.

Donator Feautre #11

Since it's been a while since I last did one of these it's going to be a bigger one. This is my last Donator Feature because, thanks to you wonderful people who donated, I've reached my goal. Thank you so much for that *big hug to everyone who has ever donated to me*! I hope you all enjoy this feature and please make sure to check out these lovely fellow deviants :heart:!

So, here it goes.

The Light of pure empathy by p1xer Misha Collins by p1xer Jared Leto by p1xer
Tom Hiddleston by p1xer Dexter Morgan by p1xer Man of steel by p1xer Peachy Sam by p1xer

Lilia Aira - The Red Fox by Timothi-Ellim Summer - Patience (V) by Timothi-Ellim Circe Bell - The Flame of The Forest by Timothi-Ellim
Auron Ishra by Timothi-Ellim Circe Bell by Timothi-Ellim Cyrus Solra by Timothi-Ellim The Contemplative Illusion by Timothi-Ellim

<da:thumb id="368808561"/> 9 by maliarts <da:thumb id="376860846"/>
R75 by maliarts 1 by maliarts f15 by maliarts  R69 by maliarts

Waiting Game by luckynumber44 L490 by luckynumber44
Better Off Dead by luckynumber44 Tomo 2.0 by luckynumber44 The Other Half by luckynumber44 Half a Leto by luckynumber44 Teen Wolf by luckynumber44

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News + Donators Feature #10

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 28, 2012, 1:58 AM

Hey everbody, how are you?

I'm fine. I've been working again on my Tom Hiddleston as Prince Hal drawing and it's coming along fine :-). It's been a bit over 20 hours now and it won't be finished any time soon, but I've made some progress in the last few days and I still manage to bring up the motivation to draw on it a little every day, so ... yeah, just hang in there :-).

The main reason for this journal entry - appart from the donators feature - however is to let you all know that I will start my internship at a psychiatric clinic next week (since it's a good 2h trip from home to my work place I will be staying there until the end of March and only come home on weekends) and I don't know how much free time I'll have - not even sure about having free WiFi... -, so I will probably not be on dA as much as I usually am. I will check your messages as often as I can and answer those who are in need, and if it's something important, please send me a note. I will try and find some time to draw, but I probably won't upload anything new in the near future, but I'll just have to see. Maybe I'm just dramatizising this whole thing, but I really don't like change and this is a huge one for me, so... Yeah, just wanted to let you know and I hope you guys understand :-).

Okay, now on to the feature :D

Donator Feature #10

Just a quick reminder: I'm collecting points so that I can give them to fellow artists who either need them, or who I greatly admire for their art. Everybody who donates - even one single point - will be featured in my journal and will receive a llama badge (if I haven't already given you one).

Today is a rather big feature; four people were so kind as to donate some points. To all of you who donated: Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it :cuddle:! I hope you all enjoy this feature and please make sure to check out these lovely fellow deviants :heart:!

Mina by MLS-art 'Reflections' 1 by MLS-art Bill Hicks by MLS-art Lucy by MLS-art 'Reflections' 2 by MLS-art Thor (Chris Hemsworth) by MLS-art

Tom Hardy by Paul-Shanghai Gerard Butler by Paul-Shanghai Sad by Paul-Shanghai George Clooney by Paul-Shanghai House M.D. by Paul-Shanghai Michael Fassbender by Paul-Shanghai

:thumb321944156: :thumb319433604: :thumb242652097: :thumb254487651: :thumb321950595: :thumb321738734:

Myrtle Beach Pier 2 by AellaPax Yellow woods by AellaPax Lettered Man by AellaPax Porky Pig Colored by AellaPax Grim Reaper's Walk by AellaPax South Carolina Harbor Sun by AellaPax

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Good news

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 29, 2012, 3:29 AM
So... I'm happy to tell you that all my exams are over and that I FINALLY have two whole months of free time! So beware, I plan on drawing a lot over the summer :D!

I'm still waiting for two more results, but I think I passed all my exams and essays and my bachelor's thesis, so if that's the case, then I have finished with my bachelor studies. Yes, finished!!! FINISHED :woohoo:!!!!!! I won't start right away with my master studies, though; first I'm doing an internship at a psychiatric hospital for six months and then... maybe travel? I don't know, but after the internship I will have about five and a half months of free time to use however I please :D! So no more studying for at least a year! Woah, I hope I won't get bored XD.

Anyway, I will go on a mini vacation on Monday. Destination: Disneyland (the one in France)! After all the hard work I'm treating myself with some fun (haunted mansion, here I come!). So yeah, I'll be gone next week and won't reply on any comments, new deviations or journals.

As to all the comments, new (or meanwhile not so new anymore) deviations and journals that have been piling up in my inbox over the past few months: I'm working on it, I will reply or comment on everything, but it'll take some time, so please be patient with me. Plus now that I'm done with studying and spending HOURS infront of the computer, I don't want to spend even more time infront of it, I will pop in at least once a day and reply on some stuff.

I hope you are all doing great and can enjoy the summer :cuddle:!

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News + Donator Feature #9: pbird12 cmdrtekk

Journal Entry: Tue May 22, 2012, 9:59 AM

... Yeah, I'm still alive :D. Sorry I haven't been around lately to reply to your comments and/or comment on your new deviations; I've had a very busy few weeks because of my bachelor's thesis (which I sent in on Saturday... the first draft, anyway) and a big end-of-term exam I wrote yesterday. My message box is overloaded, but I promise you I will start commenting / responding my way through it as soon as possible.

What else is new? Not much, actually. For the last two months - at least! - my life has been exclusively revolving around university and my studies. But somehow I've been infected with Loki-fever (a very serious condition, I tell you) and, as part of my treatment, I will go see The Avengers on Thursday :woohoo:. I'm probably the last person on dA who hasn't already seen it, but better late than never :-). And I'm happy to announce that yesterday I started a small drawing of Loki. Yes, I'm finally drawing again! Even though I still have a lot of work to do for school, the most stressful part I think is over, so now I can safely invest some time into drawing. I haven't forgotten about my latest Ryan Gosling painting (the one with the guitar), I fully intend to finish it, but just not now. Probably as soon as everything is over, so after June 30th.

Btw, I just HAVE to link you to this song:… . I watched the movie "The Deep Blue Sea" (with Rachel Weisz and Tom Hiddleston) recently and this song was in it, and even though I knew it a little, it struck me as so beautiful that I had to see if I found it on youtube. It's actually quite a popular song - at least in Dublin :D - and you probably all know it, but I just can't stop listening to it, especially this version (though it's not the one from the movie).

Yep, so that's what's new in my life. What have you guys and gals been up to lately?

Donator Feature #9

Wow, already my ninth donator feature :D. A quick reminder: I'm collecting points so that I can give them to fellow artists who either need them, or who I greatly admire for their art. Everybody who donates (even one single point) will be featured in my journal and will receive a llama badge (if I haven't already given you one).

Today I get to feature :iconpbird12: and :iconcmdrtekk:. Thanks a lot for the donation, I really appreciate it a lot :cuddle:! To everybody: If you go and take a look at their galleries, you'll find a lot of great stuff there! .... so what are you waiting for?!

Peaches and Cream by pbird12 Wonder by pbird12 GRASP - Draw-Along by pbird12
The Doctor by pbird12 Remember Me by pbird12 Sands of Time - Draw-Along by pbird12

August Storm Clouds at Sunset by cmdrtekk Fence Lines 1 by cmdrtekk Black and Whites in Life 19 by cmdrtekk
Old Barn by cmdrtekk Fella - Gunnison Colorado by cmdrtekk Busy Bee by cmdrtekk

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Donator Feature #8: Suanin

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 22, 2012, 1:34 AM
Donator Feature #8

As you can see, I'm already doing my eighth Donator Feature. A quick reminder: I'm collecting points so that I can give them to fellow artists who either need them, or who I greatly admire for their art. Everybody who donates (even one single point) will be featured in my journal and will receive a llama badge, if I haven't already given you one.

:iconsuanin: Nina (aka Suanin) greatiously gave me a whole lot of points. Thanks a lot :cuddle:. Since this is already the second time she donated (and thus the second time I'm featuring her work), I tried to choose pieces I haven't already featured. I hope you go and check out the rest of her gallery :D.
:pointr: Click here to look at her previous Donator Feature

Who Are You Really? by Suanin The Moon Of His Life by Suanin Watchful by Suanin
Emma by Suanin Don't Speak... by Suanin Sunny Afternoon by Suanin
He Won't Be A Boy Forever by Suanin Doctor Who? by Suanin All Stars: first look by Suanin

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News + Donator Feature #7: jennystokes

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 2:58 AM

Hi everybody, guess what?!?!

Tomorrow you will finally get to see what I've been talking about for MONTHS: The collaboration Ilojleen and I have been working on. I finished my part last Sunday and tomorrow evening we will upload it :D! I'm so excited, I think it turned out great and I hope you guys will like it, too.

Donator Feature #7

Today I get to feature some of Jenny's works :iconjennystokes: because she was so kind as to donate me some points. Thank you for that :cuddle:.

A quick reminder: I'm collecting points so that I can give them to fellow artists who either need them, or who I greatly admire for their art. Everybody who donates (even one single point) will be featured in my journal and will receive a llama badge (if I haven't already given you one).

I hope you enjoy this feature and check out the rest of her gallery :D.

Mosque. by jennystokes Spilt water. by jennystokes Making Garlands. Uddaipur. India. by jennystokes Cockerel Pot. by jennystokes Lion by jennystokes Fisherman's box. by jennystokes Octopus by jennystokes Street scene. China. by jennystokes Hey. That is my egg. by jennystokes Tree house by jennystokes What.................. by jennystokes Young girl by jennystokes

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Donator Feature #6: MAxop-tard

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 12, 2012, 3:10 AM
Donator Feature #6

Hey everybody, how are you doing?

So, I have another donator to feature. A quick reminder: I'm collecting points so that I can give them to fellow artists who either need them, or who I greatly admire for their art. Everybody who donates (even one single point) will be featured in my journal and will receive a llama badge (if I haven't already given you one).
So, today I get to feature :iconc-conztantine: - thanks again for the donation :cuddle:. I hope you all enjoy the feature, now go fave and comment like crazy :D.
:thumb193171150: :thumb283992125: :thumb256856816: :thumb204200585: :thumb136449747: :thumb163593015: :thumb135428751: Crawls like a worm - JTHM by C-Conztantine ...WHAT? - JTHM by C-Conztantine :thumb200940947:

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Journal Entry: Mon Jan 30, 2012, 10:44 AM
I'm off to London first thing tomorrow morning (... flight leaves at 7 AM ...). Will return in 3 days.
Until then; cheerio guys :wave:
Arthawk87 over and out.

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News + Donator Feature #5: Loomiq

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 26, 2012, 2:08 AM
Just a quick update

Yesterday I took my last exam, so now I FINALLY have three weeks of relaxing ahead of me before the new semester starts and everything's back to square one again. These past few weeks have been very intense, I feel like I never studied so much in my life - which isn't true, but it sure feels that way - but anyway, so far I'm pleased with the results. There's just this one exam where I'm sure I'm not gonna pass (... because I didn't write it ...), so I'll have to compensate for it in the next semester, but that's absolutely no biggy! I'm just happy that the stress is over for now and I can finally concentrate on:

My art collaboration with Ilojleen

Yes, I know, I've been talking about this since September 2011. BUT I'm gonna start my part of our collab on Saturday (I'm booked out before that....). Good news, right Dominica :D?! Again, I'm sorry it has taken me so long and thanks for your patience :cuddle:! Am really looking forward to start drawing!

Donator Feature #5

Two weeks ago :iconloomiq: donated some points to me, so it's my pleasure to feature some of her works here in my gallery. Enjoy the feature :cuddle:
Don't cry by Loomiq :thumb252656364: Corpse Bride by Loomiq Don't say anything details by Loomiq Roe by Loomiq :thumb252657455: Water drop by Loomiq apples and bananas by Loomiq Unicorn abstraction by Loomiq

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New Year's Feature 2011

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 31, 2011, 12:11 AM
Happy New Year

And another year has come to its end. Personally, 2011 could have been better, but I'm not complaining.

Artwise I've started to draw smaller portraits, which - as I now discovered - are as much fun to do as the bigger ones and are great for when I don't have much time to draw. I also tried out new techniques (i.e. pointillism, painting with ink) and did - to my own big astonishment - a drawing in coloured pencils :la:. If I had made any New Year's resolutions last year, I think that I would have pretty much accomplished them :D.

Okay, enough babbling for now :-). I wish you a very happy, artistic and successfull New Year :iconnewyearplz: !

New Year's Feature

As announced, here's the New Year's Feature I've probably been bugging you with for the past few days (sorry 'bout that :-)). Thanks to those who participated - you're works are amazing. Everybody go and check out their galleries and give them some support! Hope you all enjoy this feature :-).

Marco Simoncelli by Menco Olivia Wilde by Ilojleen De la nuit by OliviasArtwork

Mature Content

Anna and Vlad by Mumzee
Damon a Tutorial by Mumzee Lucy colored by SmallWingedSoul Zorro by SmallWingedSoul Love sucks by Neira7 A Sister's Heart by Ileina Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson by Menco Jaguar - Panthera onca by Ileina :thumb263070118: Girl with pretty hair by Neira7 :thumb264192775: Sasha by KidfromKzoo The Gentleman Smokes by KidfromKzoo Bella by Talestriss Dastan by Talestriss Harry Potter by Ilojleen The Essence of Jared Leto by hoernchen610 The Past Recedes by hoernchen610 Dobby is a free elf by OliviasArtwork :thumb272129501: :thumb252445177:

Previous New Year's Features:
New Year's Feature 2010

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Get featured - last chance

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 25, 2011, 11:40 PM
Wanna get featured?

Reminder: I'm doing a New Year's Feature and if you wanna be featured, you have time until tomorrow (December 30th, 2011) to:
:bulletorange: leave 2 thumbnails to your own deviations in a comment below
:bulletorange: let me know if they are vertical (V), horizontal (H), or squarish (S)
:bulletorange: submit only traditional and/or digital art

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask - I don't bite (promise :-)).

PS. I'm still studying for three more exams I have in late January, but in my study breaks I'm working on a small piece which I'm hoping to upload in the next few days :D.
I'm drawing even though I don't actually have time to draw, but I was having really bad withdrawal symptoms (I haven't drawn in over two months!!!) and even dreamed about it, so... yeah. Now I'm happy again :-).

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It's feature time again

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2011, 1:37 AM
It's feature time again

Hi my dear friends and watchers

I've been rather inactive here on dA these past few weeks because I'm stuck in the middle of exam stress (I had three on Monday - two of which went extremely well :-) ). And since the next three exams are due in late January I'm taking some time off from studying until the end of the week and ... well, probably just watch a lot of tv :D.

Anyway, I remembered that last year I had made a New Year's feature and I decided that I'm gonna do one this year as well. BUT this time it's gonna be a DOUBLE FEATURE. So, if you want to be featured in my journal, please leave two thumbnails (thumbnail = the individual code on the right side of your deviation, i.e. : thumb189542470: ) to your own deviations and let me know if they are vertical (V), horizontal (H), or squarish (S) - this makes my job a lot easier :D. Oh, and please submit only traditional and digital art. So, show me what you got, I want a lot of thumbnails in my inbox :typerhappy:!

You have time to submit your thumbnails until December 30th.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask :-).

Hope you're doing well, and happy holidays everyone :cuddle:.

PS. How do you like my new journal skin :D?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Mars review coming soon

Sat Nov 26, 2011, 1:25 AM

Hi everybody, hope you're all doing well.

Yesterday I was at my 5th 30 Seconds To Mars gig, and it was awesome!!! Okay, some parts were... uhm... a bit strange (cue: opening band!), but I'll tell you all about it in the review I'll start writing today and will hopefully (meaning if I don't fall asleep =p) upload this weekend.

Have a great day :rose:

PS. Sorry if I'm way behind with replying to your comments, faves and new uploads, I'm slightly stressed out because exams are due in only 3 weeks... bare with me.

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Donator Feature #4 + I've been tagged

Sat Nov 12, 2011, 3:15 AM

Hey my dear friends and followers :wave:. Hope you're all doing great!

So, this is going to be a longer journal entry because 1) I get to feature three people who have graciously donated some points to me, and 2) because a while back I got tagged and am now answering some questions. Okay, so here it goes...

Donator Feature:
Thanks a lot to all of you who have given me some points, I really appreciate it :cuddle:! For those of you who don't already know this: I'm collecting points so that I can give them to fellow artists who either need them, or who I greatly admire for their art. Everybody who donates (even one single point) will be featured in my journal and will receive a llama badge, if I haven't already given you one.

I hope you enjoy this feature and please make sure to check out these lovely fellow deviants :heart:!

:iconshvau4: :
Jared Leto - Mixed Up by shvau4 Matthew Bellamy 3 finished by shvau4 Playful by shvau4 Creepy as a f.. Chiken? by shvau4 Forgotten Estate by shvau4 Adorable Genius by shvau4 Jared Leto- Unexpected Colours by shvau4 Summer Holder by shvau4 Raspberry and Milk by shvau4 Keep on Rockin' by shvau4

:icondlorita: :
Izzy Stradlin by DloriTA Lars Ulrich by DloriTA James hetfield - Metallica by DloriTA Slash by DloriTA Mr.Bruce by DloriTA Christopher walken by DloriTA Stephanie Seymour by DloriTA James Hetfield - Fixxer by DloriTA Fade to black by DloriTA Slash 2 by DloriTA

:iconilojleen: :
Emotions by Ilojleen Jensen Ackles 03 by Ilojleen Jared Leto - I'll attack by Ilojleen Tomo Milicevic 03 by Ilojleen Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester by Ilojleen Ian Somerhalder as Damon by Ilojleen Breathe by Ilojleen