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Thranduil WIPs - Pointillism

By arthawk87
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I haven't felt much like drawing for the past ... 2-3 months or so. So to get myself out of this state I started this little piece.

It probably wasn't my best idea to do a piece in pointillism (millions of dots... what was I thinking?!) but I just found a reference picture of Thranduil that I really wanted to use and ... I can't explain the pointillism thing.

Oh well. I hope to finish this one. I haven't finished anything in a while, and it makes me feel unsatisfied.

So far I have only used the 0.1 pen and I'll probably keep it that way. Which of course means more work. Seriously, what AM I thinking?!?!

Edit 1-5: Sorry for the edits. The pic uploaded the wrong way 'round.


I've been working on this a LOT! Like, five hours alone TODAY! And I'm still nowhere NEAR finished!

I have to go darker and darker, and making sure those damn dots don't cluster where they shouldn't is really tiresome. At least I think the eye is turning out okay. Or at least better than the eye in my last pointillism piece (the one of Michael Fassbender). But there's still a lot of work to be done.

And at least the background is fun. Doing Van Gogh-y swirls takes the edge off a bit. I'm almost sorry for having to make them disappear into a black background ...

Fingers crossed for more WIPs to come. :fingerscrossed:


Progress is slow, but I'm getting there. Still going darker and trying to cancel out mistakes I've made. I hope I won't overdo it with the darkness, there should still be some contrasts left in the end ...

Sometime soon I will have to start defining the crown. Not looking forward to that at all. Also, the hair will be a challenge, but I really want to bring this drawing to an end so I just have to keep on making dots. So many dots ... :faint:

... I just had an idea: What would you guys think if I added some red? Like in the background? Kind of like blood, running down (or maybe up)? It would certainly fit the final part of The Hobbit. Let me know what you think. :-)


I'm looking forward to finishing this ... getting tired of dotting.

As you see I've decided to make this into a "step by step" tutorial or whatever. It's not really step by step, because I didn't photograph every single step, like the first one where you can only see the pencil sketch. I haven't done one of those in a long time so I figuered why not.

(And also heeey, what happened with the tags - they're all messed up! Like, it combined tags that don't belong together! WTF dA?!)

The finished piece:

I have patience, I can wait - Thranduil (Lee Pace) by arthawk87
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That looks fantastic so far! The effect is really interesting and I think it's going to look great when it's done. Looking forward to seeing it finished!
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Thanks a lot for your lovely comment. :-)
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this is looking incredible! i didn't realize you'd posted more wips, so it's realy exciting to see how far you've come on it! can't wait to see it finished! Love 
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Thank you! :-) I wasn't sure if the edited work would show up in your message centers (apparently it didn't) but I will link the final drawing to this step by step so nobody will miss a thing. :D
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No, they didn't show up! I just went through my favourites though, and saw that there were more there, so it was very exciting! But yes! It's looking incredible, cant wait to see it finished!
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That's weird because I always see when someone I watch edited a deviation ... Do you know if there's some box I need to check?
Thanks. I don't know how long it will take me to finish it, though, because I probably won't have much time on my hands once the new semester has started (which is next Monday already!).
artisticendeavours's avatar
Oh, maybe i just missed the notification, haha. But I don't know if it would be in your settings or anything, sorry. I'm still pretty new to DA. That's okay! School is important, it'll just be an unexpected surprise when you finish it! :D 
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I just checked and there's a box called "Notify your watchers" WAAAAAAY down on the bottom of the page when you upload or edit a deviation. ... Good to know (now I can finally sleep again)! :D
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omg, it's so exciting that it's so close to being done! do you think you could use white ink/gel pen to get some of your highlights on the face back? haha, at least you will know for next time! you can just write yourself a letter to your future self, being the voice of reason. "i know it seems like a good idea right now, but give it 5 minutes and you'll hate yourself so don't even do it!" and stick it everywhere. 

but ahhhh, yes that is good to know! is that just for editing things? i don't know if people actually get notifications for my stuff, haha. (but yes, yay for sleep!) 
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I think that if you upload something new, your watchers will automatically get notified, i.e. they will see the new deviation in their message center. So I guess the notify box is if you edit something pre-existing. And yeah, it's really good to know because that was really bugging me.

I've reached a veeeeery low point, so the little that is left to be done might take me a while. And you know, after a year or so I have already forgotten about how tiresome stippling is ("Naah, it wasn't THAT bad ... after a while it turned out to be okay ... okay, it was actually kinda fun") and wanna do it again. This has happened before (I never seem to learn) so I don't know if writing myself a voice-of-reason note would actually help. At least I know that I have about a year until my next stippling-attack. :D
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I'll just look next time if I see something to check for notifying my watchers. :-)
There's actually not a whole lot more to be done; I just have to finish some parts of the hair, the crown, and maybe go a bit darker in the background (I'm waiting with that until the crown is finished), the rest I'll just leave the way it is now because a) I'm tired of stippling, and b) I'm afraid that if I go any darker on his face I will ruin it (I've already killed some highlights, so ...). Gosh I want wait to finish it, I REALLY don't know what I was thinking when I started this. Next time, I hope someone will stop me before I've made a single dot! :p
ArtKosh's avatar
hey, that's looks gorgeous dotting! 0,1 liner...
ohmy you are goddess with an unnormal patience! %)

it's almost finished and awesomed!
just keeping the highlighting on the left side of drawing (wait it's pointing..dotting :D)
and more darkish on the right side (where his 'left') of the hair and his crown as it is !
and I think there no need a colouring at all..
arthawk87's avatar
Thank you :cuddle:! Yeah, I'm also surprised at how much patience and endurance I have, who would have thought. XD
I've decided against adding any colour - it's too risky, I don't want to ruin it at this point. But I probably still have to go darker (like you said), but it just takes so long to add all these dots. I think I will finish it in the sense that I add the missing pieces (hair, crown) and then look if I still have to darken some parts. Because once those dots are on the paper, they're there, there's no turning back to a lighter "shade".
Oh and hey, thank you so much for the :+devwatch:, I appreciate the support! :hug:
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Also, post this to tumblr! WIP and all!
arthawk87's avatar
I just posted a new picture of it. Not much has changed, but I like it better now. :-)
arthawk87's avatar
You mean in just one big post, or already this one by its itsy bitsy self?
ihni's avatar
You're crazy, friend, CRAZY. (And inspires me so much, DAMN IT!)

This looks awesome so far ... and wow, a 0.1 pen? I don't even know if I OWN one of those. This is gonna take some time, huh? Well, I can't wait to see the finished result. Some day. Seriously, though, this looks really good. I'm gonna show this to my Lee Pace obsessed friend ...
arthawk87's avatar
Thank you, happy you like it so far. I try to work on it every day for at least one hour so I don't get stuck. The way it's going chances are pretty good that I will finish this one. I'm actually a little surprised at the fact that he RESEMBLES Lee Pace ... had to re-draw the underlying sketch four times until it started to REMOTELY look a bit like him!!!

Does your friend (Cissy, is it?) also draw/paint/make art any other way?
ihni's avatar
My friend, Cissi, has a very ... unique style. She doesn't do art, at all, but the drawings she DOES make (few and far in between), I love them. But only because her style is so very HER.
arthawk87's avatar
Is she also on tumblr? I'd love to see her drawings. Also, if she's so into Lee Pace she probably posts stuff about him. :D
ihni's avatar
She's mikajupiter on tumblr, and she doesn't post any of her drawings unfortunately. But yes, a lot of Lee Pace. With vivid descriptions in her tags ...
arthawk87's avatar
I just checked out her tumblr and OMG SO MUCH LEE PACE!!! I'm following her now, because she's a major resource of LP pictures (also, her tags just kill me!). :D

Btw, I just watched Soldier's Girl again the other day and I have to say ... the movie is not THAT bad. Beside the awkwardness I still feel every time LP is on stage, or singing, or doing some move (like the shimmy ... which should shame every female because his hips seem to be detached from the rest of the body) it's really not bad. Granted, those idiots in the military should stay locked away forever, but I don't think the actors did a bad job in portraying them. I can just imagine how the military (especially in the US) is filled with assholes like them, and the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy is rabidly homophobic! I'm so glad it was repealed but still ... it was implemented for far too long! I just get goosebumps all over when I think that the movie is based on a true story, a truly horrific and tragic story. ... Did you know that the real Calpernia Addams coached the actress in the movie Transamerica (who played a transgender woman) and also starred in it?
ihni's avatar
I didn't know that! I really liked that movie, I remember. Transamerica, I mean. It was a while since I watched it, but I remember liking it.

And hm. I liked Lee Pace's Calpernia more than I liked the movie in itself. I think one of the reasons I didn't like the movie was because of the assholes in the military, like you said ... They gave me angst, or something. I don't like those characters, and it's even worse because it's based on a true story. Nope, nope, nope, give me fiction any day!
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Sweet mother of Smaug! This is going to be epic!!! :faint: Pointillism is not easy. I actually uploaded, a couple of days ago, a piece I made for school in 2006/2007. It's not a big piece, but I kinda regretted it when I started. It's a lot of work, but then it gets fun. I never made a portrait in pointillism, though. 
But this is going to be amazing! Keep on the gorgeous work :D :hug:
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