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Thranduil - Lee Pace

By arthawk87
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Awesome Lee Pace as Thranduil, King of Mirkwood (and father of Legolas ... how weird is that?!). I don't know how many actually like Thranduil, after all; so far he hasn't done much to deserve being liked. But asdfghjkl he's one of my favourite, if not the favourite! I was thrilled to see him having a larger role in The Hobbit 2, and I'm hoping for an even larger one in the final part of the trilogy. Lee Pace has been on my radar ever since I saw him in The Resident, but now I've also seen him in a few other movies and I fascinated by him, he's such a great actor!

There are a few issues with the proportion, and I'm not sure if he looks much like Lee Pace here, but nevertheless, I'm happy with it. Drawing the fabric and the hair was OK (although at the time I didn't think so) because I wasn't trying to copy the details from the ref, but with the wooden crown ... :faint: ... I just started to improvise at some point. But like I said; I like it.

A little tip for everyone who's drawing with white (and grey) coloured pencils on black paper: If you also use a black coloured pencil (for, like, fixing mistakes), NEVER! EVER! draw over it again with the white (or grey) one because it turns blue-ish! I was so shocked when that happened, although I think I was able to fix more or less (I still removed the colour from the drawing in PS ...). Yep, so ... just bear that in mind *makes mental note to self*.

Now on to the usual stuff.

Time: Ughh ... I guess about 15-20 hours? No idea. I have been drawing several hours per day for several days.
Size: DIN A4-sized paper
:bulletblack: Smooth black paper for presentation / chalk illustration from CANSON
:bulletblack: F graphite pencil for sketching
:bulletblack: White, light grey, dark grey, and black coloured pencils
:bulletblack: Tint white acryl paint for highlights
:bulletblack: Other: Kneadable eraser, fixative
Reference: Screenshot from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

Critiques and comments are welcome. Thanks for having a look.

This drawing is also on my tumblr:…

And here's my other painting of LP:
The Fall - Lee Pace by arthawk87
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AloiInTheSky's avatar
What a piece of beauty oh my~ Well he's himself a piece of beauty <3
I so adore the light on his nose and lips O_o
And the texture of his robes oh my~ So well done
I love it (and I love him)
ArtKosh's avatar
the contrast of black paper and white strokes makes Majestic King more majestic ever! 
So impressive work! :star:
Ysydora's avatar
Wow! Great la in love work!! 
ihni's avatar
You know, this piece still makes me drool from time to time ...
arthawk87's avatar
Thranduil makes me drool, too. ;-)

(And thanks!)
Menkhar's avatar
Nislande's avatar
His hair looks fantastic, it falls perfectly on his shoulders :) Great work!!
arthawk87's avatar
N0rks's avatar
Beautiful! I love all the little details! :heart:
arthawk87's avatar
Thanks a lot! :D
ArtKosh's avatar
Emote king - :emoteking: The King!
and he spreads his power even through the artwork! Gorgeous!
arthawk87's avatar
Aww, thank you! :hug:
ArtisticAfflare's avatar
Did it take you, like, three hours to finish the shading on the upper lip?
arthawk87's avatar
Nope, that only took me 'bout 80 minutes.

I'm a slow drawer. :-)
ArtisticAfflare's avatar
That was a Napoleon Dynamite reference.
arthawk87's avatar
Granted, I don't know who or what Napoleon Dynamite is, but I got that you weren't being serious :-) (btw, neither was I ... except for the part of being a slow drawer! I could never do commissions because I'm slower than a herd of snails traveling through peanut butter :D).
ninjamuffin101's avatar
fantastic. well done!
arthawk87's avatar
Thanks a lot! :cuddle:
elyJHardy's avatar
OMG! O_O Lovely
arthawk87's avatar
elyJHardy's avatar
You're welcome^^ I love your work
Ilojleen's avatar
OOoooh, look at that crown and coat! So many details! Such precision [even tho you say you didn't do the exact copy of the photo, it looks like as you did :giggle:]. Love the fabric, it's so shiny, it has a royal look. Great job on the hair as well, I like the tiny single hair. The detail of the face is also impressive.
However, the crown remains to be my fav part of your drawing :heart:

Have you seen Lee in Pushing Daisies? He's way toooo adorable in it. The series itself is very cute [yet odd and tacky sometimes :giggle:], but unfortunately they cancelled it after 2 short seasons :(
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