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The last goodbye - Thorin and Kili

By arthawk87
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Happy New Year, everybody! :party:
So, I did this drawing shortly before Christmas and sent it as a card to my very good friend :iconihni:, who just received it in the mail today.

It shows my favourite scene between Thorin (played by Richard Armitage) and his nephew Kili (Aidan Turner) in the the movie "The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies". I adore both characters (and actors) but was disappointed by the movie itself (Thranduil, though, he had some awesome scenes!!!). I'm not going to go into more details here; there's already so much talk (read: ranting) going on about it online that I don't feel I have to participate in the discussion as well.

Thorin was really hard to get right, I struggled a lot with his features and had to re-draw him several times. Kili, on the other hand, was pretty easy and fun to draw.

I'm sorry about the wrinkles on the paper. I had used a lot of water with my ink to dilute it but it made the paper wavy (it obviously doesn't handle water very well) and so I tried to make it even again by adding more water and putting some heavy books on it while it dried. But the wrinkles kind of work with the old-ish look of the paper, right?

Anyway, here's the materials I used and other infos.

Size: 19,2cm x 14,25cm
:bulletblack: Durable manila paper from Hilroy
:bulletblack: HB graphite pencil for sketching
:bulletblack: Very diluted black ink
:bulletblack: White charcoal pencil as well as pink, skin-coloured (beige?) and dark grey/brownish coloured pencils
:bulletblack: Other: Kneadable eraser, fixative
Reference: (you can ignore the writing)
Titel: From the song "The last goodbye" by Billy Boyd

Hope you like it. Comments and critiques are, as always, greatly appreciated. :-)
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Beautiful work!
Awww so many feelings!*-*
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Thank you! Yes, so many feelings indeed! That was a really lovely scene
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This is so beautiful :cries:
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That was also my favourite scene between these two, it was just so cute! Awesome drawing of them ^^
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Thanks a lot! It's such an adorable and intimate scene, I just had to draw it. :-)
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You have an amazing gallery! :) love this scene! :)
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Thank a lot, happy to hear you like my works. Yes, I loved this scene as well. It was very emotional and heart-warming, I knew I had to draw it the second I saw it in the trailer. :D
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it's so sad and beautiful that I'm gonna cry :c
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Aw don't cry *hands over hanky*
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great artwork as always!
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Thanks a lot! :cuddle:
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Hey it's me! I made another account (my previous one was sanguine-sky).
This is amazing! You captured them with such precision. Truly inspiring :aww: And I agree with you. Overall I liked the movie, but there were things that were a bit rushed and unexplained. But oh well... now I just want the Silmarillion made into movies or even a tv show :eager: it would be awesome!
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Oh hey, why did you de-activate your previous account? Was something wrong with it? Sorry I didn't get to answer your reply sooner, I have two big exams next week I'm studying for, so I'm really limiting my time online to an absolute minimum.

Thank you so much, happy to hear you like it! :-) I never read the Silmarillion so I don't know how it would be, but I would totally support a tv show if it featured Lee Pace as Thranduil (does he appear in the book?). Somehow, I'm glad the journey to Middle Earth has ended, at least for the time being. Even if I have enjoyed it very much (I absolutely LOVE LotR!!!), this final movie was disappointing in more than one way. I didn't even really get what the five armies were, I had to ask some people on tumblr. XD So yeah, like you said, rushed and unexplained it really was.
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I deactivated my other account, but smart as I am I didn't erase any drawings from it. I just deactivated it so the drawings are still up in every group and all that... Smart me Ashamed I did it for the reasons I explained on my first journal here. It was difficult to do it but I feel like I needed to. 
Oh good luck, hun! Two big exams in the same week is not an easy thing Oh Noes! But can do it! Glomp! 

I'm currently reading it and let me tell you it is a delight! You get to know so much more about Middle-Earth from the very beginning. I haven't reached a part where they speak of Thranduil yet but I think he is mentioned. He is a very ancient elf. I think he was born by the end of the First Age beginnings of the Second, so yeah, he's been around for quite some time.
I get you. I really loved LotR and I kinda liked the 2 movies of The Hobbit, although there were a bit of ridiculous situations in it. I'm not one of those people that say: "This is nothing like the book!". I enjoy both things separately. That's what allows me to enjoy the movies, otherwise I would never like any movies ever in the history of movies. I didn't dislike this movie but I thought they would take it slow and explain a lot more because they could totally do it. They had time do it so I don't get why they rushed things over. The five armies in the book were the Elves, the Lake Town people, the Dwarves, the Orcs and the Goblins (because the company killed their king). So yeah. In the movie the Goblins did not make a last appearance. There were also lots of people angry about the love triangle, which by the way does not appear in the book. My boyfriend was so enraged when I told him that this never happened in the books because both Legolas and Tauriel do not appear in the book. I don't really know what to think about the love triangle and to be honest I believe they just did it to sadden and frustrate people more. Everyone who read the book knew Fili and Kili would die in the end, so yeah... a bit pointless that love triangle.
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I ... am so happy about this. I got it yesterday, and I saw it was from you (your handwriting is an artform in itself, honestly!), so I thought it was maybe a belated christmas card? And I opened it, and I squealed when I saw what it was! I'm looking at it for real now when I'm writing this, and I just love it. My favourite part (you know how you have favourite parts of drawings, that doesn't always make sense?) is, for some reason, the light area over Thorin's eye. And his barely-visible beard. And his eye ... it just, hints at a smile. And Kili's smile (the white highlights on his lips!). And by Jeff, did we need more smiles in that movie! And more tender family moments like this one! ... but I've always ranted about all that, so I won't do it here ... Maybe we'll get more real stuff in the extended edition?
Oh, and the wrinkles doesn't bother me at all; quite the opposite, actually. It looks great. Working with that kind of paper must have been a nightmare!
Thank you so much for this. I appreciate it a lot. <3
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Thank you for your lovely comment, I'm really happy you love it (and don't mind the wrinkles)!

I had originally planned on making it a christmas card but then I ended up finishing the drawing one day before christmas so that wasn't going to happen. Then I thought I'd make a Happy New Year's card out of it and send it early enough for it to arrive still in 2014 but apparently I just really suck at planning. XD

Yes, I do know about having favourite parts of drawings. They're usually something "regular" people don't really notice or find appealing, but there's at least one part in every drawing. Here, I have two favourite parts: One is the space between the noses and eyes/eyebrows (for some reason I really like the shape of that space), and the other is the lower part of Kili's beard, where it adjoins the fabric of Thorin's arm.

Ugh, this paper was a nightmare! As soon as water got on it you couldn't distinguish plain water from water with ink anymore, so until it had dried (which also took a long time, sometimes over a day) I had no idea how dark it had turned out. I have saved this paper up for something special because I had bought it in the US a long time ago and really loved it and didn't want to waste it, but I should only use it for sketching or drawing. Well, now I know. :D
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