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The Fall - Lee Pace

By arthawk87
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Lee Pace once again, this time as Roy Walker in the beautiful and moving film The Fall. If you haven't yet seen it, I highly recommend that you do.

As for the drawing ... meh. I don't hate it, but I'm not too fond of it, either. At least I experimented a bit and used materials I'm not very comfortable with, so considering this, I guess it turned out acceptably OK. I admire all the people who can use watercolours; hats off to you!

It's a very, very mixed media piece, and the drawing was made on white paper which I then cut out and glued on a black piece of paper. I like it much better this way. My scissor-handling skills aren't the greatest, though, especially when it comes to cutting out a circle.

Time: Don't know. I'm guessing 6-8 hours
Size: 7.4cm x 7.4cm
:bulletpurple: White acuarela paper, 240g/m2
:bulletpurple: Smooth black paper
:bulletpurple: F graphite pencil
:bulletpurple: Watercolour pencils (thanks, Moa! :-))
:bulletpurple: Watercolours
:bulletpurple: Black ink
:bulletpurple: Gold gouache paint
:bulletpurple: Other: Kneadable eraser, brushes, liquid frisket (without ammonia)
Reference: I took a screen capture directly from the movie.

Critiques and comments are welcome, as always.

Also here on my tumblr:…

My other Lee Pace drawing:
Thranduil - Lee Pace by arthawk87
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This is so beautiful I really love it~ So well painted, I love the faint reddish colour on his cheek, so subtle...
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I prepare myself for watching the Fall
stunning portraiture like little cameo art
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Beautiful Roy! And Lee  Howl  Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] Heart Love 
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I don't know why you don't feel fond of this drawing, I think it's perfect. You captured perfectly the expression and the shadows are amazing. Knowing the drawing is actually so small, makes the result even more amazing. Also, I love the colours and the general composition. I wish I could be more helpful but the only thing I can think is 'wow this is really good' and I love it.
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Thank you for your lovely comment. Happy to hear you love it! :cuddle:
By now, I also like the drawing. It sometimes happens that I'm not really satisfied with the outcome because I still have the reference picture in mind and how the painting was supposed to turn ou. But then, after a while, I forget all that stuff and look at the painting as it is and start to like it. :-)
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Royyyyyy!!! <3
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This is quite a nice painting! :clap: It's interesting mix of media and techniques :) I think you did very well, considering you haven't painted with watercolours too often. And I agree with you - hats off to people who've mastered this technique. I love watercolours, but I can't paint with them :noes:
Anyway, I love how you captured his emotions. These bloody stains emphasize his pain.

I haven't seen The Fall yet, but if you say it's good, I may give it a try :D
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Absolutely awesome.

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Beautiful !! Love it !
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Amazing as always. (And YAY, watercolour pencils! :D :D) you know, the first thing I thought when I saw this was Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance. It's probably the hair and the jacket and the angled face ... But I should have guessed that it was Lee Pace. So you're recommending the movie, huh? I'll have to watch it, then. :)
Also, I really like the subtle colours in this one. It's like ... a cupcake. Drawing with frosting. Yeah, I know it's not really like that, but it's the feeling I get from it. That it's ... crisp, somehow. Like sugar. I don't know, it's late here and I'm not making much sense - but it's gorgeous!
arthawk87's avatar
Thank you for the lovely comment! YESSSSSSS, please watch it and we'll talk about all the amazing/heart-breaking/beautiful/sad/tragic things. I bet you'll love the movie; appart from all I've just said it has a special kind of funnyness to it. It's not haha-funny. More smirky-cute-funny, or something like that. It's ... very hard to describe. Just watch it and you'll see what I mean. I know what you mean with crisp. I didn't actually go for that look but thehe it was watercolours after all, so I didn't really expect it to be ANYTHING like I imagined it to turn out. (Btw, thank you. Now I'm craving cupcakes!) Also, I can totally understand why you saw MW, there are some similarities (I actually never thought I'd say this!).
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Oh my god, Franzilla!! I just got your letter with the CDs! And you have no idea how happy that made me - I literally checked online for those movies TODAY (was discouraged when I couldn't find Pushing Daisies at the site where I buy most of my DVD's, and promptly gave up). This is a SIGN! And I'll totally watch them, all of them - just not right now. I have my hands full at the moment and no time to do whatever I want for a while ... but when things calm down, I'll be sure to watch them! I'll let you know when we can discuss! :D
arthawk87's avatar
You are so welcome! :D Happy you're happy. Also, I came up with the idea of sending you the movies while trying to go to sleep, and I literally got so excited about it that I couldn't! But like I said, no hurry in watching them, you know I'll be there when you have and then we'll have a nice little chat. Just make sure you have a big box of tissues beside you when you watch Soldier's Girl, that's a really sad movie and you should only watch it if you're not already sad (because otherwise, you won't get out of bed for a week. At LEAST!), so if you want something easy, then I suggest you start with Pushing Daisies.
(On a side note: I'm really impressed with how fast that package was delivered. It was given up on Monday, and today is Wednesday, and you're all the way up in Sweden ... Really impressive!)
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The frown at men ...I love it

I don´t know this film but your work is  painfully emotional.

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Thank you so much. I highly recommend you watch this movie, because it's so beautiful there are no words to describe it. I'm sure you'll like it.
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Ahh this is beautiful :') So little Lee Pace love around so it's great to see a fantastic piece like this, especially from such a lovely film
You've got his expression perfect, I love the simple colour scheme
arthawk87's avatar
Thanks a lot! Yeah, I noticed that too and thought I should add a little. :love:
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this is such a small known movie I was surprised to find this work of art in my feed. But I must say, I'm impressed and I love it. That movie still makes me cry even after watching it as much as I have (far too much that is healthy but hey it's Lee Pace! ) 
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Thank you very much! Lee Pace is all the justification one needs to watch ANYTHING more than is healthy. :D But I agree, it's a very touching movie, and Lee Pace is just perfect in the role of Roy Walker. Have you seen Soldier's Girl? He's so fantastic there, too. And I cried like I haven't cried in ages when I watched it!
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