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Screaming agony

By arthawk87
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Reference is by talented, no: genius photographer Mehmeturgut :iconmehmeturgut:. I love his gallery! Here's the direct link to the reference:… .

When I found this picture, I got goosebumps all over and I just had to draw it. I actually started with the hand in the front (normally I start drawing the eyes) and then drew my way up to his head. When I got to draw his hair ... I tried to draw every! single! hair! ... no words, but after hours and hours I finally completed it.

Time I spent drawing: forever

- A4 paper
- HB mechanical pencil (0,5mm)
- 2B, 3B, 5B, 6B and 8B pencils
- a kneaded eraser

Hope you like it!
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Yay! I’m very glad to announce you that your artwork has been chosen to be amongst the best deviations :iconwinner-plz: submitted to our :iconforeverartgroup: in the month of May 2014. You can check it out here: Featured & here: Hall Of Fame ( 49 – May 2014 ) . :clap: P.S. Please, don’t forget to show us some love :heart: by :+fav:ing the Blog. :thanks: If you had seen this Blog faster than we got to announce it to you, even better! :thumbsup:

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Thanks a lot for the feature! :cuddle:
This is one truely fantastic pencil drawing.
A customer of mine came ito the shop wanting me to do a tattoo partly based on this piece, I as an artist myself appreciate that we do not always want our work copied but saying that i would be ever thankfull ( for me and my customer) if i can have your blessing to do this.
I would love to Tattoo this stunning piece.
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Thank you very much, also for contacting me first. Sure you have my blessing, it's kinda awesome to know that one of my drawings will be tattoo-ed on somebody's body forever. I'd love to see the end result, so if you could upload a picture here on dA or - if you don't want that - I can give you my personal email address so you can send me a picture that would be great. :-)
Thank you so much, I definitely will send you a picture when it's done, my customer will be very pleased, ill be tattooing it at the Liverpool tattoo convention in the uk so it should get lots of exposure, I will credit you in everything relating to this piece, thank you again
hi I have finally done the tattoo of your drawing . I will email you the final pic. sorry its been a while but we had to change the date of the tattoo booking, I hope you like it and thanks again for the blessing
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You're very welcome. Looking forward to seeing the tattoo :-).
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I can almost hear him screaming. An absolutely perfect piece with such raw emotion.
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Aw, thank you!
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Amazing work!!
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I peed. I thought this was a photograph and was nearly the most awesome expressive thing I've seen
The fact that you drew this
I peed.
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Oh, sorry 'bout that ;-). And thanks for having a look and taking the time to comment, I appreciate it :D!
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wow so much feeling in this drawing! it is truly incredible! i do portraits too you are more than welcome to take a look! are awesome
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Thank you :-)!

Sure, I'll do that :D.
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It's people like you who give me hope for the art-world. I walk into the Tate Modern in London and see complete bullshit. The people of deviantart are the real artists of today not some of the crap that these art critics put in. It's people like you who should apply for "Show Me the Monet." You more than deserve a spot at these top end shows where shit gets bought.

Stay safe man!
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Thank you very much for your lovely comment, you just made my day :cuddle:! I'm no fan of modern art either, and there are so many great artists here on dA, so it's a huge compliment for me that you consider me to be one of them :hug:! I always try to give my best and to improve with every new drawing, so it's nice to hear my art is appreciated :-)!

Hope you have a great day, and take care :rose:!
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świetna praca.
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I'm sorry, I don't understand Polish.
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I mean "good work". ;]
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Oh, thanks a lot :D!
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