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Leader, Ruler, GOD! - Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Do not use in any way without my written permission!

It's finally DONE. I should never again predict the completion date of a drawing / painting - it ALWAYS takes at least twice as long ... (emphasis on the 'at least' part!). When will I learn?! :shrug:

So anyway. Loki Laufeyson, as everybody sees him (according to himself), namely as Leader of Mankind, Ruler of Asgard, God of All *cocky bastard*. I put a lot of thought into this and played with the scan of a WIP in photoshop for HOURS until I found a composition I liked. And I have to say; I'm very proud of this painting. It took a lot of time, patience (damn armour!), and, for a change, I like the outcome without having to add a "but ..." or an "except for ...". I especially like the crown, which was a b**** to get right. And even though this might seem like a mixed media piece, it was all done with ink.

As usually, the scanner messed it all up! I had to darken it a lot in PS because, for some reason privy only to my scanner, it sometimes likes to scan black as light grey ... *angrily shakes fist at scanner*. MOVING ON!

Time: I guess about 15 hours
Size: 19.5 x 28.9 cm (on DIN A4 paper)
:bulletblack: Acuarela paper from Oxford
:bulletblack: Compass, ruler, brushes, dip pen
:bulletblack: 0,5mm HB mechanical pencil
:bulletblack: White, black, and gold ink
Reference pictures:
:bulletblack: Loki, aka Tom Hiddleston at San Diego Comic Con 2013 (does somebody know who took this awesomesauce picture? I'd be happy to credit them!)
:bulletblack: Stock picture of raven (by Momotte2stocks)
:bulletblack: Crown
Title: "Leader, Ruler, GOD!" is the last line in ihni's great poem "Loki on humankind", which can be found here on dA (… ) and also on her personal website ( ). Thank you, Moa, for letting me use it :heart:!

Comments and critiques are very welcome. Thanks in advance for having a look.

:pointr:See more Hiddles art here.
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© 2013 - 2021 arthawk87
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😍 love this so much!
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Wow!! Great Loki !! Magnificent!! la in love 
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Very good work!Love 
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You are welcomeHeart 
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You should be proud of this, it is wonderful and I do like Loki. I think he is more interesting than Thor, much more mischievous! :giggle:
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Thank you so much, I am quite proud of it and am happy that you like it :cuddle:! He's way more interesting than Thor. Somehow, most good guys are quite boring, but when you have someone who's as multifaceted and brilliant as Loki, well ... lets just say no wonder 99% of people go to the movies because of him :-).
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You are more than welcome and like I said you should be proud of this as it is an amazing picture! :nod: I agree he is more interesting than Thor. I think women are supposed to like him because he is blonde and has big muscles, but I much prefer that mischievous twinkle in Loki's eyes that makes you wonder what he is up to lol! :giggle:
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This is so amazing! Very interesting work! Congratulations!
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Aw, thank you so much :cuddle:!
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Thank you, also for the fave! :D
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Love the colors, that gold looks fantastic with the whites, greys and black!
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Aw, thank you so much :cuddle:! The gold actually looks much better in real life, but yeah, the combination with black and white ink kinda rocks (I bought a bottle of gold which should allow me to give it at least another try :D).
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This is soooo good! Totally worth all the time and effort, I would say. Very inspired choice of reference and very nice idea to include a raven and a crown. :D
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Thank you kindly, happy to hear you like it! :hug:
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Excellent work!! :aww:
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