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I have patience, I can wait - Thranduil (Lee Pace)

By arthawk87
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Well, this didn't take long at all :o (Eek). Remind me not to do anything in pointillism for at least a couple of years!

It's my second drawing of Lee Pace as King Thranduil, one of my favourite characters in The Hobbit Trilogy. I was very excited about him having way more screen time (and some pretty awesome fighting scenes!) in the final film - lots of great stills and promo pics for me to draw. :D

I'm about 80% happy with how it turned out. I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I decided to do a whole piece in pointillism - again! -, using only a 0.1mm pen. It was ... well, let's say it was an experience. But not entirely unpleasant. I like his hair and some parts of the crown. Also, I'm happy I more or less managed to get his left eye right. I had problems doing that in my last pointillism piece, so yeah ...

Somebody told me I should leave the crown white, and as the background was already pretty dark I decided to do just that. In parts, anyway. And I kind of like the effect.

There are some mistakes regarding proportions and likeness, but overall I think he's recognizable as Thrandy (also, there's not much I can do now, seeing as it is all done in pen).

Hope you like it. Comments and critiques will be greatly appreciated. :-)

Size: 14.1 x 9.8 cm (download for a slightly bigger view)
:bulletblack: Paper card
:bulletblack: HB mechanical pencil (0.5mm) for the underlying sketch
:bulletblack: 0.1 pigment liner from Staedtler
Reference picture: Screen shot from DOS

Here are four WIPs I made during the process (beware of ranting):
Thranduil WIPs - Pointillism by arthawk87

And my other two works of LP:
Thranduil - Lee Pace by arthawk87 The Fall - Lee Pace by arthawk87
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Can I post this on facebook on a Lee Pace group?
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Very Lovely! Unique style.  Heart 
arthawk87's avatar
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Nod You're welcome.
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WOW This is absolutly awesome! :love:
arthawk87's avatar
Thanks a lot! :D
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i know it was painstaking, but u did a great job!!!!Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
arthawk87's avatar
Thank you! Yep, that it was, but I really love the feeling when something painstaking is finally finished. So worth it! :-)
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master, teach me!
manapi's avatar
Patience - the keyword ;)
Outstanding job! :)
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Haha, yes exactly!!! Thanks so much! :-)
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Aw, thank you! :cuddle:
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Wow... :O I admire your patience and courage. Pointillism looks so hard, yet so impressive. The white crown was a good idea, makes for some good contrast.
arthawk87's avatar
Thank you! Well, to be honest my patience was running thin towards the end, but I just had to finish it or it would have stayed unfinished forever.
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omg, congrats! it looks so good, was totally worth the time it took to complete! Clap Love 
arthawk87's avatar
Aw thank you! :cuddle: I HAD to finish it, I couldn't stand having it around in this nearly-finished state anmore.
artisticendeavours's avatar
I wish I had the motivation in me! It looks so good, I'm so proud of you! haha
arthawk87's avatar
Well, sometimes "motivation" is just kicking yourself in the butt really hard because the alternative is a lot worse. XD I'm sure you have that in you, too :D.
I'm just really happy it's finally done.
artisticendeavours's avatar
true that! the threat of violence is always super motivating =P (Razz) 
i'm happy for you! it must be nice to not have the unfinished piece staring back at you all the time, omg

(sorry for super delayed responses, between uni, assignments, work and an ipad, i've barely been on the laptop at all, so my deviant-arting is very non existent at the moment, haha) 
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Amazing!!! I admire your skills and patience! :D
arthawk87's avatar
Thanks a lot! :D
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Very good!!! Love it so much <3
arthawk87's avatar
Thanks a lot! :glomp:
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