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Awake My Soul - Jared Leto

By arthawk87
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Do not use in any way without my written permission!

Just a very quick watercolour painting of awesome Jared Leto, actor and singer of my favourite band 30 Seconds to Mars.

Yesterday I nearly exploded because I had all this artistic energy in me but I couldn't find a suitable picture to draw of Lee Pace, who I really really REALLY (!!!) wanted to draw. So, instead, I chose a picture I had saved on my computer from Jared Leto. I just ... HAD TO DRAW SOMETHING! Somewhere I read that the definition of an addiction is the craving of the substance and the withdrawal symptoms if you don't get it. So, I guess, I'm addicted to making art. ... I think this is my 15th drawing of him ...

Anyway. I think it turned out OK. Could have turned out worse, but I think I'm making (slow) progress with watercolours. I also used some white charcoal here, which I'm glad I did because I like it better now. Also, it's not in my usual style but I thought HELPIDON'TKNOWWHATTODOIHAVETODRAAAAAAW!!!! what the heck, lets try something different. ;) But, as always, it looks better in real life.

Size: slightly smaller than DIN A4
:bulletblue: Paper
:bulletblue: Watercolours (blues and grey)
:bulletblue: White charcoal
:bulletblue: F pencil and kneadable eraser
The reference picture is from Kurt Iswarienko, I think.
The titel is from a song by Mumford and Sons.

Comments and critiques are very much appreciated :D.

:above: More Jared Leto / 30STM drawings here :above:
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I really like the subtle, transparent look of it! This transparency works well with Jared's pensive look :aww: You managed to capture his resemblance very well, especially the eyes. They turned out great :heart:
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Good job! Send it to Sir Crazy Pants, I bet ya he'd like it!
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Thank you :cuddle:!
I'll think about it, maybe I'll send him another drawing which I like better.
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it's so beautiful La la la la 
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Wow! good job! 
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Oh my gods, I think I'm in love with a picture. XD
No but really, you did an excellent job. It looks just like him.
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It is a great picture! The second I saw it I knew that I will have to make something with it at some point. And thank you, happy that you like it.
LykosAnubis's avatar

You're most definitely welcome. It would look epic on t-shirts or printed onto a throw-blanket!!1


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Are you kidding me? Watercolours? REALLY? Damn but this is great. I love that it's only blue tones.  How long did this take you to make? And the hair and eyes are awesome, but for some reason I like the hands best. It's the lack of details, I think. I don't know how else to describe it. It looks great though. (And have you found a good image of Lee Pace yet??)
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Thank you! Yeah, I thought I'd need to practice a bit more with watercolours or I'll never improve. At first I just wanted to make the base of the painting in blue and grey tones and then add some other colours to it (I even got your watercolour pencils out for that), but then I was unsure as to which colours I should use and just kept on going with blue. I'm not sure how long it took me because I started the sketch a couple of weeks ago, but I'd say about eight hours or something like that? So yeah, another one of my "quick" paintings ;).
No, I'm still searching for a drawable Lee Pace picture. The problem is that he looks kinda ... awkward on most of them, almost like a shy boy. I have to keep on looking, but I think I'll go on that high quality screencap site you mentioned in your Kili drawing comment, maybe I'll find a good pic of him as Thranduil there.
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I can't wait until they release the second movie so we'll have those awesome screenshot to use! I kinda want it NOW, but maybe I'll have to wait until they actually release it. I hate waiting ...
arthawk87's avatar
Me too! I bet we have to wait until after the Academy Awards, since movies that are nominated tend to hold back with releases until that's over. But WE WANTS IT! WE NEEEEEEDS IT! *cough*
Do you know when Thor 2 will be released? I sense that it's soon (if it hasn't happened already), since tumblr is going crazy over gag reels and stuff at the moment.
ihni's avatar
March 3rd, at least here. What do you say? Me, counting down? Nooo ...
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Oooh great, only a month left to go (I assume that it will be released at roughly the same time here, too).
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i can't describe how awesome this work are. it must be seen! so fantastic technique and work full of emotions :wow: i do love your works, keep going
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Thank you, happy to hear you like it :cuddle:!
ksiyha's avatar
it's awesome! =D
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