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:bulletblue: Question: What is your group about?

:bulletred: Answer: We are a group who's very passionate about art of all kinds. We want to help promote peoples work and prints.

:bulletblue: Question: How many artworks may I submit?

:bulletred: Answer: You may submit 2 ARTWORKS per day.

:bulletblue: Question: Why was my artwork declined?

:bulletred: The most common reason is because one of our group rules was violated. Please refer to our rules: fav.me/d67u6v7 If you're still unsure why your work was declined, please send us a Group Note.

:bulletblue: Question: If I submit to the wrong folder, what do I do?

:bulletred: Answer: In your correspondence messages, withdraw the wrong submission. Then, RESUBMIT it to the right folder.

:bulletblue: Question: How do I get in the Featured Gallery?

:bulletred: Answer: The staff selects the artworks to be Featured.

:bulletblue: Question: How do I report someone for bad behavior, i.e. trolling, swearing, etc?

:bulletred: Answer: Note the group with the username of the person and what they said or did wrong. The staff will address the accused user accordingly.

:bulletblue: Question:There is an artwork folder that is full - what do I do about it?

:bulletred: Answer: Note the group. Please give us the name(s) of the folder(s).

:bulletblue: Question:Why haven't you answered my note?

:bulletred: Answer: We're deeply sorry. We try to get to everyone as soon as possible. We promise a staff member WILL reply.

:bulletyellow: If you have any further questions or concerns, please send a Group Note. Thank you! :bulletyellow:

-Staff of ArtHasSoul
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