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Hello Wave by chil96

Welcome to ArtHasSoul , a group for quality art and artists alike.
We apologize for the lack of updates, but life is hectic. We're trying our best to keep the place running smoothly.

The rules are the same, we're just updating the blog, so feel free to skip if you're already familiar with them. We do have some other news that might interest you though:

:bulletred:The Daily Deviations Folder is up and running again. If you've received a DD on an artwork, please let us know and we'll add it there.

:bulletred:We are NOT an accept all art group. There seems to be some sort of misconception lately about that matter. We're not an accept all art group, which in turn means not everything goes through. We require medium to high-quality submissions. Detailed info on what we accept and what we don't are provided further down this blog.

:bulletred:Regular features will be up and running again in no time. Member of the month, interviews, etc, it'll be slow at first, but we're getting there.

:bulletred:There's a glitch in dA group galleries. Sometimes it fails to display the drop-down menu that lists folders, in that case, please refresh the page or just go to the folder manually, else your submission will be tossed into a random folder and will be declined.

:bulletred:If you have a question as to why something has been declined, please leave it on the Correspondence item itself and not the group's front page. We get many submissions per day, we can't tell which one is yours unless you tell us. In a single week we get around 500-700 submissions, so please understand we can't always leave a comment on everything we decline.


Rules and Guidelines:

Joining The Group:

Join requests are not automatic. They require an admin vote to go through. If you'd like to join us please make sure you agree to the following and also meet the requirements:

:bulletyellow: A membership request to the group may be declined if the majority of your artwork is considered to be such that it would not have a place in the group. It is not a criticism of you or your work - only that it does not make sense for us to accept someone as a member only to decline most of their work afterward. If your gallery is empty or only one page, we will decline membership until you've added more artworks.

:bulletyellow:We require certain quality. Nothing crazy, no, but we're not a group for beginners either. We also require a minimum of 20 works to be available in your gallery when joining Exceptions are sometimes made though. 

:bulletyellow:We're not an accept all art group, some pieces might get declined. We hold the right to decline any deviations that don't match the group's quality criteria and/or breaks DeviantArt's TOS.

Artworks that we do NOT accept:

:bulletgreen:If you're an account that only creates selfies, adds some filters and calls it art, please don't bother joining.
:bulletgreen:We DO NOT accept celebrity manips, posters containing images of celebrities or resources you do not have permission to use. If you're an account that makes such images, please do not bother to join.
:bulletgreen:WIPS (work in progress) are absolutely forbidden. Please only submit finished works.
:bulletgreen:Duplicates of the same images but with different lights/colors etc. Please pick the best version and submit it.
:bulletgreen:Dev IDs.
:bulletgreen:Sketch dumps, practice sketches, poor quality renders or scans/photographs of an image, flat coloring of lineart, signature banners, incorrect anatomy.  
:bulletgreen:Explicit Content. Artistic nude is fine, as long as it has a proper mature filter.
:bulletgreen:We will not accept ANY artwork that promotes violence, hatred, racism or is considered offensive or in bad taste or is a flame bait.


General Rules:

:bulletblack:Please submit to the correct folder.
:bulletwhite:Please submit your best work, we believe in quality over quantity.
:bulletblack:It must be your own work. Art theft will not be tolerated.
:bulletwhite:Submission limit is two works per day.
:bulletblack:We accept Digital, traditional, photomanips, artisan crafts, literature, photography, fan art, cosplay and all the sub categories included within each section.

• It is at the discretion of the admin staff to decide if your work has a place in our galleries. If a submission is declined, please respectfully accept our decision. You may politely ask for an explanation, but arguing about it will not get your work accepted.

Rules Per category:


:bulletgreen:All kinds of photography are accepted as long as they follow dA's TOS
:bulletgreen:We hold the right to decline photographs of poor quality and execution.
:bulletgreen:Artistic nudes and Fetish photography must have proper mature filters.



photomanips must adhere to the following rules, failing to do so will get it declined, no exceptions:

• A photomanipulation consists of at least 2 or more images that are digitally combined to create an original artwork. However, mirroring an image, or simply duplicating it and adding a filter isn't considered a manip.

• Any digital artwork created using other images must contain proper credits with links to the resources used, not just the artist or website, so we can verify the legitimacy of the stock images used. This is done for the benefit of both stock providers and artists.

• If you have purchased the stock, you should still include a link to it. Simply saying the stock is purchased is not acceptable.

• If resources are from your own personal stock, PLEASE state so in the artwork description to prevent confusion and decline of your work.

• We do not accept artworks using images from lenagold.ru, sxc.hu, freeimages.com, mystockphotos.com, any wallpaper site, Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, Google, Bing or any other search engine. These are NOT legitimate stock resource sites. We will also not accept artworks containing stock from certain dA stock providers, which will be dealt with privately on a case-by-case basis.

• We do not accept artworks that directly use celebrity images, including athletes and politicians. Such images may only be used as reference for digital or traditional paintings or drawings.

Please refer to these FAQs for further information:
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?
FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?


Digital and Traditional Art:

:bulletblue:Anatomy is important. All styles will be taken into considerations, no style will be disregarded, but the consistency of shapes is important.
:bulletblue:Poorly drawn/scanned images will not be approved.
:bulletblue:Again, your wips don't belong here nor do your practice sketches or sketch dumps, full works only, please.
:bulletblue:Character sheets are so/so, they don't always go in.
:bulletblue:We accept fan art. However, FNAF and MLP submissions are not allowed unless they're creative, meaning that we will not be accepting recolors or paintings of the characters, we'd like to see your own designs. There are plenty of groups for these two fandoms, we're not one.



:bulletpurple:Literature submissions are allowed, but please no erotics.
:bulletpurple:Original literature is preferred, but fanfiction is accepted as well. However, we reserve the right to decline any work that doesn't fit with our galleries.  If we do not accept your work, it is not a reflection of your talent or skill. It is merely because that it is not the type of artwork we are permitting.
:bulletpurple:Quality rule applies, no wips either.
:bulletpurple:Please maintain constancy if you're submitting chapters. We're not going to accept chapter 5 without having the first 4 in first.  

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to drop us a note.

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GoopystuffHobbyist Digital Artist
on the matter of content as an artist i occasionally draw gore/candy gore, is that sort of content permitted here? 
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PlumpigHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh gosh, I hope my request gets accepted! ^^
But somehow I'm happy there are groups that are selective and promote quality.
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NeopalitanHobbyist Digital Artist
Are adoptables accepted?
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MythirilHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, they are 
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4RN13Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is traditional fanart/ fantasy art acceptable?
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MythirilHobbyist General Artist
all art mediums are welcome here
so yeah
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