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#PluralityOfPride: Participated in Pride Month 2018 You can come support me here if you want! I know I... strangely?????? Got some followers even though I haven't been here unless I was linked. So maybe some of y'all are interested xD Hope to see you there!
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If you have an ARPG you tried to start up but failed, I am looking to purchase species to add to my Nexus ARPG project! The Imports will be redone by me, with new traits added. They'll also get a new genetics system (I have a special roller I am having coded for this purpose, with some really fun unique color genetics, marking genetics, and abilities as well) These ARPG's will be given a new life, with the assets recycled into this new project (Items/Item art would be helpful!) The Nexus is a multi world ARPG set in a strange realm known as the Mirror World. Most species in this setting are sapient, though there will be two types of ARPG species; sapient species, and animals. Animals will work more like companions, having various effects on activities when paired with a sapient species from the ARPG. As a note, this ARPG project is VERY early development. There aren't activities, and there isn't even really a way to get genos yet. There's not too much yet, but I do have my own
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If you are following me, or followed Drakiri and are afraid that it died or went down, that is very far from the truth! This is our shiny website! The site was built using the Lorekeeper template, but there are plans to have it slowly turned into its own thing entirely! There's more information in our Discord, as well as announcements on our progress in real time as things are figured out! There's tons of new stuff, and a lot of bases have been redone and we have a shiny new breeding roller as well as an activity roller in the works! You can see our Discord here! If you connect your Drakiri account to your Deviantart, account, your Drakiri will appear in your account automatically! There are ways to bring your owned genos in as well. Hope to see you there! There is still a fair bit of dust flying around, but Drakiri is very much doing well!
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